NieR Automata (aka Nieronetta) Catch-All

Good video that explains why I kind of disliked 8-4 Play for the localization here and don't trust them as a localization company anymore, though for a more chill response: why I want more companies to localize games like SEGA localized Judgment.

Got Ending B last night and made some headway into what I believe is the path to C. Things get much more interesting now and I'm enjoying the different-yet-similar beats. I think I may get through what remains of the game for me this coming weekend.

This is really cool! There is no way I'm getting to a point of playing FF XIV again, but I'll have to YouTube some stuff at some point.

When that orchestral "Weight of the World" kicks in:


Just got back from the concert. It was awesome. Now I know a tiny bit about the first NieR game.

Agathos wrote:

Just got back from the concert. It was awesome. Now I know a tiny bit about the first NieR game.

Ohhhhh! So jealous! So jealous.

SINoAlice is out. Even though it's a mobile gatcha game, it's worth checking out for the snarky Yoko Taro writing and Keiichi Okabe music. I'm not going to spend any money on it, but I'll see how far I can get without doing so. The music is great.

I'm actually about ready to replay NieR: Automata, but I'm waiting for it to go on sale on Steam so that I can play it on my PC this time. I'm curious if there are any mods to make the game look a little better.

Oh sweet, looks like there are at least some texture mods you can play around with. Definitely going to be doing that at some point!

I got the notice last night on SINoAlice, but didn't install since I just started in on Romancing Saga's gacha.

Edit: Aaaaand I'm now "Downloading Desire".

Oh man! Patrick Klepek got a little interview with Yoko Taro and friends! it's actually a really fun and very silly read.

Taro: "As long as I have beer, everything is fine."

I'm actually still digging into that mobile game. It's got enough systems going on to keep my attention. So far, there's no challenge, though. You just steamroll through all the enemies. I dunno if you get to a point where that changes. I joined some random guild to check out guild vs. guild battles at some point in the Colosseum.

Well, if it's like every other gacha out there's the moment the challenge comes is the moment you either:

Grind out new levels of weapons/armor/characters/etc over the long haul, while engaging in the meta

Pay for them

That's generally where they all end up, sadly.

Yeah the review I read said the gameplay was pretty boring and it was only the Taro stuff that was keeping them playing.

I hit the pay wall. Will do the coloseum thing with the guild today but will probably uninstall later today. It was a fun thing to see and worth checking out for the music.

Even if it's just a gatcha game, I'll check it out.

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

Even if it's just a gatcha game, I'll check it out.

Hm. I want to, but I just don't care for mobile games very much.

It just makes me want the new version of Replicant to come out!