Rocket League Catch All

pizzaddict wrote:

My computer is broke. I haven't played RL in over 24 hours and I'm starting to get the shakes. I watched some videos during my lunch break but that only made it worse. I'm really hoping I can get my computer booting again or I'm not sure what tomorrow will be like.

Thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Thank you, I will take all I can get. I'm pretty sure I was ready to jump from Plat to Champ last night too, but now that I've been forced to take time off I'll be too rusty and be stuck at Plat for at least another year.

Plus diamond is between plat and champ.

Or have you forgotten the ranks already in your absence?

No, I just felt like I was playing so well that I would go from Plat 2, thru diamond and onto Champ last night. Guess I'll never know now.

I’m sure if you did a survey of all RL players you would find out more people think plat and champ are the same than think there is any difference and the majority vote must must be correct right?

While I don’t think plat and champ are the same at all the difference between most plat and low champ players isn’t massive either and anyone should be able to bridge that gap over time by focusing on reliable faster play and not flashy mechanics. I’ve seen lots of players do it. It does require a time investment that doesn’t fit everyone’s life. I would also argue it requires critical self awareness that not every player is willing to have.

I’m curious how some of the recent champs in GWJ feel about it. Carl recently posted his thoughts. Anyone else want to weigh in on this? I think there were 3 or 4 other new champs in GWJ this season.

I’ve been watching rizzo’s series where he started a new account and is making his way back up to grand champ showing every match along the way and discussing what he is doing while playing the matches. It’s been interesting and I think helpful to hear why he is making the decisions he does during a match.

poutniksantiago wrote:

Hello, new here. Jumped in on the discord channel, then realized I can check the forum too. I will just lurk here picking up wisdom. Before you ask, I suck at RL. But it' sbeen fun so far. Been playing duos with a buddy from work. It's his fault, really, I came back to it. It's just fun to be able to play and chat at the same time. Screaming at each other "I got this!" and missing the ball 2 metres to the left.


When it comes to RL we are all just different colors on the potato rainbow. No pro level players around here. All welcome.

Welcome Pout, as long as you’re having fun then that’s all that counts, you get better as you go along!

I’ll just give a few thoughts on my push up the ranks, particularly through diamond. I’m still diamond 2 in 2v2, although I’ve neglected this category recently for my 3v3 push:
- Three things to really consider is your positioning, your momentum and aerial play. Getting better at all these is the most important thing.
- Positioning is the killer for most teams. The most important thing is keeping reasonable space between yourself and team mates. Mainly, if the ball is near them, trust them to deal with the problem - don’t go diving in to their area unless you are 10000% certain that what you’re doing has very positive effects. Especially in 2v2, I remember conceding plenty goals because there were two of us contesting the ball in the same corner. Just think who is behind you? No one, meaning losing that ball has both of you with your back to your goal and loads of space open
- As well as this, you also don’t want to be too far away from your team mates either, within reason. It’s hard to explain the space you need to have, and is something to get a feel for. I’m generally close enough but cautious, if that makes sense. I’ve always got in my mind what protection the net has. It also goes to say you need to consider the opposition position as well. I think this is the hardest thing to explain here!
- For crosses, be cautious jumping in for shots if the opposition is well positioned defensively. I’ll often not even bother going for the ball. If you dive in and totally miss with a good defensive shape playing against you, you can again leave the entire open field for your opponent to get a simple goal. You’ll be surprised how often opponents just clear the ball straight back out to your possession!
- Training - it’s honestly important, to me at least. I’m not talking about doing an hour a day, just picking a skill and doing a quick ten minutes is good enough! Just sacrifice a bit of game time to it if you have the option, you’ll honestly get better!
- Aerials become more important, and are one of the things to practice. Just make sure you get good contact at first. Missed aerials can leave players out of the game for a bit while they come back down.
- And on that, have you ever had those moments when a ball goes up and you just sort of freeze with hesitation as you’re not that confident to hit it? Well, just go for it! You might miss it, but it’ll build up your skills and confidence a lot better.
- And just play faster! Really focus on just trying to move about a bit quicker. The speed of the game can catch a lot of people out the higher up they go. It’s kind of stupid to say, but just go faster!

The most observable difference I see in the plat/diamond vs. champ or high diamond is fewer mistakes.

Honestly I think I got through most of plat/diamond with a very simple offensive philosophy... just throw it at the net as often as you can and eventually your opponent will mess something up and you can score. I felt confident enough in my abilities in reading the ball and positioning to be in generally the right place to take advantage.

By the time you get to D3 or Champ, random shots just don't work.. either players are generally in the right place so you can't sneak it by, or can adjust fast enough to make a defensive play. Yes champs can miss easy clears as well but it doesn't happen nearly as often.

So if you are pushing through Plat I would say again, focus on fundamentals and hitting the ball towards the net. learning how to do an air-dribble, wave-dash, off the wall flip reset, flick thingy, isn't the key to getting into diamond. Just be consistent with fundamentals and getting better at positioning and reading the ball.

Yes they are rank appropriate. Definitely not the only things to learn at each rank but he makes good points about why they are good choices if you just learn one thing per rank.

I like that he touches on how dribbling is not just about scoring. Dribbles and flicks are great ways to control the ball and transition out of defense while maintaining possession. One thing you should definitely learn as you rank up is how to maintain control of the ball. Don’t just bang clear the ball on defense all the time and give it to the opponent sitting mid field when you could instead catch it and flick/pop it over the forechecker while maintaining possession into offense. Champ+ level players use dribbles and flicks to setup passes and transitions extensively.

Season 11 reward items are boosts.



Also, the Rocket League Summit LAN is this weekend:

Beyond The Summit (BTS) is organizing the first ever Rocket League Summit, a closed invitational major event taking place in a private location in Los Angeles. From August 16-18, experience your favourite Rocket League pros like SquishyMuffinz, Kronovi, Rizzo, jstn, Turbopolsa, kuxir97 and Scrub Killa in a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, with player casts, skits and loads of other entertaining content and games! 8 invited teams - Cloud9, G2 Esports, NRG Esports and Rogue from North America and Frontline (ex-PSG Esports), Renault Vitality, Dignitas and The Bricks from Europe - will compete for a total prize pool of $50,000 USD.

Rocket Pass 4 info:

The new Mudcat car has Octane hitbox. Looks kinda like a rounder version of that Fennec car.

Psyonix wrote:

Rocket Pass 4 will begin at 10:00 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. UTC) on August 28 and ends on December 4. Unlock Rocket Pass Premium with 10 Keys or get a head start with the Premium Bundle, which costs 20 Keys. The Premium Bundle comes with Rocket Pass Premium, plus an additional 12 Tiers!

I'll just save the other 10 keys and earn my 12 levels. If I don't make it to 70 and beyond by Dec 4 something is terribly wrong. I'm dead.