Want a Custom GWJ Forum Icon? Enter The Draw!


Another one of the cool benefits of not locking prizes behind big individual donations is giving everyone a shot at a fancy custom forum icon done by the amazing Elysia. We have the usual tiers based on years donated of course, but you may notice some community members have unique, one of a kind icons. Want one of those? Of course you do!

All you need to do is post in this comment section what kind of icon you'd want and we'll do a random draw of six winners! Only thing to keep in mind is that these icons are really small and gold in color, so if you want something too detailed it may end up being unrecognizable. Like a companion cube looking a bit like an owl. *cough*

Good luck! We'll do the draw in a couple weeks so everyone has a chance to enter.


A little stylized Zergling from Starcraft 2 would be glorious.

I'm a man of the people, so I shouldn't seek a custom icon.

On the other hand, I'm a cruel dictator, forcing our writers to toil until they bleed.

Hammer and sickle, please.

Serenity for sure!

Opening this up and hearing what everyone would want is super awesome. Glad we did it this way this year! Feels right.

A golden carnation 'cause I can

The SSV Normandy would be awesome.

I add my vote to a nice mug of Beer!

So tough choosing something. A gold lotus, cheshire cat grin, eye of horus, or infantry cross rifles? Will have to keep thinking and figure something out.

Also if someone likes something I suggested all good, no worries. Not super attached to anything.

I like working my way up the donation ranks, but I couldn't pass up the chance of a golden banana or the double "b"s of the Banzai Institute? Maybe a silhouette of a Lectroid spaceship? Or a Lord Whorfin potrait?

Such a great idea!

A cowbell.


A golden cowbell.

Awwww yiss.

Golden Batman symbol.

And if Q-Stone wins, same thing, but with a circle around it and a slash through it.

I can't stop thinking of ideas:

Planet Express Ship
Han Solo's Blaster Pistol

A golden @ symbol. ASCII roguelikes represent.

An all-powerful, all-knowing deity disguised as a small tortoise.

H3TJA wrote:

The SSV Normandy would be awesome.

That would be one of my runner up's (with the Enterprise).

But so many great ideas in here!!

Might as well lean into this one:


That or an Atari Jaguar controller


Dog bone for me.

A golden skull & bones, or a golden crowbar would be fab.

A Cobra Mk III from Elite: Dangerous


Can I get a golden alien-head? Or a cup of coffee?


A spear (Florida State) single feather attached would be really cool

I think a golden penguin would look sweet. The specific species can be artist's choice.

Probably some copyright issues with using an exact replica, so I'd be okay with a semi-generic golden tram.

Either that or the Wyoming horse logo:

A mario figure, not like my picture icon, something more retro/classic:

I'd like a gold sonic screwdriver.

I can't think of a single thing I would want as an icon.


Well the AO part at least. :p

I was having issues coming up with an idea but I think I settled on a gold delorean