Want to Be a Guest on The GWJ Conference Call?


As part of our 2014 Donation Drive we reached the goal of having special community guests on the podcast. This will be a draw so everyone gets a chance! All you have to do to enter is post in the comments below and we'll collect all the names and draw them out of a hat on one of our planned live shows.

What do you need to be on the Conference Call?

- A solid microphone. A good headset or even newer laptop mics are doable. A $20 headset or webcam mic isn't going to cut it.

- The ability to record your local audio track. We can help set that up, no biggie.

- Ideas for topics you're interested in!

- Availability to record on an evening over a weekend. Talking North America here, but we can figure out overseas stuff too.

Comment in this post if you'd like to be on the show! We'll leave it for a few weeks before we start to draw names. Good luck!


I'd be thrilled to be a guest on your fine podcast.

Would love to take part in this.

I will throw my ticket in the hat. (I never win at random drawings but, if I do, I hope my French Canadian accent won't annoy too many of your millions of listeners).

I will admit I don't have a good mic, but if I win, I will go ahead and buy one (I've never tested my MacBook mic, I assume it's terrible).

I'm up for throwing my hat into the ring, as long as Mayweather isn't in that ring too.

Being on the podcast would be awesome

I'd love to do this. I'm in.

This is an amazing opportunity and I appreciate being considered.

Sure! I've got all the equipment, why not?

I would absolutely love to join the podcast for an episode.

Count me in! Would be great. Thanks for opening this up to the masses!

*buys virtual lottery ticket*

Hat in ring!

Joins thrall of masses.

Yup. Count me in. I have lots of topics I'd love to discuss

I'll add my proverbial hat into this proverbial ring

I'd definitely be interested.


Hi guys,

Huge lurker, ALWAYS listener of my favorite podcast in all of Eternia (gotta remember to limit the LSD to one dot a day... ).

Anyway, back on Earth, I'd love for a chance to do this, I even have a super secret topic I'd love to rant about, but it is soooo secret you'll have to pick me to know (:shifty:)

Best of luck to all of us, and thanks for the chance.

PS. Got myself a nice mic, a shure USB pg27, to sample "me", visit https://librivox.org/tales-of-three-hemispheres-by-lord-dunsany/ and look for Section 8, The Sack Of Emeralds. This just in case selfish promotion helps the "random" (wink, wink) draw.


Sure, sounds like fun.

I'm in!

I can have a chat from sunny England!

Would love to be a part! Thanks for this!

I listen to the podcast every week, and would love the chance to converse with you all!

I'd be up for talking about pretty much anything, but a couple topics that I think about often are:

- Keeping in touch with friends via online games (I remember you all touching on this before, but I don't remember whether it has already been its own, dedicated topic on the podcast.)

- The joy and sadness of asynchronous multiplayer (As relocation, family, and other priorities reduce opportunities for both in-person gaming and dedicated gaming time, asynchronous multiplayer has become a great way to enjoy some of what I loved about in-person and real-time gaming with friends. It has also highlighted feelings and aspects of the live gaming experience that it is completely unable to recreate.)

Ooh, pick me (or don't, I'll be terrified)

If you ever need me to bring some flavor I am available.

Yes. Please and Thank You.

As much as I love listening to you guys, I'd love participating in the podcast even more. I'll throw my hat in the ring.

As a bonus, I've got all my own audio recording equipment!

I would be honored, also Corey and I are already tight. Well, I talked to him once...

The podcast could always use another Cory to balance out the Shawn/Sean(s). I'm also from Rochester, like Lara. And you've answered a couple of my questions on the air in the past!

Here are some topics:

- I have a couple of younger kids (5 and 4), we could talk about how gaming for you has changed over the years (for those that have kids) since children have been born. For me, from something that took up a lot of my free time to now being something that I just don't get a ton of time for right now, and how podcasts and streams/lets play's help with that.

- Again, kid-centric, about how kids are approaching games today as opposed to how it was for us as children. Thanks to consoles and tablets, the way they consume and play is completely different than "back in the day". And (for me) how a trip to the Museum of Play's arcade with them was eye opening.

- How nostalgia can really bite you in the butt, and how depressing it can be sometimes to revisit something and it realize that it wasn't that good in retrospect. And how hard it is to come to accept that, like books, games can evoke different feelings based upon when you play them, and that's okay.

Also, it'd give me an excuse to get a really nice headset!

I'll toss my name in the hat, on the off chance you're still accepting entries.


I might as well join in as well!