Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech Catch-All

I have repeatedly failed the "install Roguetech and get it to work" minigame, so I stuck with BEX.

I've uninstalled Roguetech. I liked it but it was getting way too complex right from the start.

I am playing career mode now in stock Battletech and enjoying the time with it. The missions are much shorter thought they can take 40 minutes. Plus all the back and forth with modding mechs, you can lose hours there too. The game is cruel. In the store there are 6 parts for a Griffin and I can never earn enough for more than 2. (you need 3 for a complete mech)

I just looted a vindicator that I could sell

Veloxi wrote:

Heh, so I tried it, started a mission. "Hey this is kinda fun. I'll save and come back later once work is done."

Save game button didn't work.

Followed this guide to uninstall Roguetech and reinstall vanilla Battletech.

Games either let me need to play in short sessions or save whenever I wish.

Pretty sure that most of these larger mods (like Roguetech, BT Advanced, BEX) have the in-mission Save function disabled intentionally. They do that because there's so much going on in the background that it doesn't like to re-load everything from a save game state. I.e. loading a save game doesn't work, so they just don't let you do it.

This game has such good bones. There are so many mechanics that absolutely need to be used in other RPGs regardless of the genre like evasion, back armor, melee, sprint, line of sight, cover, stray hit, critical explosions, heat management, etc.

But the campaign is still horribly punishing, and the game over all is a resource hog and time consuming. I find it really odd that when you start a new career, it recommends that you play the campaign first. Um, the career mode streamlines a lot of the roadblocks from the campaign such that if it was a requirement to complete the campaign, I never would have been able to play the career mode.

And the career mode certainly is not "easy" or less punishing, even with most of the settings turned to more benefits and less harshness. I've put 15 more hours in over the last few days (which more than doubles my previous playtime with Battletech) to get better space legs with the game, only to fail a convoy kill mission because I spawned on the far opposite side of the evac zone and barely could not catch up to the last tank in the convoy before it left. I think I may have been able to do it if I sprinted more but the tanks were taking a few alpha strikes to kill and only one of my lance was able to get barely into firing range for 2 of the 4 required convoy targets.

I think the game has been pretty successful. I hope they make changes in the sequel like including career mode from the start. I am not opposed to difficulty. It just limits play styles in a game with so many play style options. How awesome would it be if like Mechcommander 2, you could beat missions or the whole campaign with a light lance(s)? (aside from the fact that you could field 1-12 mechs each mission)

Anyways, I am going to go get my money's worth working on a career play through.

I only found a few of the "boss" missions to be punishing; everything else was a matter of picking fights correctly. It feels like tabletop miniatures, to be honest, and I used a lot of remembered tactics from those. It's maybe my favorite "miniatures" game, outside of tactical twencen combat games.

I actually find the Career mode to be really hard, at least at the start. Pick the wrong fight and you're hosed.

Note that convoy pursuits are the hardest scenarios to win. You have to be fast, but also able to fight off the defenders. I always tried to have a fast mech to chase and literally stomp the convoy vehicles; maybe two mediums, each with some kind of distance weapons but able to knock out the expected defenders, and a fast missile unit to chase the convoy and also support the fighters. Literally the trickiest scenario type in the game...

Well you know going into it that it will be tricky, but then they royally screw you sideways.
See the scenario here


A is your lance's spawn point.
B is the convoy location.
C is the evac zone.

That is hard enough as the 2 other times I've had to destroy a convoy, at least the convoy spawned at A and my lance spawned at B. But the following is what actually occurred in the mission:

A------->B->C and since I hadn't had any enemy contact, I had a few rounds where I could make it to A--->B->C

I had a bunch of LRMs but I couldn't get close enough to stomp and the convoy tanks had significant armor.

The reason career mode is much more palatable for me is that you can upgrade your Argo pretty quickly so that it shaves days off repair times and upgrades. The first thing I did after my first mission was refit all my mechs to make sure the new builds maxed armor as much as possible. If you can avoid exposing structure, it saves money, repair time, and pilots out due to injury.

I also discovered how to take better missions and to take maxed money payouts. If you take salvage, you will be getting more pieces of single mechs. So even in the off chance you can craft a mech after 1 mission, the mech will sell for 150K when the full cash payout would be over 200K. And you really do not want to field locusts, javelins and urbies in your lance. (jenners, vindicators and commandos, yes but you get way more javs and locs)

By using that strategy at least when you are rated half to one and a half skulls, I went from a bit more than breaking even to being able to buy 6 griffin parts. And before I failed that convoy mission, I had over 4 million in the bank and was hunting for a store that had a nice heavy to add to my lance. I have seen a few places with 1 piece of banshee, warhammer, marauder, and archer.

Yep. Sometimes RNGesus reminds you who is boss.

I do the armor upgrade too, for most of my mechs. Might not do it for a missile boat, if that gets in harms way the mission is probably over anyway...

Dammit, now I want to play...

Dammit, now I am playing...

You're welcome!

I reloaded the start of that convoy mission and tried a really nutty back route and barely was able to intercept the convoy before it escaped. I took a lot of damage to my lance to the tune of 50-60K repairs. But I got a 25% bonus on top of a 680K payout. (plus a griffin piece) One of my pilots is out for 23 days though. Good thing he has a backup

Hah! That's how they usually end. The blockers get all torn up.

Ambushing missions are tough because there's the convoy PLUS the escort PLUS a possible reinforcement lance, putting you potentially outnumbered 2-3x.

Typically, the vanilla ambush missions deploy the units somewhere like this:



If that's the case then you can either intercept head on or flank / wait for the convoy to pass then shoot their rear. Of course, if you rear shoot them, then don't forget the support lance will be able to shoot your rear too

Roguetech setup lets you choose your deployment location (within limits based on the vanilla dropzone). It's not perfect, either. I thought some of the mission deployments were worse though because they forced a particular tactic for the map (such as rushing an objective) as opposed to leaving you with tactical options.

The vanilla campaign was okay but you had to approach it assuming that just playing the missions and no side missions is probably going to leave you underpowered. If you play it like an RPG (side missions and ignore the apparent urgency in the main quest line) then you'll do just fine. But the campaign is quite generous from a c-bills perspective, thus it's worth doing so long as you're not underpowered.

Roguetech also has many options and extra mechs/enemy pilot settings that can really make the game far more difficult than vanilla. It's not necessary to activate any or all of those options, but you can if you find the base game is not challenging you enough.

A warning though - I've found the difficulty can be hit and miss which is unfortunate because you want some predictability in difficulty scaling but RNG gonna RNG and that's part of the experience I guess. For example, it's not uncommon to find Lostech/Clantech items everywhere in a Roguetech playthrough whereas that kind of loot is very rarely encountered in Vanilla.

Nevertheless, if I were given only the option of Roguetech or Vanilla, I'd definitely choose Roguetech - lots more complexity and mechs/vehicles and therefore more replayability.

I got an archer!
Wow, dual lrm 20's are no joke. I scrapped 2 of the mlasers for a heat sink and near max armor.
I am thinking about switching to lrm 15's to get the mlasers and more heat sinks. The archer is working well so we'll have to see.

Also, AC 20 = ow ow ow ow

Damn these convoy missions I can't resist. Well, I think it is reading comprehension since I typically don't know its a convoy mission until my lance drops.

I don't "lose" them anymore. And I am about 50/50 where its no trouble at all or big trouble.
This last one was a one and a half skull and I lost my archer and nearly killed my main character. (she probably would have died if she weren't my main)

I've lost 2 pilots and 2 mechs and a host of structure exposed repair fees to stupid seemingly low level convoy missions

The kicker is that I end up still making decent money on them. (shrugs)

This latest one that I lost my archer on, I looted a full kintaro with 1/7 salvage. I picked 1 kintaro piece and 2 of the other 7 pieces ended up being the other pieces of a kintaro And it was hard finishing off the remaining mechs without the archer. (I was able to recover the archer)

So now I have nearly another archer. Plus I have a kintaro, 3x griffins, a rifleman, 2/3 of a quickdraw, 2x vindicators, 2 pieces of different warhammers and a marauder piece.

I'm rated at 2 skulls. I regularly do 2 skull and 1.5 skull missions. I have done a few 2.5 skull missions. I have over 8 million in cash and have tried to find parts for better mechs on farther planets.

It definitely makes no sense in career mode at least to buy mechs outright. Heavies are going for 8-10 million when I can find the pieces for around a million a piece. So even if I left the setting at 5 parts per complete mech, it'd only add up to 5-5.5 million.

Okay so, I am hooked on this game now. (as if you can't tell)
I have a cataphract, I sold the rifleman and kintaro as they were paper tigers that were all paper and little tiger.
I was so stoked that I thought I got a Black Knight but the one piece I had was a BL-6 and the other 2 I looted were BL-6B
I still haven't found another archer piece but it will be sweet when I am running 2x archers, a black knight and a cataphract.

I looked at my recent achievements and I think it proves interesting.
I think many people bought this game but either didn't play it or didn't play it much.
One of my achievements is downing 50 medium mechs and only 38% of players have achieved this.
Completed 50 mercenary contracts only 30% of steam players have done that.
Refitted 25 mechs should be over 75% as replacing a destroyed weapon counts yet only 42% have done it.
Same goes for built a measly 10 mechs from parts is another 42% but should be way higher.
Now, I take true pride in this 1.5% achievement: performing a DFA kill with an urbie

I think this is credible evidence that people bought Battletech and let it collect dust in their steam library.

I’m a little surprised the Kintaro didn’t work for you. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them. Though they run hot, those SRM’s hit hard.

Definitely keep an eye out for a third piece of a -6B Black Knight. That’s the extra-special Star League edition with lots of LosTech.

I'll have to double check which variant has 2 and which has 1. One of them I got from a dialogue option where I let one of my crew run a scheme. The other 2 I got from clipping the legs off an overheated black knight in battle. I negotiated 3 salvage but sadly there were only 2 pieces listed so I got a piece of a black jack instead.

I have 148 hours in with 52 cheevs. But I think my rarest one is around 11%. Good going Fang!

I suspect the reason you lost your Archer is because you played it too aggressively on the front line.

Whilst it does come with medium lasers, it really shouldn't be in range to use them - because the converse will apply - it will be in range of return fire. Better to play it like a true missile boat - park it out the back and get someone else to sensor lock, then you go to town raining the 2xLRM20s. If it's getting picked on too much, move it backwards and out of enemy line of sight, and let something else draw fire.

You also want to use all of your armour - so long as your target is in your firing arc, swivel your torso to expose the side that has more armour.

If you're going to use a missile boat then yeah double down on it - pile on the stability damage for the knockdowns, otherwise the enemy will remove the stability damage on their next turn.

The other mech you will want is a Marauder - once you get one, you can go headshot hunting with a measure of reliability (unless they patched it, Marauders in Vanilla get bonus accuracy to headshots).

I haven't been a huge fan of Black Knights - they tend to run really hot with all the laser vomit, and later on when you're fielding more heavies and assault mechs the AI tends to focus them down. Grasshoppers are more common and they have similar tonnage and laser weapon mounts, so you'll be able to salvage one quicker.

I like to find a hill to put the missile boat behind, so at least the enemy has to maneuver to find it.

Grasshoppers spec'd out with jumpjets, are a ton of fun. Jump behind the enemy and tear up their rear armor, and then jump out.

I actually love LRMs!
I've got a crap ton of 10's and 15's but 20's are rare.
I put a snub nose ppc on my cata that I am eager to try.

My archer went down because it was my tank in a lance of griffins and vindicators. A lance of tanks spawned as I was trying to mop up the mechs. They had LRMs and AC's that chipped at me before I could get them dead.

I do probably play too aggressive with my archer and foolishly so since my griffins have LRM 25 and my archer is LRM 35. ( I love my LRMs!)

I will keep an eye out for grasshoppers. I liked them a lot in MW5

WizKid wrote:

Grasshoppers spec'd out with jumpjets, are a ton of fun. Jump behind the enemy and tear up their rear armor, and then jump out.

Yeah, flanking Grasshoppers are deadly once your lance tonnage goes up and you're regularly fighting assault mechs; since initiative is a function of mech tonnage in the base game, if you reserve to the end of the round, you can play 2 turns back-to-back for that mech (they can use their turn last in that round, then they'll be first up in the next round due to their lighter tonnage).

The above tactic works on any mech, really, but it's best used on mechs that punch above their tonnage - mobile mechs with huge engines for maximum mobility plus mounting a lot of weapons that can burn through the rear armour quickly and get to the squishy insides. Typical suspects for this kind of tactic are Firestarter/Grasshopper/Jenner/Cicade but remember if you can't get in and out you will probably regret it.

Also on a separate note, the Roguetech team just modded Battle Armour tactics (miniature mechs) so they can "swarm" (i.e. climb on top of) a mech and tear them up at point blank range with a bonus to damage. It makes some a bit more viable, but it can be quite frustrating to deal with.

Firestarter, twisted firestarter....


Breathe with me!
Exhale, exhale, exhale...