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I can't use the annoying sound ones because of the split screen with my wife. Drives us both nuts.

Those videos are like looking at someone else's baby photos.

FYI if you play the Epic Store version of Rocket League you can finally now use BakkesMod as they just added Epic support on January 1st.

I use BakkesMods freeplay and training pack features to improve my warmup/training sessions. I like the feature that adds variance to training packs so that every shot has some randomness to it and I like the d-pad shortcuts in freeplay for making my training time more efficient.

Rocket Science has a playlist of videos on how to use BakkesMod's features

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Is there much of a Euro-GWJ-er scene for this? Much I'd like to join with the 9pm EST crew, regular sessions at 2am are going to be few and far between :(

There are definitely a few Euro-GWJ-er RL players I know of but I have no idea if they play together.

If you manage to get ahold of a few other Euro-GWJ-ers and find a time that works let us know and maybe (especially on weekends) some people in NA could attend as well. How many hours earlier would we have to play for it to work for you and others outside NA?

I usually play at about 10pm UK time, which I *think* is 5pm EST and 2pm PST. Certainly don't want folk making a special effort on my account though!

We are connected on Epic now, I'd be free for a game some evening GMT

Got caught up in watching old montage videos this morning. Man, I really miss Doc.

So got matched up against Mijo last night...

Gridiron 4v4 “American football” mode coming February 2 through February 8. You can pick up the ball and carry it. You can throw it. I’m interested to try but honestly it sounds like they removed the parts that make RL interesting.

Has new event challenges.

I like new challenges. The mode has potential. I wonder if people will try to actually pass, or just solo it in. I bet you could pass it off the wall to yourself like in real hockey.

The fact that scoring is different is interesting, also the out of bounds line on the sidewalls. Seems like the biggest change in gameplay they have tried for a long time. I'm dubious, but could be cool.

Have you guys changed your controller sensitivity or dead zone settings much?

Mixolyde wrote:

Have you guys changed your controller sensitivity or dead zone settings much?

I use a 0.1 dead zone and 1.5 sensitivity (steering and aerial). I’d go even lower on dead zone except every controller tends to get just enough stick drift that a lower dead zone isn’t feasible.

How to carry your terrible freestyling teammates (AKA PandaSuit) in Rocket League

I also feel attacked. I have tried to become less duckling-like.

Some of us on the GWJ discord have been playing the new Gridiron football mode and despite the first match being terrible and the next few being rough we eventually figured out how to consistently pass the football long distances and pull off nice plays.

Lots of laughs are happening as we totally mess up the new mechanics or "accidentally" steal the ball from each other (ahem Dorkmanship) or throw our teammates across the field with a team tackle.

It's a pretty chaotic mode (well, it's 4v4) and it would probably work really well for Bottle Rockets. It doesn't seem like they've added it as a private match mode yet tho so we might not be able to make that work unless we take over a public lobby.


The person with the ball can't boost. So I have intentionally boosted to full speed and jumped over the ball carrier from directly behind to "steal" it and carry the ball in. If you have the momentum, that is a great play. Especially since it is hard for the ball carrier to get moving if they just landed with it. I felt almost like a real running back taking a hand-off.

Psyonix is going to be streaming a one day Gridiron tournament with pros and content creators playing this Friday the 5th. I’m curious to see what moves pro players can pull off in this mode.


Apparently Rizzo has been playing Gridiron for hours on stream every day

Ultimate Controller Comparison | Input lag + more (PS5, PS4, Xbox SX/Elite 2/One, eSwap Pro)

TL;DR if you aren't gonna pay the premium price of the eSwap Pro then just use the base model controller that you prefer and you are mostly good. If you are using a PS controller wired then overclocking makes a big difference for free.

TL;DW Xbox Elite 2 is overpriced crap and not even as good as the base controllers. Xbox Series X is pretty good in all cases except bluetooth and is most consistently low when wired (duh). PS5/PS4 controllers still amazing when overclocked wired but not so great wired without overclock. Definitely overclock those. Both have low latency when wireless but lots of variance. eSwap Pro is an absolute beast, especially when overclocked. Has the most consistency by a massive margin.

Edit: Updated video

Overclock? WTF? Going to have to watch that thing...

7 things Sledge thinks should be in RL by now (and alternatives)

Definitely the auction house. My son and I were just talking about this the other day. He is constantly telling me to sell/trade my stuff because I can make credits from it but I keep telling him I'm not going to contact/friend a bunch of strangers just to trade items. If there was an auction house that I could put my blueprints and stuff up on though I'd be all over that.

After a few recent attempts I’m pretty comfortable saying I know the max rank I can comfortably get in ranked standard when using zero boost and playing with rando teammates.

Sure with the right luck I could push a little higher but not much. There definitely is a ceiling to how high I can go without boost with my current skill at the game. It’s significantly higher than the last time I tried tho so I feel good about it.

It’s been another great learning experience for me and I had a lot of fun.

One surprising part is that no one ever called me out for not using boost. I wonder if anyone even noticed.

I think I might try playing ranked 1v2 and 1v3 again next. It’s been a while since I did that challenge.

Well, what rank did you get to? You need to tell me so I can feel bad about my skill level.

How do you play ranked 1v2 and 1v3?

Mixolyde wrote:

How do you play ranked 1v2 and 1v3?

Local split screen with extra controllers as guest accounts. You can do it with other computes/machines connected as your teammates so you don’t have to split screen but then you have to keep moving those controllers or those players get kicked and temp banned from ranked which is annoying. Easier to just split screen.

Found On Road Dead

killed by dork

I want an El Camino plz.

I want a '65 Riv GS.


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Found On Road Dead

I thought it was "Fix Or Repair Daily". Yours is better.

ragin_redneck wrote:

killed by dork

Much better.

Miss you guys, a lot.