Horizon Zero Dawn Catch-All

I actually finished a game! I am trying to get through my backlog and so I put in H:ZD after a few months off and I was actually quite close to the end. Last night I finished it up!!!

It's a worthy game for it. It's strong for nearly the whole run, with the possible exception of the very last fight. Though some people like that, too. Congratulations on the finish!

It is an incredible game. I loved it for 99% of the game. I have loved seeing your reports of hunting different enemies. All in all it was very much worth is but I find the "check box" mentality of end games to be frustrating.

I tired New Game + kind of expecting that the enemies would be tougher since I had such great weapons but apparently they are still the beginning game levels which meant I was cutting through them like butter. And somehow that made me lose interest.

I am actually more interested in replaying regularly. Not for awhile but I could see myself doing it because it was quite fun.

After some binge playing for a couple days I finished the main story line for Horizon Zero Dawn. I was getting game fatigue from it so I stopped doing side quests and focused on the main quest. I think I ended up being level 38 when I finished. I think it said I was only 33% complete.

I was somewhat on a roller coaster ride with this game. I started out loving the game, but then it waned. I think part of my problem was that I never really took the time to master many of the weapons. I pretty much stuck to the long range bow and the 'regular' bow. I would use the shock tripwire too at times. My problem is that I just don't like switching weapon multiple times during combat. I think if I used each new weapon more as I got it I would have better appreciated my options. I did need to rely on a shock weapon in the final battle, in addition to the other bows.

I think the voice acting started off stronger too and I became less fond of any side characters I met. I did love all of the different environments.

Some game developer also needs to solve some problems common to these types of games. First, incorporate exploring into the game and less icon chasing. Second, make the finding of resources more fun than running from icon to icon. Third, I hate 'detective vision' in games. HZD wasn't too bad with it - but there has to be a better way.

All in all I liked the game. I did too much side stuff early on that caused me to fatigue and I should have put more effort into learning the weapons.

Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary - Noclip

Did we all know about this?


I am on the fence about actually pledging.

Wow I had no idea on that. I loved this game and i really want to buy the game. However, I don't really have board game friends locally so i'd never really use it. Still thinking about it.

I also asked in the board gaming thread and they had some poor reviews of Steamforged's Dark Souls licensed game, so that probably decides against it. Oh well.

Frozen Wilds has been on the back burner for an age. Glad to say I’ve finally returned to it and it is glorious. Fantastic new creatures/robots and some really fun fights. I highly recommend getting back into it. Having finished the game I started new game plus then, as soon as I could, I went straight to the DLC.