Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Catch All

So... it's an Ubisoft game then.


Technically there's 3 versions, the other 3 are the same they just have the addition of being the physical version with the statue.

So you have the base game, the deluxe just adds some extra cosmetics and an XP booster which I find interesting, and then the gold is the deluxe but also with the season pass? Seems fine. Since we still don't know what the game actually IS I find it interesting the deluxe being the most interesting by confirming character customization, weapon skins and so on. Which I guess we all assumed but it's good to see some confirmation. Is this game going to just be a mix of Siege and the Division? I'm starting to get that feeling.

PvP is in!

Last year's impressive debut of Ghost Recon Wildlands has us wondering if it could be the next blockbuster shooter. The concept of throwing four players into the open world of the Bolivian countryside and sicking them on the wicked Mexican Santa Blanca cartel that turned the country into a narco state is promising, and this year we got to go hands on with the third-person shooter. Here are 23 things we learned after playing through one mission and chatting with the development team.

Players can seamlessly drop in and out, and all of your progress in the game is preserved whether you are playing single-player or co-op.
When you play solo, you have three A.I. teammates. These CPU-controlled soldiers generally follow your lead, staying out of cover and out of the way until you engage. You can also issue general orders via a comm system.
A.I. teammates are only present if you are playing solo. Whether you are playing two, three, or four-player co-op, you won't have to worry about managing the A.I. The difficulty scales to the number of players.
No tethering exists between co-op players. You can be on the other side of the map from your compatriots if you want.
The Ghosts have a CIA handler that will offer advice and provide intel.
60 types of vehicles are available to drive or fly.
You can tackle missions in any order you want.
Every Ghost has binoculars, night vision, and a drone. Ubisoft says the drone is a player's best friend, allowing players to spot and mark enemies.
The drone is upgradable as you move through the player progression. You can weaponize it, improve its capabilities to distract, disable technologies, and recon longer.
The drone operates on batteries so you can only use it for a limited time. The battery is upgradable.
The cartel is organized like real cartels, and players must target its security, smuggling, production, and influence operations. Each operation has unique missions for the Ghosts to tackle.
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Gathering intelligence is a critical component of tracking high-value targets. You won't likely just stumble on their locations; instead you must find evidence and interrogate lower-level cartel members to discover their whereabouts.
The Santa Blanca, Ghosts, and civilians aren't the only factions in the world. A group of rebels have taken up the cause against the cartel as well, and a mercenary group of soldiers called the UNIDAD work for the corrupt government as well.
Each high-value target has unique behaviors. While some may flee, others may engage in a gunfight.
The Gunsmith weapons customization suite returns for Wildlands. You can find new weapons and attachments scattered around the map.
The ghosts have several gadgets at their disposal, like C4, mines, and flares. Savvy players can use these tools to create traps, diversions, and ambushes.
All the characters in the world have schedules they adhere to day-to-day, and the Ghosts can use this to their advantage. For instance, if you notice a white van makes a lot of supply runs to and from an entrenched position, you could hijack the truck away from the base and drive right through the gates with no one being the wiser.
Ghost Recon has some sort of leveling mechanic that Ubisoft plans to talk about at a later date. We do know that rewards for leveling up include some new item options, drone upgrades, and general character stats.
Wildlands has no cover mechanic, which I found problematic when rounding the corners. Popping back and forth around a corner doesn't feel like a tactic a special forces soldier would use.
The demo may have looked easy, and Ubisoft says this was intentional to make sure players could experience it in full. Ubisoft promises the game will be much harder when it releases, and plans to offer customization options for hardcore players like limiting the HUD options.
The game is still in a rough state. I had problems going prone on uneven terrain, we saw lots of pop-up foliage while flying in a helicopter high above the ground, and we ran into more than one glitchy soldier.
Ubisoft has plans for competitive multiplayer as well, but is saving the details for a later date.
Ghost Recon Wildlands is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 7, 2017.

This game has looked significantly worse in all the recent video.

Like clunkier to play and a graphics hit a lot worse than I expected. It doesn't even animate as well as The Division in the stuff they're releasing now.

It's the typical Ubisoft lies of smoke and mirrors.

It's not just Ubisoft, it's most of the games development market.

But watching that video made me laugh at how jarringly different most of that is, but they can get away with it because as much as people complain they still buy the games.

Even with the downgraded launch product Ubi's games are still some of the best looking ones out there.

ranalin wrote:

Even with the downgraded launch product Ubi's games are still some of the best looking ones out there.

I agree with you in most cases, but not in this one. It's actually looked straight up bad in some of the recent footage with chunky character animations and model clipping and super weird gameplay decisions like the jumping to first person for ADS that we already put up with before in R6 Vegas but never actually felt all that good when actually playing.

The environment looks ok still, but player characters and enemies look very rough and don't animate well and that's something that bothers me.

Contrast that with actual gameplay footage that we're seeing of For Honor and it's a stark difference.

Wildlands is maybe the worst example of this since Watchdogs.

The Division still looked great when it got to actual release visuals. For Honor looks to be on that same track. Wildlands not so much.

Uncharted 4 and Doom laugh in the face of these Ubi games. But if For Honor keeps it's visual fideliy then it'll be right up there with them.

I need to go back and watch some wildlands gameplay because I haven't noticed a huge difference but again I'm not looking for it.

They have almost 8 months left on this game to keep polishing, so I hope they succeed but it seems pretty grand in scope so I dunno. Hopefully they do the smart thing and have a closed alpha/beta so the network side of things is more stable at launch.

I've played For Honor and it looks amazing!

Wow, the graphical quality of the models has just tanked since the first trailer.

Looks to be closer to The Division on those models which is more in line with what I expected.

The problem with that is the rest of the game doesn't move and look as good as The Division anymore. Even character animation looks to have taken a dive from earlier trailers.

Game's looking kinda rough.

I watched some YouTuber's video shot from a demo event, and I dunno, what I saw seems very 3rd person shooting gallery.

After the job they did Making Rainbow Six Great Again, I was hoping for the same for Ghost Recon.

That stealth stuff was cool. I really like the freedom of being able to take on each mission like that.

This mission and the approach really reminded me of Hitman, that's a good thing. But also, it was really tense. I guess that's also good.

Very cool demo. Really liking what I see so far.

I've already pre-ordered it, so now it's just a waiting game. I'm very excited for this one!

I signed up for the beta. Really hoping this one doesn't let me down since I'm looking forward it more than any other ubi game that's came out.

b12n11w00t wrote:

I signed up for the beta. Really hoping this one doesn't let me down since I'm looking forward it more than any other ubi game that's came out.

Ditto to all that was quoted

awesome cat video!

I am officially intrigued.

The voice acting is really rough. I watched the co-op trailer and it sounded like a community theater stage adaptation of 'Sicario.'

Really thinking about a preorder; however, I have some reservations. On the flip side, the nostalgia is hitting pretty hard. I am still on the fence.

I like open-world, like GTA5, but not sure it will work with Ghost Recon's model. I've played the first Ghost Recon up to GRAW2 and I don't remember ever thinking it would be better open world.

Another concern I would need to confirm. It sounds like you can change weapons and all parts on the fly. This would break immersion for me. I know GR was always a bit more arcadey than something like Operation Flashpoint/ARMA, but changing a trigger on your rifle in the middle of a enemy camp seems a bit much.

Carrying two rifles and a handgun seems a bit much. Maybe there is a disadvantage that's not being shown in the trailers.

I am still closer to buying that not, but I really want to see how all the systems work and if they do so well.

Naterstein wrote:

I like open-world, like GTA5, but not sure it will work with Ghost Recon's model. I've played the first Ghost Recon up to GRAW2 and I don't remember ever thinking it would be better open world.

Ghost Recon isn't Ghost Recon anymore.

This is a military skinned Far Cry 4 outpost clearing.

Which will probably be fun enough for me to pick up eventually, but not at full price by any stretch.