Total War: Warhammer

It seems to have had a significant impact on the Southern Deserts in my Tiktaq'To campaign - The entire area stayed fractured between 1-3 settlement factions as no group of Tomb Kings could get the upper hand on any other. It's made for a very dynamic game so far, and news from other parts of the world indicates that the biggest dog out there is the Dwarves with 15 settlements, very different to the normal hegemonies that normally start coalescing around turn 100. Feels like a great change to me so far

230 turns in now and it's been a super interesting game. Vashnaar has taken over about half of the frozen North and become a serious contender, while the empire has been usurped by a coalition of 6 minor human factions that have about 50 settlements between them. I've confederated all other lizardmen factions except for Itza as they stayed fractured up until I hit the shores of Listeria around turn 150, and I'm now working on picking up the pieces after the shield of civilization dissolved. The dwarves held on and slowly became their usual powerhouse, but all the minor dwarfish factions are still in play and doing quite well for themselves.

The dark elves are the only real 'bad' faction left, so I'm trying to keep them alive long enough to forge the military alliances I need to meet the last province requirements for my long ME victory but it's going to be a close thing. Really hoping it doesn't degenerate into the long-winded whack-a-mole fest my Kroq-Gar campaign turned into...

It's definitely been a very different campaign to my last 5 ME runs, both with the super-fun breath of fresh air that is Tiktaq'To, and with the removal of the AI faction restrictions. Would definitely recommend to anyone that's been out of the game for a while

I thought I had clicked into the Imperator Rome thread and this message was a bit confusing until I realized where I was.

Updates today. Wonder if there will be a FLC tie in to 3k?