Horizon Zero Dawn Catch-All

Stele wrote:

And finished. Sylens what are you doing?!

Very interesting closing line. Someone out there pulling the strings. Now I do want to play the sequel sooner rather than later.

I actually thought that what Sylens did was great!

Aloy thinks she's so clever. For a Nora barbarian, she is. She's quite amazing, in fact. But ultimately she can't get away from the influences around her, and that causes her to anthropomorphize Gaia and Hades. Hades is the bad guy. She hates Hades. If she deals with Hades, all the bad goes away and then she just has to restore Gaia.

But that's not true. Hades IS Gaia. Specifically, Hades is a Gaia subroutine gone rogue, and that didn't happen by itself but because of an outside sabotaging signal. The Derangement of the machines also isn't actually because of Hades but because of Hephaestus, which has also gone rogue - this particular storyline is elaborated in the Cauldron transmission logs and The Frozen Wild DLC. God only knows what the rest of the rogue AIs have been up to.

So what Aloy needs to do is to find who sent the signal and for what reason. Sylens knows this. Where can you find information for a possible location for a backup of Gaia and the location coordinates of the sabotage signal source? Hades. His stored data could contain this information. And this information is vital because defeating Hades only staves off immediate extinction - eventual extinction is still inevitable unless the rogue AIs and the source of the sabotaging signal can be found and dealt with.

Yeah I did all the cauldrons. It was nice when Sylens and Aloy were figuring something out and she said "oh yeah, like I saw in the cauldrons". I guess if you do stuff in the right order they have some extra dialogue like that.

I don't remember much of the derangement bits. I know that it was referenced mid and late game but I don't remember the explanation from early game, which I played 4 years ago. I think I might need to watch the early main quest scenes again to refresh.

Part of me wants to play a NG+ actually because I had so much fun with combat, and just blaze through the main quest all at once. But not sure I want to try ultra hard for that trophy. I'm only missing 4 trophies trophies for the original game platinum. 3 of them are collectibles (flowers, figures, and vessels), and one is those dummies. Might need a guide for that. But then that's just running around for a bit, not the fun stuff.

Probably should just finish Frozen Wilds while combat is fresh in my head and my aim is still sharp.

Yeah, my plan months ago was to replay Horizon in New Game Plus mode before Forbidden West came out, so it would all be fresh in my mind. But...just last night I finished the game I'd been obsessed with, the DLC to The Outer Wilds, and my copy of Frozen Wilds is waiting for me at Best Buy right now, so I guess I'll just have to trust that Guerilla will do a good job of catching me up.

I just finished the main story! The final battles were intense, and the ending was intense in a completely different way.

At Level 51, with the Statistics page reporting 57.5 hours playing time, 75% completion of the main game, and 25% completion of Frozen Wilds. So I guess I have a fair bit more Horizon to play while I wait for Forbidden West to get ported to PC.

Yeah I'm still dabbling around in Frozen Wilds when I'm not playing Elden Ring. Maybe I'll finish it up next week.