Vermintide 1 + 2

There is one more trinket today, Dec 25!

thanks for the heads up!

Oh hai there, didn't know we had a thread

Just bought this based on recommendations from a few RLeaguers. Look forward to trying it out soon.

Been playing now and then on PS4 after picking the game up on sale. There are things I like about it for sure, but sh*tty framerate and dark muddy levels where I sometimes can't tell friend from enemy detract from the experience.

AcidCat wrote:

Been playing now and then on PS4 after picking the game up on sale. There are things I like about it for sure, but sh*tty framerate and dark muddy levels where I sometimes can't tell friend from enemy detract from the experience.

Options -> Gameplay Settings -> Player Outlines -> Always On.

More Goodjers, more playing. Invite me if you see me playing something. Been having a lot of fun with some very patient goodjers as I slowly get down the whole shield bashy thing.

Anyone going to be on tonight (PC-version) ?

A bit late for me to start at 11:30pm on a work night. Have fun though

Dakhath wrote:

Anyone going to be on tonight (PC-version) ?

Tentative for me after RB6.

It was nice playing with y'all tonight. All in the thread are welcome to send me a friend request and give me a poke for some Vermintide if I'm around.

I not did expect to come across 6-10 players playing Vermintide tonight. Were they giving it away for free or something?

Dakhath wrote:

I did expect to come across 6-10 players playing Vermintide tonight. Were they giving it away for free or something?

It's the anchor game for the Humble Monthly Bundle for January. $12 for the game plus DLC. Plus, for me, some GWJ'ers have been talking it up a lot.

It's really gotten more stable and the DLC maps along with their rework of drops and inclusion of the ability to craft weapons vastly improved the game from launch. It's a small dev team but I really hope they continue to include maps and possibly classes. Lot's of lore to choose from!

Also, Dakhath and Agu, thanks for showing me the ropes last night. The game is a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to playing it more. I'm excited to get to know a squad based "shooter" where not everyone is eleventy billion levels ahead of me. I tried getting into L4D2, but the general user base now is way too good at the game to approach, at least in VS MP. I'm thinking Vermintide might scratch that itch nicely.

Its nice to have a MP co-op game to play again. I need to put some time into the game. And get some lvl/gear. Feel free to add me on Steam/Curse. If I am on either one. Look me up. More then willing to play.

Update: Grrrr, killing that White Rat boss is becoming a pain in the but with PUGs.

I'll be on tonight.

Dakhath wrote:

I'll be on tonight.


Did kill the boss. But had to do the PUG on easy... Hate doing easy.... But finally got the bounty board unlocked.

Dakhath wrote:

I not did expect to come across 6-10 players playing Vermintide tonight. Were they giving it away for free or something?

The l4d2 crew had a handful of people coming back after a few months away from vermintide, and this time we dragged along most of the rest.

Edit: I think there's a lot of overlap between l4d2 and rocket league at gwj, but I wouldn't know.

Any interest for tonight?

discoursian wrote:

Any interest for tonight?

Sure, as long as i dont forget. I should be on Steam either way. Just remind me.

I'm installing the game, should be ready by tonight. Count me in tentatively.

EDIT: It looks like the game will take up to 11 hours to download. I'll keep trying, but you guys shouldn't wait up for me.

what time is "tonight"?

I don't get on reliably before 8pm eastern any night.

And I have plans till 11pm....EST

I should be on tonight at the usual time (9-10pm PT)

Edit: If I hop onto Curse, say hi, and then hop off again, it's because I've joined another Vermintide game and having chat of someone else's Vermintide comms is REALLY distracting, lol. Toss me a message or invite when a slot frees. I usually try to bang out the following contracts in rough priority order, and the first two are still hard to do with most goodjers:

Nightmare key contract (key and orange mats)
Nightmare contract (orange mats)
Hard Contract (blue mats)
Easy key contract (key and buff)
Normal Contract (green mats, need 250 for upgrading holiday glaive)

Apparently I've failed at Vermintide 201, based on one of my closest friends at 29 not knowing how to block revive. Assuming you've played L4D2 which teaches you Vermintide 101, here are some important things you'll want to learn:

  • Tag (Ping in keybindings) special rats! Default keybinding is T, the blue outline visible to all players helps immensely.
  • Pretty much any ranged attack has friendly fire in nightmare+, so knock it off. Do your best not to develop the bad habit of shooting through friendlies to kill the skaven we're holding still for you, and please don't drop cataclysm on top of us. It's very hard to unlearn.
  • Blocking and shoving are 360 degree actions, so they're your best defense if you think there's something behind you.
  • You can dodge while holding down block.
  • Before reviving anyone, hold down block, and keep holding it down. Unless a VS or special breaks through all of your stamina at once, you'll just keep blocking as normal, and as long as your stamina doesn't run out, your revive is basically guaranteed and you won't take damage doing so. I have a bonesaw, and if I charged attack, shove, and then stand on top of you, pickup is pretty much guaranteed even with VS around.
  • BW and Elf are not particularly good newbie characters to learn, because you can rely almost entirely on ranged weapons at lower difficulties. Learning how to survive in a melee is your most important skill to master, so we don't have to pick you up after each horde.
  • If you don't have heal share, please carry a tome whenever you see it. Learning not to consume every healing you come across will teach you faster anyway
  • At higher difficulties, bombs are strictly for ogres, patrols, and teammate down situations.
  • Stacking. The key to survival at higher difficulties is to all stand on top of each other and melee. It's good to practice early, but benefits are basically this:
    • Vermintide 101 should have taught you by now to throw in charged attacks and shoves into your attack sequences, to help keep the rats in stagger/stunlock. By doing this all in the same place, you're creating a shared area of safety.
    • Any 2h wanting to maximize effectiveness is going to want to take a 2h swing, dodge backwards to avoid retaliation, and repeat. By stacking, you have an area of safety after the dodge and don't need to continually give up ground.
    • My ability to help you when a special rat gets you, or you run out of health, is roughly melee range. Any further, and the rats block my movement and aim.
    • I'm pretty sure that if any party member is blocking, and they're in the path of the swing, the block takes priority over other party members taking damage.
  • Don't hang back and clear stragglers. Your priority is to get back in the stack. Block if you have a fast weapon, shove if you don't, throw in the occasional charged attack, and keep running. We'll provide some covering fire if possible.
  • If you have to split, split 2 and 2.
  • No one cares how much damage you did. Rats invariably come to you, and they'll die quickly once they're standing next to the stack. If you want to focus on one leaderboard stat, it's "damage taken"
  • Rat Ogres: They aggro one person at a time.
    • If you have aggro, focus on blocking and dodging. Don't put your back to a wall. It's like fighting a l4d2 tank on open ground, except it moves faster than you, so you have to learn blocking and dodging. Stay alive while your three teammates kill it. You're basically waiting for someone else's DPS to pick up aggro, so you can get back to a safe firing distance/rear melee arc.
    • If you don't have aggro, and a teammate is down, pick them up.
    • If you don't have aggro and have a bomb, announce that you're bombing the ogre, drink a strength pot first if you have it, then throw your bomb. It comes with a 2-3 second stun, so don't all throw at once.
    • If you don't have aggro, kill anything that isn't a rat ogre first.
    • If you don't have aggro, have a shield, and don't have anything else to kill, spam shove for aggro... I think. You're still going to be in aoe range, though.
  • What trinkets to use?
    • I don't recommend the trinkets that make a single classes' item drop. It nerfs your trinket drop rate, you can't always play the class you want, and off-class junk is still useful in the forge. If you have lichebone and a heal share trinket already, then I guess it's fine.
    • Heal share is BIS. (Halloween garlic, Dec. 25 Charm of the Hedge Wizard, mending charm) fixes the entire party's bleedout using a single heal item. The percentage on whatever heal share you have isn't important. What makes this trinket amazing is that it turns grey health into permanent health and clears you downs. "When using Medical Supplies & Healing Draughts on yourself, allies within 15.0 meters will be healed..."
    • Lichebone (Dec 24) is the best trinket in the game if you're on a grimoire run.
    • pouch of relaxing herbs (60% less globadier damage)
    • revive speed
    • item dupe
    • potion share/group potions/vial rack (same thing, different names, works like heal share but for pots)
    • loot dice
    • What do I run? Lichebone, heal share, revive speed, and I'm too lazy to swap out lichebone. But it has a lot to do with what trinkets the RNG gods have favored you with.
  • How do I forge?
    • I like to keep one of each weapon type no matter what. Effectiveness changes between patches, and there really isn't a huge difference between a white, and an orange with traits you don't use.
    • Fuse any 5 greens you won't use into a blue.
    • Fuse any 5 blues you still need in orange.
    • Salvage any blue you already have in orange.
    • Falchions, Glaives, Volley Crossbows, and Pickaxes are DLC weapons, and possibly worth fusing as a single item and tons of shards if the RNG hates you.
  • How do I shrine?
    • Honestly, I don't shrine much. Most of my gear isn't amazing, so it's not worth improving significantly.
    • When you finally get an orange item for your favorite class, it's probably worth offering it up until you have 2+ traits you're going to keep.
    • Similarly, it's worth Improving those two traits, or even the percentages on your primary class's blue melee (probably regrowth/bloodlust).
    • Fixing RNG. My first dozen orange drops or so were all wh, bw, dorf. I rolled up some empire and elf oranges at 40 shards each, just so I wasn't using greens for them any more.
    • If you have way more spare shards than me, and an orange weapon that has to have 3 perfect traits, traits still aren't random. They're actually selected from a list. All possible trait combinations
  • Things every new Vermintide player should do

Thanks for that comprehensive write up cc. Lots of good info.

Yeah cc that's a bunch of good information, a lot of which I did not know. Gah, can't some of you lot move to the UK so I can actually play with real people for a change? Tempted to get back into this but pugging wasn't much fun. I could play pretty reliably with my brother but we'd end up with two AI.

I also watched this video series of an overview on the various weapons. It is patch-specific and might change in the future, but it was a good intro for me.

One common takeaway is that 2-handed weapons are tricky at higher levels, since they are slow, and getting poked in the cooldown of your swing sucks pretty hard.

Also, the number one thing that made me more survivable was a weapon with Bloodlust trait, which heals you when it procs. When you're new and getting smacked all the time, all the healing you can get helps.