Vermintide 1 + 2

Almost every weapon in the game has a block cost multiplier of 0.5x. Shields have have a multiplier of 0.25x which makes them twice as effective. Dagger however has a multiplier of 1, so it takes twice as much stamina to block anything in your effective arc.

Vermintide Versus mode is in development. I really thought they would never do this, but I guess the staff have been working on it during their 'hack weeks' and now they're going to put some actual resources into it. I have no idea if I'll like it long-term or not, but it looks pretty cool. by now.

Razgon wrote: by now.

At least it's not Battle Royale?

I like it! The coop is already golden so why not add a mode that was a big hit with L4D. Plus you get to play as Skaven and Chaos!

Who's in the beta for tonight? Me! Anyone else?

Beta for the expansion or something else?

There is a large beta for the Winds of Magic expansion running from June 11-18 (applications are closed), and a somewhat smaller invitation-only beta running from June 18 - July 2. Only the part after June 18th is under NDA so if you want to see some gameplay streams, now is the time.

Gotcha, thanks. I think I'd rather be surprised when it comes out so I'm good on streaming, but for those of you who are in the beta, enjoy.

Seems neat so far, I'm going to avoid the beta this time and just get into it fresh.

Also had a weird bug where the rat ogre froze mid-leap.