Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr (Catch All)

Well, I got to level 100 on my Crusader. I'm playing the other classes a bit, but I've got one more heroic deed to do that's Crusdaer-only. I've also got a bit of gear that I'm still customizing, but I'm doing level 110 missions with tarot penalties without much trouble, so I think I've taken this character about as far as he'll go.

Patch 2.2.1 is out

There's a new event that lasts until the end of February. It involves clearing hidden rooms, which they've made more common.

They also added another void crusade.

I double dipped into the PS4 Imperium edition a few days ago and rolled up a new Assassin. Similar to D3 and Path is Exile, I much prefer having native controller support for these type of games now and Martyr doesn’t disappoint.

It looks like console lags behind on getting patches and big content drops like Prophecy but it’s a small price to pay.

Er...the PC version also has gamepad support. Had it from the beginning. I used to play that way exclusively until I found I liked mouse/keyboard better.

I think you read his post wrong, he's saying he prefers native controller support and Martyr has it ("does not disappoint").

The double dip is the PS4 version.

OHHHHHH. My bad.

Patch 2.2.2 is out. Mostly fixes and balance changes. I think I'm the only one still playing regularly. I just like min-maxing my characters, turning off my brain, and going to murdertown. Tech-priest is up to level 67 now.

New Features

Amber Void Crusade

Gather 5 Amber Shards to open the brand new Amber Crusade and complete its challenging missions to receive epic rewards! Fight and defeat the Khorne forces, the Black Legion, and the Rebel Guard to collect your righteous bounty.

Hardcore Void Crusades

Players can now create Hardcore Void Crusades. Hardcore Crusades require 7 shards, but the overall loot bonus and quality is increased by 50%.

I saw that in my feed. Going to reinstall once my Wolcen playthrough is complete. Looking forward to diving back in.

I've been enjoying this on PS4 but stalled out on my big sword choppy-choppy death cultist somewhere near Level ...40? Don't think much of this patch applies to me and consoles are probably a couple months out from getting these updates anyway. But it's always nice to know a game I've got sitting on the HDD unplayed is getting (or will be getting) updates!

Guys, the complete version is at its historic low, and this is a great time to dive in if you've not already.


Yeah I am going to pounce on the prophecy expansion for $12!

Bought the complete collection!

Me too!

Played an hour of this last night. So far so good and it is scratching the sci-fi ARPG itch I’ve had for years. Some things could be better explained but I am taking a don’t worry about it approach and assuming it will be clear eventually.

I will say through the first five missions it has been very easy. I am playing story mode with a tactical crusader. I might bump it up to challenging if they allow mid-game difficulty changes.

Also the bullet guns are much more satisfying than the laser guns. I don’t know why they default you to lasers, I want that chain gun warhammer action!

What needs a better explanation?

Being an Adeptus Mechanus is very cool but I have to say they did the mechanical pet class better in Van Helsing Final Cut.

In contrast, the art direction of the tech priest is far superior. I'd give major kudos to the walking platform quasi mount of the tech priest.

Veloxi wrote:

What needs a better explanation?

I'm not looking for explanations since like I said I assume either the game will tell me at some point or I can go dig into the help menus. But since you asked for example five missions in they still haven't explained what Suppression is or why I should care. It hasn't explained what Warfare is or the other two point categories (I forget what they are called) and how their progression works. They didn't even explain inventory, I just started getting loot and from prior knowledge went looking for inventory and started equipping things. Speaking of loot, what does the little hammer icon with a number in the upper right of the item mean? No idea! Maybe I'll find out eventually.

My guy started with guns but I am unlocking melee weapon types with levels and getting melee weapons as loot. Does that mean I should equip one of my weapon sets with a melee set and use the other for ranged? Or keep two ranged sets like they gave me to start with?

Just little stuff like that which isn't as polished as say a Diablo. Still having fun though which is what matters.

Veloxi wrote:

Guys, the complete version is at its historic low, and this is a great time to dive in if you've not already.


Still.... $33, and kinda doubt my current Pc will run it.

I got this on Xbox when it was on sale recently, and my experience tracks very closely with LeapingGnome's. The setting is fun and it's the sci-fi ARPG I've been looking for in that regard, but it's much easier than I would like, the systems aren't well explained, and the inventory seems a bit of a mess. I had trouble even telling what I could equip in which slots and how different things compared.

It's a consistent thing for Neocore games to be this way, sadly. Their games are so close to being great.

I applied to the Cabal. Seems the limit is 20 ?

Or is there another group ?

Veloxi wrote:

Guys, the complete version is at its historic low, and this is a great time to dive in if you've not already.


You are the leader of the Cabal. You should increase the limit of members.

I'll see if I can do that tomortow.

I can't find a way to increase the cabal size.

I know there's a Cabal tech that increases it to 25, but I can't find any amount beyond that... We may need a second Cabal.

Is there a benefit to being in one? Other than social.

Okay, whomever is in the cabal right now, reply to me and I'll keep you in. Anyone else gets booted to make way for new people actually playing the game.

I'm in. I'll pick up again this weekend.

I still play

I play occasionally.