Super Mario Makers Catch-All

I just played a bunch of y'all's levels 3-player. My biggest take-away is I'm sad that the fragile lifts and snake blocks don't respawn after they get triggered. With all the chaos and "good natured" bumping and bouncing that happens, stuff gets triggered early pretty much every time.

Is there a way to filter for levels that are designed for multiplayer? We had some fun making a jumping tower of players to cheese our way past a couple of obstacles, and I bet there's some neat design space to explore there. I guess that would be stymied by the rule where you have to beat the level by yourself before you can upload it.

I finally got my first level done. I worked on it in short bursts when I had time. It probably should have been shorter, but I wanted to do a descending vertical level and I was afraid shortening it would erase stuff off the top.


I really like this one, 4L5-PXC-8YF, which is a ski resort themed level. It's part of a series of levels organized into worlds, which starts with YP8-R57-LQG.

I've really been enjoying all the levels that everyone has posted. I got inspired to make one myself. I was going for a traditional mid-tier SMW style. 8FL-3C6-R1H

I genuinely don’t understand why we haven’t seen Super Mario 2 DLC yet.

Because it wasn't a Mario game in Japan?

Sure it was. They eventually released it as "Super Mario USA" and I heard it did rather well there. And even if that's fake history that my brain invented, it was in the Super Famicom "All Stars" release.

Also, why no DLC at all? Seems like an easy thing to add.

Yeah, dunno, but probably something to do with fracturing the base.

I put SMM2 down a while ago, planning to pick it back up when they released a content update, like they did with SMM1.

Consequently, I haven't picked it back up yet.

jrralls wrote:

Link is coming to SMM2.

And a bunch of other stuff too, folks!

That's a pretty huge update!