Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr (Catch All)

Uggh, this is all good information. Thanks garion.

I'm feeling a lot less trigger happy about this now

Yeah, I'd say save it for a lower price if you already have the pc version. I was having a lot of technical issues preventing me from enjoying the game on pc. Text wasn't displaying and whatnot.

Arise, thread!

So after taking a break from this game – and building a new rig in the interim – I decided to go back to the game, especially since their targeted date of their “2.0” patch is getting closer (end of Q1).

It actually feels a lot better. I did some random missions and actually felt like I got some good loot and such. Looking forward to diving back in even further, as I just snagged all their content DLC.

What a coincidence, I was looking at doing the same thing after their 2.0 patch. Looks like they've released several small single missions as DLC.

ACTUALLY (hehehe), they're either priority assignments with multiple missions or whole new points of interest with new game types, so I'm excited to try them.

Veloxi wrote:

ACTUALLY (hehehe), they're either priority assignments with multiple missions or whole new points of interest with new game types, so I'm excited to try them.

Right! I should have said quest lines. I'm really just looking forward to going through the main campaign in co-op. Never made sense for this kind of game to not have it from the beginning.

A stand-alone expansion, Prophecy, for this comes out tomorrow which introduces the tech-adept as a playable class along with a continuation of the story and some new enemies.

I went ahead and reinstalled to see how much has changed. Honestly, my only complaint is that once you finish up the main story it still feels like a crazy amount of grind. They upped the level cap from 80 to 100 but caution you that the 80 to 100 section is going to take a long, long time. My highest level character was 29 and GL 749 and had finished the story a while back. Apparently they added a chapter 2 and chapter 3 to the story but before you can even go to the chapter 2 section it says you have to be GL 1100 and for chapter 3 I think it was 1500. After a few hours of playing I got up to level 30 and my GL is still 749 and that was with clearing red missions with a difficulty level over 1k.

They also have a bunch of extra missions you can buy with fate and I had enough to buy one but I can't access it until I get into chapter 2. Unless I'm missing some major trick to leveling up my GL I can't imagine grinding another 40 hours just to unlock the next section of the game. I also thought I'd try the co-op finder they have in the game which automatically teams you up with two other randoms. After 10 minutes of waiting there was 1 other person in the cue who then left. I still enjoy the game but I feel like after I finish the story with each character there's not much to keep me around. The sense of progression kinda' disappears. Heck, I still might by the expansion just to try the new class.

I'm really hoping the 2.0 patch, which removes power levels and such, makes the grind far more fun.

Apparently it will be $25 stand a lone expansion.
I'll say that I want to see video of the new class but I know that since it is a summoner, I will probably buy it day one ;P
I also have Warhammer Chaosbane that I pre-ordered coming early June.

Has the patch 2.0 been released?

2.0 comes tomorrow with the expansion I believe.

2.0 comes tomorrow with the expansion I believe.

Saw that, thanks.
The dev stream makes the combat in 2.0 look much more fun, especially with the reduced global cooldown and new animations.
I did have fun with WI:M at launch but it didn't have the staying power of Diablo 3 which I will probably still be playing 20 years from now. (barring the servers going down... they'd better patch in offline SP at that point)

edit: the pc gamer preview article says that there will be a 30% discount for owners of Martyr... That is a done deal for me: $25 + 30% off = $17.50 = instant buy

Yeah it's a fair deal for existing owners. Plus 2 new factions to fight against in the Eldar and Tyranids will spicen it up as well.

Welp, as one might expect, a delay. 2.0 on June 20th, Prohpecy on July 30th.


On the day of release? Man - that 2.0 has been postphoned quite a lot!

Veloxi wrote:

Welp, as one might expect, a delay. 2.0 on June 20th, Prohpecy on July 30th.


Have they released anything on time for this game?

I'm all for taking more time, but they're always delaying things a day or two before something launches. Just seems so amateur.

Not even a day or two before - On the DAY of release! Oh well - better they take their time of course, but it doesn't really bode *that' well.

I was attempting to be charitable.

Yeah, before heading out to work this morning I logged onto Steam and figured I'd go ahead and pick up the expansion so it could be ready for when I got home. When I saw the release date showing July 30th I was trying to figure out how I'd misread the release date before. I'm now just imagining some guy at that studio saying "No, guys! I swear! We can still make it by tomorrow! We can get this finished! Don't change the release date yet! Sure, we've got 2 full months worth of work to do to get this ready but I'm sure we can cram that much work into the 5 hours before release!"

Yeah I’m all for polish and all but what a poor decision to make that announcement hours before release. I agree it’s a amateur move.

Yeah, I should have known. The fact that they are asking you to wishlist it rather than pre-order should have been a big hint. The fact that 2.0 is delayed bums me out as well.
They sure are taking their time with Wolcen too
WH Chaosbane releases in a week though so it won't be too tough a transition. And there is always the new season of Diablo 3 going on right now which is stupidly fun

Wolcen aren't the same guys - Chaosbane you can get if you pre-order at the 31st of may already. I must admit though, even with the streams I've watched, which all looked pretty good, I'm wary of pre-ordering these days.

Razgon wrote:

I'm wary of pre-ordering these days.

Me too. I caved and pre-ordered Rage 2, which I'm now regretting.

Yup - that was the last one I was cautious about. Sorry to hear it wasn't that fun, Brian!.

I was just passing around info on other arpgs I am interested in.
I got the basic ed for Chaosbane so no early access for me

I know Wolcen isn't the same guys though on their front, did they do back to using Cryengine? I thought a longtime ago there was news they switched to UE4? I downloaded the latest beta and Cryengine was in the title credits. They have some good stuff going on. I'm bummed they removed (hopefully temporarily) the ability to play a female. But the stock attacks are fun and much more interesting than usual which is a great foundation.

Wolcen is a dead game to me. They bit off more than they could chew and have been stuck in development hell for a while.

Razgon wrote:

Yup - that was the last one I was cautious about. Sorry to hear it wasn't that fun, Brian!.

The problem is it IS fun. When it works. And when you seek it out. But the game is so buggy (I'm currently trapped in an underground lair because of an invisible door) and the world so empty that it's just a shadow of what it feels it could've been. It's very sad.

Something seems funky these days with QA...
Even the latest Season 17 of Diablo 3 has brought back the undying enemy bug. You kill it, get xp and loot for it, but the corpse doesn't decay and it can still shoot at you and damage you

QA costs time and money. Let's just push it live and fix it later. It's the Bethesda way, now done across the industry.

Half kidding/sarcastic, but my guess with D3 is that the team is really small anymore with everyone else on D4's dev.

Agreed. That D3 bug has resurfaced several times. It is more annoying than anything, though if it happened to a boss of particularly nasty elite monster, that would be something else

I will note that Bethesda is notably worse at QA still.

Patch 2.0 drops today. Hopefully it will reinvigorate the game. For the Emperor!