Rocket League Catch All

I intend a long break for the new season. Animal Crossing is taking up some gaming time but also RL just hasn't been fun lately.

Saturday night with y'all is good but the rest of the time when I try playing online alone has been hell lately.

Have you tried playing different modes? I was starting to get burned out and then tried out Snow Days. It was just different enough to make the game fun again. Once I get to champ in that I think I'm going to switch to the basketball mode as I'm awful at it and I could see where it would be good aerial control practice for the normal modes.

Yeah I even did Rumble a while this season, where I was Diamond 3, div 4 multiple times, but still couldn't get into champ.

I've done basketball and drop shot this season for various weekly challenges and stuck with them for a week or two after. I need a break.

I managed to sneak in ten diamond wins in snow day this season before falling back down to platinum again. I feel like I’ve done nothing this season then lose ranked games.

I did manage to get over 300 in rocket pass levels though.

Vriisor wrote:

I got a bit tired of the rewards grind last season and ended up taking a break for about 2 months when this season started. Now I came back more relaxed with a lot lower expectations of having to perform well in ranked. Ended up getting grand champ rewards for the first time since season 3. Funny how that works sometimes.


I nearly got there (was over 1500 MMR a bunch of times this season) but couldn't quite get the last few wins to cross into GC.

Got my Champion rewards fairly early on in the season, and since then I've been hovering around Diamon 2 and 3 for doubles. Looks like I'll end the season at Diamon 3, division 1. Kind of fell off the wagon a bit with training and playing duels, so next season I'll look to get back to that.

Most of these are pretty crazy:

Played against current RLCS world champion player JSTN in ranked tonight. He was playing on stream with Forky and Cizzorz and they pretty thoroughly destroyed us. JSTN was rank #6 on the leaderboard with 2300 MMR at the time so it must have been a slow night in ranked for him to match up against us. I saved the replay this time so I could watch it from their perspective.

Here's a clip of JSTN casually scoring a ceiling shot on us while I sit on the wall and basically just watch it happen:


At least it took them a minute to do it.

Really cool 'disruption assist' analysis. Psyonix should hire this guy.

That is awesome.

A good bump is a beautiful thing.

10 Things Rocket League Should STEAL From Other Games

Saw a reddit post of a self-proclaimed “Silver 3” hitting an aerial that I can’t hit, complete with flip reset. Well, I can’t hit anything right now. That I couldn’t hit before I took a year’s sabbatical to Troglodytania.

10 minutes later, taken down by mods. Hmmm, maybe someone looked at his actual rank? I really don’t like when people do that.

When I want to put my RL "skills" in perspective I just watch someone like Evample casually destroy the dribble challenge

I've noticed no one ever posts RL highlights on the forums anymore but we post a lot on discord. Other's have commented about it. How would everyone feel if someone regularly compiled the highlight clips from the RL Discord channel into a YouTube video and posted it on the forums? Like a "GWJ RL Highlights Of The Week" video?

Here is my first quick attempt to lump all the recent highlights from the discord channel into one video.

If people want me to keep doing this I’ll write some code to do most of the work for future videos.

I should get my clipping program back up and running.

Anti, I use gif your game, super easy.

Panda, thanks for doing this!

Well the resolution in that is low enough that I can't tell if I'm being posterized in any of those clips... so assuming I'm not, great vid!


Carlbear95 wrote:

Well the resolution in that is low enough that I can't tell if I'm being posterized in any of those clips... so assuming I'm not, great vid!


GifYourGame switched to 720p recently which would be fine if they hadn’t cut the bitrate massively too. Add YouTube transcoding to that and the output looks pretty rough.

If people ask GifYourGame to encode their clips in 1080p (in app on each clip unfortunately) then I can grab that version and the final result will be a lot better. So if you want to make sure we all see you posterizing Carl in your clips you gotta ask for the 1080p version

pandasuit wrote:

Rocket League needs a casual game mode that randomizes between different mutator combinations every round and uses the crazy labs maps. It has to randomly choose the puck or beach ball too. The randomness is to keep the tone a weird balance between fun and frustration where the frustration is at the odd mutator effects you have to cope with and not your team or your own skill. Yeah you can do this in private matches but I'd much rather it is casual so it mixes in randos to fill lobbies but friends can take over a lobby as well. It cannot be ranked. Ranked would ruin it in so many ways. I don't want to be worrying about winning and losing in this mode. I just want random funny stuff to happen. I definitely want to be able to take over lobbies in this mode as well and ranked would prevent that. TBH I would prefer if it didn't even use the unranked hidden MMR at all and just randomized all players together regardless of skill like a true casual playlist.

So, Lawler did a video about a way people kinda get what I was talking about:

Personally I really want a dedicated mode in game that makes this discoverable and has matchmaking (just latency based, not skill or MMR based at all) and I want to be able to earn Rocket Pass levels while playing it.

I agree, would be great to have a casual mode like that.

This could be fun:

Team with the best defense wins?

There were enough clips on Discord for a second video so I threw it together.

Nice save in that second clip!

Did I see Kazar in the background of one of those?


I did even less work this time as all the clips were the same resolution and format so I was able to just merge them without transcoding. Unfortunately YouTube still transcoded it and we lost even more quality. Looks like we are going to have lower quality clips until GYG goes back to higher bitrate and 1080p.

What would you guys think of adding a music bot to the Discord?

FlamingPeasant wrote:

What would you guys think of adding a music bot to the Discord?

Please no. I mean, I guess I can mute it.

So that's a yes?

FlamingPeasant wrote:

So that's a yes?