WGT Golf (yes, a mobile game, BUT...)

I picked this up awhile ago but moved on pretty quickly to something else for no real reason. But because of the 'small' local golf tournament known as the U.S. Open Championship, I came back to it. It is amazing.
The graphics and play are excellent (maybe to easy for some, but I've not used the really hard one yet and I'm sure the strike zone is much smaller, as is the putting). You can get into multiplayer tournaments that look pretty classy, and join a golf club if you like (none of which I've done thus far). Truthfully I've not gone to far into the game only being a level 15. But there are clubs to be had and boost etc. (all of which do cost, I'm not sure how much, I'm just enjoying the 'play a friend' part (and solo). So maybe it ends up being too costly. Have to see if I plan to go that far (doubt it). Just like playing locally with wife and children who play just to play and have fun.

Disclaimer: this is an iOS game, not sure if out for Android

Anyway, just had to bring it up 'cause it tickled the right bones. Lots of courses which are free (including Chambers Bay).

I checked this out today and it's pretty cool. It's not only an ios game but also a browser game so those who don't have an ipad can get on the PC and try it.

I'm not sure I like the idea of purchased equipment to give you boosts in the game or making swinging power/accuracy better. I guess I'm ok with it if there is a way to have tourneys that don't allow you to use that gear but I'm not sure if this an option or not.

Are we able to create private games? It would be cool to get a GWJ tourney if you can.

You can play friend to friend. But I'm not sure if you can sent up a private tournament if that a is what you are aiming for.
I had no idea about the browser aspect. Where did you find that?

The browser version is


It looks like you can save your profile with a username/password (the ios version keeps bugging me to do this) and then your account will work on both the browser or Ipad.

Anyway, I played the front 9 on Kiawah Island and ended at par. The graphics look decent and it was fun, I'll definitely play so more to level up and unlock some more courses. I need to at least unlock Chambers Bay so I give the local course a try. Lord knows I couldn't afford to actually golf there, nor do I have the skill to.

So I've been looking at the browser version of the game and it does look like you can create private tournaments by creating a "Country Club".

"Country Clubs enable a group of WGT players to join together to play private tournaments and socialize.
New improvements to Country Clubs enable members to work together to level-up their clubs and earn special benefits. Players can search for an existing Country Club to join below, or create their own Country Club for only 50 WGT Credits."

I've got some credits and could create a country club if the interest is there.

BTW, if you want to friend me I'm Pizzaddict on the game.

Thanks for the information pizza'. I was kinda of a numbskull in asking how to find it on a browser when a quick search did it. Anyway, the 'Country Club' aspect sounds allot like what TW games did when you joined one so that is cool. I could be up for it if there is more interest. (btw, is it noticeably different then the mobile game? What level are you at?).

Yes, there are some noticeable differences between the mobile and browser version. For example, on the mobile version I was able to find where to join a country club, but I didn't see an option to create one. On the mobile version it is pretty clear what courses are locked and what level you need to unlock them. On the browser version it doesn't show what courses are locked and when they will be unlocked. I guess I'm not even sure if they are locked on the browser version but it seems strange to have them locked on one and not the other.

I believe I am currently level 7.

Well if we get enough I'm in. I really haven't looked at this since I initially joined up last year.

Btw, my in game name is: Nevyndo (donan was taken:(

I started getting the itch for a golf game and got back into this recently. It is a really fun game, a lot of equipment options, different game modes, many different golf courses. If you are into golf games at all it is definitely worth giving a try.

Anybody else playing this?