Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr (Catch All)

deftly wrote:
Veloxi wrote:

K got Vinman.

There's also a Suvanto and a voxling asking to join, anyone know them?

I suspect they may be randoms that requested an invite. I accepted Maclintok a few days ago since I recognized the name from the forums.

Also, it looks like the cabal XP bar is maxed on my screen, but the tech tree isn't showing anything is available to research. Usually it shows how much XP to the next level when you mouse over it, but I'm not seeing anything. Anyone else see the same thing?

Yeah I see it too.

It looked like there were some special achievements to get further along?

It looks like 10 is actually the max cabal level. I found some really old posts about it, and browsed the cabal list. 10 is the highest level for any of them.

Well then yay?

Veloxi wrote:

Well then yay?

I'm going with yay.

I threw some crafting stuff towards a Cabal achievement and advanced it to the next task.