Rocket League Catch All

holy heck

Getting Gold rewards for the first time ever this season, and maybe Platinum with a little help from my friends (Mostly Panda)!

Season 7 is all about gold and glitz

Another RLBS

I’m disappointed A Team of Bronzes didn’t make it to RLBS this season.

James Bond's anthem in the store for 2 more days.

Also cars. Not sure about those hotboxes.

But the song, so good.

Clickbait video title. It really should be "with ONLY SIMPLE mechanics"

2.7GB patch today for the new season tomorrow.

some of Rapid's videos are really good. this one is a pretty good example of effective 1s defense and challenging.

An official Rocket League escape room map

5 Times Rocket League Pros Shattered The Skill Ceiling


Snowday on Throwback!?!


I hope it's 4 v 4!

I've been playing around with OpenAI's ChatGPT


Rocket League is nearly 8 years old. I started playing in Feb 2016 so a little over 7 years ago. Why do I still play this game so much?!? Can't waste any time thinking about that. I have flip resets to practice.


April Fools I guess? Before I even click

Stele wrote:

April Fools I guess? Before I even click

Barely? I think an AF's prank should actually fool people into thinking what's being claimed is true?
Still, B for the effort, packaging any kind of game, be it a prank or not, is complex enough, wonder how long were they working on this thing.

Edit: fixed typo

I would actually play that! I loved the Big Bumpin' Burger King game. It was great for local 4 player tournaments.

RL is nearly 8 years old

Are you still playing RL? What keeps you playing?

I used to be constantly pushing to get better and rank up but for the past 3 years or so I use Rocket League to relax and just have fun with friends. It's comfortable. It's a low time commitment. It does a good job of distracting me from life and work. I look forward to the GWJ RL gaming nights because there are no expectations or too intense players and toxicity. I'm playing private matches with a few other groups who are similarly chill. I rarely ever play ranked unless a friend convinces me to. Even casual match RL players take this game way too seriously these days.

I played so much that I got past Master rank on XBox, PS4, PC and I’m currently around level 13 on Switch. Purely from logging in off and on over those 8 years and playing unranked matches.

So I still enjoy it, but that’s basically all I do. It’s nice that I can login, play for 30 minutes and then walk away, regardless of the platform.

Definitely still love the GWJ RL drinking nights when I can. For me, RL is the easiest, chillest, drop-in drop-out multiplayer experience where I can meet up and play with people when it's convenient, but not tied to a schedule or level cap. We all play casual together and have fun. I can also play from my old Xbone and play cross-platform with anyone.

Once or twice a year I go on a skill improvement kick where I "workout" with some training packs and exercises a few times, and then I go wait a minute, I could be having fun in another game instead of working at this one, what am I doing? But I still come back to bad multiplayer with y'all.

Favela map? drift trails?