Trove Catch-All

It shouldn't be too bad a grind. I spent about 30 minutes in a cave this morning in the candy biome, elite difficulty, and pulled in about 140 infinium. Also got the little digger companion from a chest.

I have been playing off and on since I backed the Alpha and have played all the classes. It is a fun game to play with my son.

Would love to join the GWJ group please! IGN: Senkrad, and I will add any of you I see online as friends.

The queues have been pretty bad since launch, but it looks like the fix last night has finally solved the issue!


I have been trying to get GWJ stamped into the floor of the clubhouse but I am awful at centering. We also need a roof if anyone feels like building.

I only need about 150 infinium for a club chest. I'll let you know when we have one.

Any way to gift you some? Like I said, I have 140 on my character.

Thanks to PurEvil we now have a Club Box as well as a portal to U4. We are only missing a few crafting stations for fun stuff (like the fun station). I am going to focus on getting a sky portal up next, though that's a level 26+ zone that you need wings for.

The club box works just like your personal box except all club members can use it. Its a good place to drop off mats for club builds like extra land masses and whatnot. I was thinking of using the land generator to build me a wild west land for my own personal buildings, I thought it would be cool if we had our club in the center and we all built land masses around it for our own buildings if we wanted to. My son wants a candy zone to build on. lol

I am going to try to get some screenshots of our club to post once I figure out the camera.

I'm way late to the party on this, but I joined Trove a few days ago and it's pretty darn fun. Casual, pretty easy to figure out but with lots more to discover - just the way I like it. Anyway, I go by the same name in-game so if any of you are still playing, look me up.

I'm really enjoying building out my cornerstone, but then I owned land in Second Life more than ten years ago.