Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech Catch-All

That is a must. Too bad they wouldn't customize it at the next city. (without hex editing of course... I loved to put ACs with unlimited ammo in the hex editor)
I think you could run out of the arena battle in the second city as well. Though the best you get is a locust I think.

What was the good mech in the training mission?

I know that in the arena you can take an urbanmech and shoot your way through the wall and escape. Though they never let you back in, for obvious reasons.

I just looked it up. It was a Chameleon.

I found a list of the mechs in Crescent Hawk's Inception here. The Chameleon's large laser is a pretty huge advantage when you're mostly up against 20-ton mechs.

I know I fought at least one Spider in the C-64 version, but don't remember ever seeing a Javelin.

There is also the phoenix hawk LAM that you get at the very end but never get to use
It was the chameleon and it had a boat load of lasers. IIRC the urbanmech was the only mech with an AC. (can't recall if it was an AC10, AC20 or just a plain AC... I am leaning the latter)
I only played the PC version and I never saw a spider or javelin.
I think I was able to beat the 4 enemies on the last training mission once. It has been a while but this was by singling them out one by one while trying to escape. You also have to get lucky by having a lot of training missions before they attack so the Jason Youngblood earns a 4 in gunnery. Again these memories are very vague. I believe the earliest they attack is the 4th mission but I also believe I was able to have 5 missions once.
I am trying to think here:
One mission is a scouting one. Two of the next missions involve picking a mech with hands to grab salvage and return plus shooting a salvage mission. The missions after that involve one on one combat and then one on two, etc. Of course any time the attack can occur.

side note: do a search for crescent hawks inception browser game ;P

I remember that the sequel, Crescent Hawks Revenge, was brutally difficult. At least it seems so in my memories.

There were a handful of missions where there was a trick strategy that was the only way to beat the mission.
One early one involved some rommel tanks and you basically had to group your mechs shoulder to shoulder with orders to not move. You would be then able to focus fire pick off the tanks one by one.

Heck I think the first mission was pretty hard because you had to damage a fast mech before it could shoot your downed dropship. Yet if you damaged it enough, it would run away. And you probably weren't fast enough to catch it which would fail the mission also.

Another one involved finding a narrow inlet where your lance could hide until Kurita reinforcments showed up to then make a break for the rendezvous point to complete the mission.

And one of the last missions involved setting up each lance moderate distance away from a natural choke point so that you could again pick them off one by one.

One of my fondest gaming memories is actually beating that game.

Ditto and I loved collecting all the "+" variants. The Griffin+ and the Marauder+ were my favorites.
Damn that needs a remake too. Though I don't know if it would work in Harebrained's turn based engine.
Speaking of which, Harebrained seems to have a knack for strategy. I wonder what would happen if they tried to go realtime? Or maybe licensed something like the Pillars of Eternity engine.

I just caught up with that pre-alpha video and my god it looks perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

fangblackbone wrote:

Looks awesome! I am curious as it seems the mechs are the antithesis of bullet sponges. Is this typical in the board game?

'Mechs really aren't "tanks" in the game sense of being able to stand there and soak up damage. Cover and movement were everything in the original boardgame. The name of the game was not getting hit. Damage location was a dice roll so mitigation really came down to (a) making sure they didn't get many easy shots; (b) relying on randomness to spread it around a little and (c) positioning your 'mechs so they weren't hit in vulnerable locations.

Sometimes you'd just get damn unlucky though. I played a campaign game once where a medium lance had to fight a delaying action against an advancing heavy lance. I had a Griffon on a hill behind partial cover in light woods. My friend let fly with his Archer - 2 LRM racks needing a 10+ to hit. He rolled two 11s. Both hit. Roll for number of missiles that connected. Another two 11s. 40 points to the punch-hit location table. I was left on turn one with a burning crater on top of a pristine pair of legs.

As long as a marauder is in there somewhere I'm good. When it comes to the big boys I've never been an Atlas fan. It's all about that sleek design. And gauss rifles.

Apparently there is a mech con going on in Vancouver. Anyone thinking of going? I'm not super into Battletech but local con's that even partially interest me are rare.

Beta accessible for kickstarter backers from March 15th:


Not a backer myself, but pretty much guaranteed to buy when it's finished unless the reviews are bad, but from the early videos it all looked pretty sound.

I'm impressed with how quickly they've made the game. I'm used to kickstarter games taking forever to develop. Makes sense given that they've already made the engine and have a very good pipeline.

I'm a beta-level backer. I shall report what impressions the NDA allows.

According to the backer update, there really isnt any NDA on impressions from the Beta. I will also report in!

Yeah I double checked and there's no NDA so you can post opinions, share screenshots, livestream, record LP videos, or write blog posts if you like. I might do the first one. The second if you're lucky.

Happy to see it! I backed it, but not at Beta level.

I'm curious to hear the reports! I backed at a basic level, so no beta for me.

I'm also in at the beta level, so I'm excited about next month.

The wallpapers were actually nice enough I put all of them on my phone. Except for House Marik. f*ck those people.

I've always been a Hansens/Steiner guy but given my recent change in nationality I could use a little Free Rasalhague Republic.

Clan Ghost Bear!

Aww yiss. Backer beta back on for 1st June.

Teaser Trailer

Yeah, I watched the multiplayer vid last night and it looks really good. I can't wait to actually have a full singleplayer campaign and worrying about salvage and load outs and all of that stuff. Super excited for this.

...when you remember you were the one who started this thread in the first place.

After seeing that gameplay video, I'm getting excited. That was some classic BattleTech gameplay - the risky melee charge, the knockdowns, DFA, oveheating, sensors, spotting, Mechwarrior skills - it looks fantastic. The initiative system they cooked up seems to work very well at keeping the pace of the battle moving, and giving the light mechs the right sensor / initiative edge.

Backer Beta incoming Mechwarriors!

Edit: the moment I posted this my email from Backerkit arrived in my inbox

I started playing it. I really enjoyed it. Of course I'm getting my butt kicked, but still fun.