XCOM 2 Catch-All

billt721 wrote:

Oh yes. The resistance ring makes it basically impossible to actually lose a campaign. You can level up a B squad entirely through it, so even a full squad wipe won’t ruin your game.

Oh, no. When playing on Commander or Insanity, it is still very possible to squad wipe an A and B team and lose. That said, there is definitely a tipping point in the middle game where your A squad is roflstomping everything.

So I tried playing mechanicus but bounced on it. Instead it made me want to play xcom 2. So I installed longest war mod for it. It's fun but the number of missions is really high. Not sure if there is a way to tweak that.

I'm also the odd ball who preferred the lower troop and enemy count of the original but I'm guessing you can't tweak that.

Had a fun interaction on my latest mission. My Ranger with Bladestorm (free melee attack against anything moving in range, unlimited number of times per round) wielding the Chosen's Katana walked into two pods of burrowed Chrysalids. They all pop out and rush him one by one, but the Bladestorms one-shot them and so he ends up surrounded by dead Chrysalids without having to do anything!

Bladestorm is kinda abusable in general, really, since it will apply if an enemy starts adjacent to you (for instance, if you spent your turn running up and katana-ing them) and tries to run away.

That Katana can’t miss. Makes it straight up OP but considering the aggro you have to go through io get it, you sort of deserve and OP weapon by that point.

I'm at the "waiting for Shadow Chamber projects to complete" phase of the game. There's no real tension in the strategic layer. I've kept the Avatar gauge to 2-3 consistently, contacted every region, and taken out every Facility. Oh and killed all the Chosen too.

I don't know is this is standard, but I've only been able to recruit one additional Resistance faction recruit, total, beyond the initial 3 (one from each faction) the game gives you. I got suckered into recruiting some vanilla rookies that had those faction's head-skins though

I'm sitting on a whole pile of Ability Points at the moment. Seems like I can make some of my best guys super overpowered but, really, they do fine already.