Vermintide 1 + 2

Jow wrote:

What's the consensus on Winds of Magic now? Steam reviews are still not good, saying essentially weaves are a total waste of time and the Beastmen add difficulty but little else.

Anyone still playing? I picked this game up long after the initial buzz died down and the friend group I played with petered out after about 25 hours... I really miss it.

I've never seen the Vermintide community as disengaged and uninterested as they are now, so that's probably a bad sign. I still think the Cataclysm difficulty is pretty good, and the beastmen are OK, but they have a few things that are not particularly well balanced. They definitely add more than difficulty, but they are far from perfect. The new weapons are pretty good. As for the new "weaves" game mode, it didn't hold my interest for long. Some folks are playing the weaves, but they don't seem that popular overall. The new map in Winds of Magic ended up being a bit disappointing, too.

The community is still pretty negative on Winds of Magic. I don't entirely agree with that, but I'm not especially positive on it either. The game in general is in a bit of a "needs new content" lull — most of the really big players I know have petered out, and the activity level is way down on the major Discords.

That said, smashing rats and stuff is still fun. If you don't play 40 hours a week and get all wrapped up in the end-game nonsense it's still a pretty enjoyable game.

I'm bopping around on PS4 now, so I can play with my girlfriend. WoM hasn't dropped for that yet. I also had a big gap between when I last played so stuff is fairly refreshing.