Total War: Warhammer

50 quid is ridiculous. It's only US$60 on Steam - like 30% less. Maybe they're counting on UK folks paying more because it's Games Workshop, you know, the home team.

I really want to play this game, but there's no way I would spend that much.

Regional pricing is pretty garbage. As an Aussie, I've been hammered (warhammered?) by it with nearly every title that come out. But there are always ways around it. Paypal/gift a GWJer in the US to pre-order it for you, or go to GMG (assuming they aren't region pricing too - which they do sometimes) or Amazon.

Lots of other places to work around it and especially if it's a steam activated game, it gives you a lot more buying options.

just make sure it isn't a game with region locked keys if you're doing the foreign purchase method :/

krev82 wrote:

just make sure it isn't a game with region locked keys if you're doing the foreign purchase method :/

Any way to tell which ones are region locked?

I've noticed some keys say that when they're in your inventory, not sure if it's on the store page as well or not. It's a fairly recent annoyance they've added to try and prevent exactly this sort of behaviour :/

Day 1 purchase. They have high hopes of releasing a lot of the other races and capturing the Warhammer atmosphere. Looking at these videos, they are on the right path.

It's been said that once you choose your favorite Total War game, you don't really need another. For me, that was Medieval 2. I haven't played another TW for more than five hours before I head back to Medeival 2. However, that video may break the streak and have Warhammer replace my go-to TW game.

ranalin wrote:

That vid just sold me on the game. I'm in take my monies!

I'm currently in two minds:

1) This looks really good. I haven't played a total war game since Shogun 2, but this looks really good and I really want to play it. I'm contemplating pre-ordering so I can get the Chaos race as well. So far my best option is $65 AU from

2) These games are usually a pretty big mess on launch day and take several patches to get working right. Do I hold off and then buy later on sale? Problem is, I miss out on the pre-order chaos pack and will have to factor that into the cost of purchase later.

I'm not really sure which direction I should go. I'm hyped, so I'm leaning more towards option 1, but I really don't want to be burned by another buggy release from a developer on day 1 which is happening so damn often at the moment.

I really, really want to play this game, and I would really love to have the Chaos race, too, but Creative Assembly has never released a Total War game that worked properly until after months of patches. Sometimes many months of patches. A couple of them still have issues.

This is one of the few cases where I would consider preordering a game, because the Chaos race is a pretty big deal, but CA's track record is 100% bad. If Chaos will be available as DLC, waiting is a wise choice, because you will likely be able to get it on sale by the time it is patched into playability.

On the other hand, if you have absolutely nothing else to play (as if!), go for it.

Black Desert has swayed me away. Was going to get it but you are all right, it will prob be a mess at release.

Didn't Shogun 2 work pretty well at release? Rome 1 did as well.

Empire was a mess, and Rome 2 wasn't all it could be at release (Its in EXCELLENT condition now), and Attila is very, very good as well.

I do agree that CA usually release games that have issues at launch, but their post-release support is the finest around.

Cant wait for this - day one purchase for me.

Waiting for a deep sale, complete edition here, mainly due to the business practise of pre-order races, but also due to having so much else to play.


Delayed from April 28 to May 24.

Full link here.

“This could be the best Total War game we’ve ever made. We don’t want to rush it.” said Mike Simpson, Creative Director for Total War. “It’s an enormous game and we also want to make absolutely sure reviewers have enough time to play it thoroughly before launch.”

”Many thanks to the huge number of people who have pre-ordered and are eagerly awaiting release day. We’re pulling out all the stops for you.”

That's ok. Learn from the past and produce a solid product.

Vampire Counts

Looks pretty cool.

Siege battle. The AI really seems to be better especially in a siege where it has traditionally struggled.

Blood for the Blood God!!

I already have 2 Total War Games installed on my hard drive, this is after I finally uninstalled Shogun 2. I am resisting pre-purchasing this so hard right now.

Screw resisting, I'm now looking for the best place to pre-order. I'm really looking forward to this one.

I may pre-order, but I won't be installing until word comes out that it's good to go.

Just watche'd the chaos trailer and am now a little miffed at CAs pre order shenanigans. They could have easily done new weapons or heroes as pre order bonuses but instead hold back the coolest faction in the game.

Double post. Rrrrr.

Just found CA response to the Chaos pre-order hullabaloo: Dev response

Considering the sheer number of races available, I can see the logic. Though I am surprised that they included Vampire Counts in the base game instead of Chaos. Or not really. I could live without the VC but Chaos? Nope.

But still, this game is a day one purchase for me. So either way I am paying full price, so why not pre-order and get the Chaos race?

I was able to sidestep the agnst of pre-ordering with a gift buy from my brother. Now to contemplate domination as the VCs until release... with the added benefit of not having to paint those f*ckers this time around. Seriously, VC painting took FOREVER...

Yeah I'm not sure who I'll play first. Contemplating Chaos, Dwarves or Orcs. Got a month to decide.

Chaos here. Collected em, love em. Can't wait to play the game!