XCOM 2 Catch-All

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Does this entry from PCGamingWiki have anything useful for you farley? It mentions something about Xbox controller support in Steam.


digging a bit through that thread got me an answer

what I had to do was -

With the Xbox controller connected, go to the controller settings and you will see "Steam Input" - disable that steam input. Then the game works great.

Yeah, XCOM 2 is amazing all by itself. The individual pieces of story DLC are also really good. And War of the Chosen is, as others have said, amazing as well.

And all of that stuff plus Chimera squad really makes me sad that we don't have an XCOM 3 already. If they came up with a new faction of bad guys (which was heavily implied by the ends of both XCOM and XCOM 2) and did a multi-species team like Chimera Squad, plus the breaching missions (also like Chimera Squad) on top of the mission types from XCOM 2, they'd have something jaw-droppingly good. I'd love to get some of the more powerful alien units from the first 2 games like Mechtoids and Sectopods as late-game units in this hypothetical sequel, too.

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I never finished XCOM: Enemy Unknown despite taking a couple cracks at it, so we'll see if the sequel fares any better before I start thinking about mods :lol:

The basic Quality of Life mods I would recommend are:

Capt Bubs accessory Pack. Adds some nice cosmetic items for customisation of your squad.

Evac All - allows you to evacuate everyone at the end of a mission rather than one at a time. You'll appreciate this more if you ever had to do it individually.

Black Market Usage - tells you how much of a resource you need to build and unlock stuff, but only after you've unlocked the appropriate tech. One of the most useful mods in the game

Gotcha Again and Perfect Information These two are probably the most important mods you need. They massively increase the amount of information the UI gives you on the tactical combat screen, including things like flanks and what your critical hit chances are. If you end up playing XCOM on either Commander or Legend difficulty, these are essential.

They don't give you information the game doesn't give you anyway, they just make that information a lot easier to access and understand. You really need to play with these on.

Stop wasting my time This just cuts out and speeds up some unecessary animations which just slow everything down. However, there is some debate as to whether this still works (it's the original vanilla game version) and to be fair, Firaxis did add some options in game to help with this. May or may not be worth it.

Quiet Bradford - use this when you've had enough of Bradford second guessing your every move, and repeatedly remind you that the Avatar progress bar is progressing. Yes Bradford. I know.

That'll do for now. All these links are to the vanilla game mods, and they may or may not work. Almost all mods now are for War of the Chosen (WotC) and only those are supported by and large.

XCOM is pretty stable with multiple Steam Workshop mods, but you might need the Alternative Mod Launcher if you run into difficulty. Using this also means you don't have to use the 2K launcher as well. Which is dreadful.

Great, thanks for putting that list together!

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Great, thanks for putting that list together!

If nobody has said, the legacy missions packs are short little self contained stories about the years between XCOM & XCOM2. They are worth sound after your first campaign, they do unlock some slightly better weapons.

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And is the goodjer file still there?

Fun to take some of you on missions and build a squad with familiar names

No I think this has gone.

Dropbox is gone but github link from the OP still works

Looks like it was last updated in 2018.

EDIT: Dammit it looks like I added myself to the local pool in 2017 but didn't save it back to GitHub. Maybe I can figure that out tonight and someone can enjoy Sharpshooter "Nyx" Stele still.

Also checking my mod list...

Black Market Usage
Faster Avenger Navigation
Lifetime Stats
All of ZeroKFE's ME3 character mods
New Hair Mod
Show All Perks
Show Enemies on Mission Planning
Show Me The Skills
Stop Wasting My Time

I don't remember what all of them are hah. It's been a while.

I just saw that XCOM2 is currently available for just under $3 at GOG.

Add another $4 for War of the Chosen.

Beyond worth it.

Yeah, that's an absolute steal. If you don't have it already, pounce on it.

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Yeah, that's an absolute steal. If you don't have it already, pounce on it.

Oh I did.

Now I just have to wait until Free Time goes on sale so I can buy some of that.

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Timespike wrote:

Yeah, that's an absolute steal. If you don't have it already, pounce on it.

Oh I did.

Now I just have to wait until Free Time goes on sale so I can buy some of that.

If you find a sale on that, let me know. I'll stock up.