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Druidpeak wrote:

Have you checked out Wurm Online, danaere? Heavily involved crafting MMO with terraforming. Everythings set up in a nice grid. It's one heck of a grind though.

I'll give it a look, thanks!

In the meantime, come play with us (see above post)

Elycion wrote:

After talking with my wife tonight we're ready to abandon our progress thus far and rent our own server to begin anew. The one we've been playing on has been decent, but has some quirks that I'd just as soon get away from.

This means that there should shortly be a GWJ-friendly password protected 40 player server available.

My preferred server provider currently has a backlog on setting Ark servers up due to the massive demand, but I'm hopeful that we're only looking at a few days here. I'll post more info as soon as they provide me the details.

Awesome, can't wait to start fresh with a good group of folks from GWJ!

I was chopping wood in the dark last night and accidentally knicked a stegasaurus. Now all three of my Diplos (including Skeletor, a level 20 Diplo, which is a big deal when you are level 9!) are dead, as well as my pack-hippo. What's worse after I killed the Steg he didn't even have that much meat and hide on him.

Luckily I had just unlocked the boxes, so I was able to build five and move everything my pack hippo was carrying to my base (now a small shack next to the fire). I have replaced one Diplo (only level 3 )and am working on a new hippo now. I just unlocked level 10 and built three farm plots. I'm growing a Narco Berry and two Mejo berries (I only had one Narco seed) so hopefully after they come in taming herbivores will get a lot easier. I don't know why kind of yield you get from a small plot.

Edit: Forgot, I'm actually working on a tortoise, now that I don't have my pack animal anymore I wanted something that I could kite back closer to my base. Taking a really long time to tame him though, I'm hopping running around and scrounging Narcoberries as fast as he's eating them.

Thanks to the most excellent folks at BlueFang Solutions my server is already up and running. It's hosted in Dallas, so folks anywhere in the US should get decent ping times. If you're a filthy foreign heathen your mileage may vary, but hopefully it'll be playable for you.

The server is PvE, global text chat, proximity voice chat, default difficulty. Character upload/download is allowed, so feel free to bring all your hard earned levels and engrams, just be aware that your dinos and goodies do not come with you and your character is removed from the server you upload from.

I'll ask that people be respectful of others when choosing where to build. Some people like to build little communities and others (like myself) prefer to live out in the lonely wilds. If you see someone else's structure near an area you fancy, please ask first. I don't expect there will be too many on the server, so there should be tons of space for everyone to live as they choose. (Danaere and I have already called dibs on the sweet Hidden Lake area by the North 3 spawn point! )

Contact me here via PM, or through Steam for the server address and password.

I'd be interested in adding some multiplayer antics to my single player game. In order to help orchestrate our efforts here is a map of spawn points:


I would like to be in a small group, or at least close enough to other people for fairly easy trading. (For those who haven't put in much time, you unlock blueprints pretty slowly, and you don't get enough tech points to come close to unlocking all the crafting options, so specialization is definitely necessary).

Anyone else with similar interests want to orchestrate our efforts? We wouldn't even have to choose the same spawn points. W1 and S1, for example, are probably only a 20 minute convoy trip apart, even larger separations would still allow for reasonable trading, even at low levels.

I would love to group up and coordinate efforts. So far I think I have been playing near the east spawn points. Care to explore the western side of the island?

Sure, my single player spawn is E2, I would like to start somewhere far away from there to see more of the Island. Want to do W3 or W1?

(I definitely don't want to do W2, I do not want to brave Megalodons every time I go visit someone else!)

Let's go W3. I don't know if local characters can be imported or not so I will likely be starting fresh.

Me too. W3 it is. I'll probably be on 6PM EST, I'm planning on being on most of the time this evening, but with some sporadic pauses to play with/let out the dog and interact with my wife.

**Sniff**, goodbye "*tab* pause *enter*" I'll miss you!

I should be on this evening as well if all goes to plan. I hadn't thought about the fact that there aren't enough points to get all Engrams, makes that research "tree" a bit more interesting knowing that. No idea how I will specialize currently.

Anyone else starting out. Not sure the server can check later (and we may move at some point) if you are looking for a more pvp enabled group currently Petrie/myself are playing (only 8 or so hours in). Dyni/Crinkle look to be joining us soon. We are just on a random server may move although currently have no issues. No problem adding others just hit me up on steam escher77.

Speaking of the tech trees, someone has collected a representation of the tech trees here.

Edit: Hot-linking doesn't seem to work.

I would love to join your server Elycion and danaere! I am more a live solo but interact with neighbours when I can help or need help. I tend to be on a different times and have to leave suddenly, afk a lot, etc so it is hard to coordinate on a regular basis.

I think I will make my starting basecamp around W1. I am currently playing in the SE, so seeing a different part of the island sounds enticing.

Is there a financial commitment needed?

A GWJ Server definitely makes this harder to avoid picking up....

Thought I'd relay a few tips for those who may not know.

Any player constructed item placed in the world blocks re-spawn of any and all resources within a small radius. Most importantly this includes air drops! Air drops are static, so if you even drop a campfire or a standing torch you will permanently disable that spawn. In general you want to remove any temporary placements as soon as you're done with them. (On the other hand, clever placement of standing torches can be a cheap way to keep a roadway through an otherwise dense forest perfectly clear.)

Joining a tribe confers several benefits. The two most useful are that XP is shared with all tribe members in a moderate range, and that when you need to re-spawn you can chose any tribe bed regardless of who placed it. On the negative side there is a bug that often results in people being kicked from the tribe after a server patch and when this happens you lose all access to your possessions and pets, if you're in a tribe building you won't even be able to open the door to get out.

Very large densely placed settlements do not work in this game. There's a hard limit of 1300 player constructed items allowed within a given range (they're unclear on what that range is), but long before you hit that limit your client will fail to load into the server because it cannot handle too many buildings and pets all in one place. I encountered this on the first server I played on where around 20 people all settled together in one small area and after several days of accumulating pets and structures none of them could log on until another player drug their unconscious body well clear of the settlement.

(Mostly for Arkon) I got back to base shortly after you logged out. I took the Dinos out for a run, hunting low-level Paras and Trikes, berry picking, and Dodo-culling. I found another Dilo while I was out there, so now we have three. Dino and Deno have 20 raw meat, while Dano has 18. I have 8 cooked meat if your hungry when you wake up. Old Blue is holding all the Berries except the Mejos (because he'll eat those and I want to save them for taming), so Dano is carrying those. We have 20+ Narco berries, ~50 Mejos, and more than 100 of everything else.

Infyrnos wrote:

A GWJ Server definitely makes this harder to avoid picking up....

This... very much, this.

Laarrs wrote:
Infyrnos wrote:

A GWJ Server definitely makes this harder to avoid picking up....

This... very much, this.

Resistance is futile. Your abduction by aliens and marooning on the ARK is preordained. Surrender to the inevitable and embrace your destiny as a dinosaur's lunch!

Senkrad wrote:

Is there a financial commitment needed?

Nope. We paid for it because we were enjoying the game but not the server we were on. If it turns into a long running thing, contributions happily accepted but no need to require or commit at this point.

One of us, one of us...

Yonder wrote:

(Mostly for Arkon) I got back to base shortly after you logged out. I took the Dinos out for a run, hunting low-level Paras and Trikes, berry picking, and Dodo-culling. I found another Dilo while I was out there, so now we have three. Dino and Deno have 20 raw meat, while Dano has 18. I have 8 cooked meat if your hungry when you wake up. Old Blue is holding all the Berries except the Mejos (because he'll eat those and I want to save them for taming), so Dano is carrying those. We have 20+ Narco berries, ~50 Mejos, and more than 100 of everything else.

Thanks for the update Yonder, I will be playing a bit this morning and will work on gathering more Narco and Mejos berries.

I stopped in for a while this morning as well. I fed and watered you, although I didn't really need to (you were in the mid-70s). The D-nos were fine, but most of their food had rotten (they really didn't eat much while standing still). We once again played scourge to our local area, killing more Paras and Trikes. We also went north and found a lone Eagle, so we took partial revenge on Eeyore. The game is starting to get a little sparse right near our base, once we capture a Trike and another Para for me I'm going to start some Inland Treks to fresh frontiers.

As far as capturing goes, I've processed our Narcoberries into 11 Narcotics, which Old Blue is holding. When I come on tonight I think I'll be on long enough to capture that Trike near our base.

I also built five small farm plots about 50 feet south of our base, no irrigation yet, so when you log on check their water. With my next level up I'll have the points to unlock the third irrigation piece and I'll set them up with that. Also shovel any dinosaur poop that our pets have created in to them. There are three Narcoberries, one Mejo, and a Tinto (I only had one Mejo seed, and the recipe I found says that Tintos can be used to make health potions).

Will do, although this morning I couldn't find the server. I saw it in the Steam Server list but in game it was nowhere to be found, but this was just after the patch.

There is a "Search my survivors" or something button that I used to find it again. Maybe it was in the bottom left?

Do note I also could not find the server Petrie and I play on this morning either (my daily check what petrie did after I was asleep). I am guessing this new patch requires a server patch to see it.

Yeah I tried all the tabs, tried using My Survivors and it didn't show the server.

I think you're on the wrong side of the 175.0 update then, the server must not have updated yet. (When I logged off an hour and a half ago there was a message saying the update was ten minutes away).

The 175.0 patch broke client/server compatibility. I'm updating the server right now, but they've announced a 176.0 patch expected to hit around 11AM EST and I suspect that will break it yet again and require another update.

These patches contain major game play changes, so I strongly suggest you at least skim the patch notes.

Upcoming Version: 176.0, ETA: 11AM EST
- You can now walk all your dinos backwards! Currently plays walk animation in reverse, but that's decent enough until we get the specific movement backwards movement animations in over the coming days
- Removed the Dino Inventory Slot limits. We had intended to have those since day 1, but seeing how people are playing, it's probably the case that Weight is enough of a limit for Dino inventories.
- Raised the dino fall damage velocity threshold by about 33% (so you can fall harder before taking any damage), and reduced the dino fall damage multiplier by about 33% (so you also take less damage.
- Upped the Argentavis' Stamina by 100%, to better enable long-distance flight (it loses stamina when flying as the Ptera). Note that the Alt Attack "grab" ability on both the Argentavis and the Pteranodon consumes a lotttt of Stamina as of 175.0, by design, given its utility.

Current Version: 175.1
- Fixed issue with being forced to "respawn" in 175.0. Redeployed the ARK Official Server Network with the saved data immediately prior to doing the update, no data loss. We suggest server admins use 175.1 rather than 175.0

Current Version: 175.0
Note about fall damage: non-ridden, tamed dinos do not take fall damage.

- Dino inventories now have limited slots (this was always intended, the value was just inputted incorrectly prior to now
- Argentavis can now also pickup characters, with a higher weight limit than Pteranodon
- Nerdry Glasses and Rex Bone Helm are now paintable
- Fixed bug where Tribe data could be lost or corrupted, and bug where players who left Tribe would still be considered as "in" the Tribe.
- Majorly reduced stalls when streaming in new area zones
- Added a radial "Whistle Wheel" that you can use to choose from among the many whistles now available. Access it optionally by briefly holding the "Whistle 'You Follow'" key!
- Only female creatures can lay eggs now. I know, this makes me sad but it had to happen ;(
- Added volume slider for voice chat
- Eliminated delays upon Dino AI finding new targets, make the AI's snappier and more lifelike. Also made tamed Dinos cancel their current movement whenever they are given a new order/AI-state, making them more pro-active.
- You can now open gates with the [E] / Use key when riding a Dino, without having to dismount
- Tribe Governance Options: Presets: Communism, Capitalism, Libertarianism, and everything in between via total customizable property, dino, & structure sharing settings. Trive Manager now has "Government" options which can (currently) only be set upon creation of the Tribe. When you are invited to a Tribe, you can now view the Tribe's governance options in the Activation menu before deciding whether to join. If you wish to change this afterwards, Merge the Tribe into a new Tribe.
- Server startup time dramatically reduced.
- More efficient RAM usage of the TheIsland zones streaming
- Improved perf on GPU particles
- Dinos now take fall damage properly
- Better dino following logic, and fixed a bug where following dinos weren't sprinting like they should have been
- Oxygen Enhancing stew is now twice as powerful
- Rockets now have gravity and drop over time, no more infinite range rocket shots
- Crops now grow at 2x speed
- High-level surface supply crates now only give blueprints, was too OP for them to give fully-crafted items
- Piranhas now spawn in larget groups
- Megalodons can't beach anymore
- Fixed a server-side PhysX crash
- New: Craftable Headlamp item
- You can now access patch notes from within the game
- Environmental Resources now replenish twice as quickly and less range required away from human structures
- You can now 'Drop All Items' from remote inventories, which drops them onto the floor
- You can now press 'D' when highlighting an item in Inventory to drop it, you can also press Ctrl-D-Num to instantly drop a slotbar item. Power-users!!!!
- Behemoth gate can now be built on non-flat ground, and all dinos can now move through Dino Gate properly now.
- Ladder Climbing can properly be activated from above in all cases now.
- Added "Go Aggressive" and "Go Neutral" ranged whistle commands. "Go Neutral" also clears aggro, so is good for quickly recalling your dinos from an attack.
- Flyers can now carry other dinos, as well as humans
- New server browser that is more akin to Steam's server browser, allows asynchronous retrieving and filtering searching from among ALL servers, not just a handful.
- In PvE you can now drag unconscious players who are logged-out. Necessary, for now, to prevent people from logging out within your base and thus permanently "occupying" your base.
- You can now activate "wander" mode on tamed dinos, which will make them wander as they normally do in the Wild. Useful if you want mild hunting or just to have them feel more natural when penned-up (gotta have that Dodo farm naturalism). Coming soon: "Hunt-and-return radius" mode

I have to say I am absolutely amazed at how fast and responsive the devs are. They are working at a fevered pitch on the game and a lot of the patch notes seem to stem directly from feedback I have seen on Reddit etc.

They certainly are taking the reddit feedback and they even themselves post of reddit a fair amount. I just hope they don't burn themselves out. The pace they are going might be too fevered :P.