Want to Be a Guest on The GWJ Conference Call?


As part of our 2014 Donation Drive we reached the goal of having special community guests on the podcast. This will be a draw so everyone gets a chance! All you have to do to enter is post in the comments below and we'll collect all the names and draw them out of a hat on one of our planned live shows.

What do you need to be on the Conference Call?

- A solid microphone. A good headset or even newer laptop mics are doable. A $20 headset or webcam mic isn't going to cut it.

- The ability to record your local audio track. We can help set that up, no biggie.

- Ideas for topics you're interested in!

- Availability to record on an evening over a weekend. Talking North America here, but we can figure out overseas stuff too.

Comment in this post if you'd like to be on the show! We'll leave it for a few weeks before we start to draw names. Good luck!



Well if we can work around time zones... Guess I'll toss my hat in!

Tossing my name into this Goodjer Hat of Awesomeness.

Are staff eligible to enter? I'll throw my name into the drawing.

Tossing my name into the hat. Thanks!



I will be able to cross off a bucket list item.

I'll throw my name in. I'll even start practicing my radio voice.

I'll jump in!

I have may interesting thoughts.

I like video games.

Let's talk pile of shame! I'm also pretty snarky.

Throwing my name in.

Put my impossible to pronounce last name on the list!

I'm way in.

I'd like to be considered. Thanks for opening this up to the community, guys.


I will try not to sound [nervous, drunk].

I'm in. Let me know who to PayPal my bribe to.

Ohhhhhh, me pleeeeease!

I often wanted to be on the Conference Call...but then realized that all I could talk about was World of Warcraft, the menacing Steam backlog, craft beer, and my kids.

Long time listener and would love to join!

I think would love to talk about the fascinating world of sports video games.

I'll toss in. It'd be a lot of fun.

Love to, but need an audio interface. I've got a good mike.

The hat, it now holds my name! Looking forward to the episode, whoever gets picked. Fresh voices are fun.

I'd like to be on


I'm in! It would be fun to talk some Vigil RPG / solo iOS development, as well as the latest and greatest Games You Can Play Right Now (even though I know it's not called that anymore!).

Love to do this. I'll order a new usb mic tonight (needed at an excuse anyway)... unless proximity to Certis makes a local recording at his humble abode easier.

Remakes vs. reboots for the topic, though I suspect if *Legion* enters he'll win and try to explain how the Jaguars can make the playoffs.

Ooh. I'm so in for this

I'll throw my hat in the ring!