True Detective Catch-All (Education, Semantics, and SPOILERS)

Aha! Tis a sign! I need to start Into the Badlands season 3 along with The Man in the High Castle season 3 -- why not True Detective season 3 as well.

Seriously, that's probably my 2019 watch list right there.

Batman is a detective.

Half way through the first episode. Not really enjoying it. I did enjoy season one and two. So far I think it is trying to hard to be stylish. They are also trying to hard to force emotions. They are using the same formula as the first two seasons.

My main thought is how much time should I give show before dropping it considering I have a hundred other shows to watch that I like from get go. I could be continuing my run of downton abbey wondering who will die next once a new baby is born.

The acting is good but to be expected given the cast. I guess I'll give it two episodes before dropping it.

Oh and that teacher is thirsty. I see you flirting with cotton mouth.

And now all set for season 3, which started last night, I know.