Vermintide 1 + 2

Your account levels and there are trinket slots to unlock but so far it seems it is all loot based. Other than trinkets and unlocking forge I dont see what levels really do for you.

I haven't played much of the two games you mentioned. The main thing I am liking is how different weapons really change up the playstyle. I have 3 different staffs for the bright wizard and they all attack different and have different charge attacks. 2 of the staffs have slow attacks launching from the staff but the 3rd a bolt staff has me shooting bolts from my left hand and the staff at a fast rate. 2 of the staffs have you grab a ball of fire from the staff and throw it while one has you cast an explosion with a variable radius.

I haven't played the other characters much but I've seen the same variety with ranged weapons. From aiming down site to a full auto shooting.

And these are just the common white weapons. My wizard has a sword that looks like a hot poker that sparks and sizzles when I stab skaven. The hiss is so satisfying!

Just saw this reddit ama and it answers some of your questions.

Skill trees they said they will think about it.

It has leveling, but its mostly connected to items, and item slots. It mostly breaks down to customizing, though there is a small amount power creep with certain unlocks.

Welp, after figuring out that this is Left 4 Dead with rats (in addition to the $30 price tag) I was completely sold. I've only had the time to play about a half hour of it last night, but I can definitely see the fun in the game. However, like Left 4 Dead, it is obvious it'll require some communication and teamwork. So, if anyone is up for a round or two, feel free to message me on Steam. I'm usually available after 9pm EST

I played a bit more tonight with a full group of 4 people, which was a heap of fun. There's a level we played on repeat for a dozen or so goes called Black Powder, which is a short run easy to finish in 5-10 minutes, but it's like an extended end of map swarm section, with items to be carried to a waiting boat, so it's very intense. We even managed to down it a couple of times on Nightmare difficulty, much to our collective happiness.

I love that there's incentive to run around and explore and loot, even on small levels like Black Powder, because you never know when you're going to find one of those loot dice that might mean the difference between a green item and a blue item at the end of a run.

This game is great, unfortunately the bots are terrible and I don't have many friends playing it. Add or message me on Steam and we'll get our rat killing on.

I've tried playing this game a couple times with pubbies, and.... yeah, that was kind of dumb. Friend me up on Steam if you want to play some matches.

I picked it up today and played a few games, and I'm enjoying it so far even though I don't know what I'm doing. I've sent friend requests to you guys.

I picked this up as well. Feel free to add me.

Left 4 Dead plus Warhammer. Sigmar be praised!

Been playing this a fair bit since release. Would love to do it in a non-pug environment.

Edit - Steam friend requests sent.

Yes it's pretty good. Tzee- I mean sigmar be praised.

Is there a Steam group for this? It seems like the sort of thing there's usually a Steam group for.

I purchased and installed last night, so I'll probably be on tonight to give it a shot.

Friended everyone up. I'll be on this afternoon and tonight, unless work intervenes.

I'm interested.

I might join you guys in a month, so tagging for now.

I don't really have much experience with online multiplayer games, but I got into this one recently with a few friends here in Japan. But I'm interested in playing with some other people when my group isn't available. Given that I'm in Japan I'm not sure how the time differences and lag will work out, but I'll join the group and we'll see what happens.

dmn668 on Steam.

Thanks, Dakhath for creating the group. Perhaps I will see some of you guys online.

As an early birthday present I let my kid pick out a multiplayer game I could buy a couple copies of and we could play together. He showed no interest in this game and I couldn't even make him sit still long enough to watch some gameplay. He chose to go with Killing Floor 2 which he said, from all of his Lets Play watching, was 10x better than this game. Ignoring the fact that he knows nothing about this game, can anyone compare the two who's played both? I'm really enjoying KF2 but I'm still thinking about picking this game up for myself.

Hmmm. OK I play both. They're certainly in the same genre, i feel like killing floor is more junk food-y to WHV. WHV seems more deep out of the box, with more levels with more "goals, " and map types. There are fewer character models, and fewer classes, but each is more distinct than in Killing Floor, which seems more wishy washy. This is also lest grindy, as you're rewarded by completing objectives instead. I think I prefer this game. Its a little bit less mindless.

Yep, Vermintide sounds more my speed whereas KF is certainly more my kid's style.

Again they are very much in the same genre. I guess one the basics difference in Killing Floor you look to kill and inflict damage. In WHV, you look to avoid damage. If you just look to kill jsut to'll get killed. OBJECTIVE GAMING.

Well, just had my first match with Dakhath and a couple of random players. Holy sh*t, this game is intense! Had some issues with my microphone so I was only able to type responses, but overall I had a really great time. I ended up becoming the sacrifice to blow the Horn of Magnus, but somehow I was rescued on the elevator ride down to the escape van?

I don't know much about this game at the moment, but all I know is that I like smashing rats with my hammer. It's super fun.

EDIT: As an aside, I'm kind of bummed that they're ditching the Warhammer Fantasy universe. I always kind of dug that environment a little bit more than the 40k stuff. Ah well, I guess this Wood Elf army I have will never really get to see any actual combat

What do you mean - ditching the warhammer universe?
If you enjoy the Warhammer Fantasy universe, I can heartily recommen Mordenheim, an adaptation of a boardgame that just ROCKS. Its in Early access right now, but I'll make a thread once it leaves that. I have 11 hours in it already, and its just too good.

I want to love this game, but randoms wants to glitch and use exploits all the time, so its just getting annoying to play right now.

Razgon wrote:

What do you mean - ditching the warhammer universe?

I had heard somewhere (maybe on the Giant Bomb quick look?) that Games Workshop is getting rid of the Fantasy Universe. Is that not true? I'll admit that I didn't fact check so maybe I'm wrong. Hell, I'd *love* it if that's not true. I really enjoy the Fantasy universe more than 40k.

Games Workshop has announced that the Warhammer Fantasy Universe is going to be massively overhauled at the conclusion of the current "End Times" arc (which I believe Vermintide is set during).

I don't know many details, but heard that the world will be torn apart into multiple separate "bubble" kingdoms, but don't really understand what that means for the setting or for gameplay.

Ah - As far as I understand it, they are changing it, towards something called the End Times? Meaning, Chaos Won, the Lizards took off into space, and things are not going well for humans in general.
I think its just a revitalizing (If it can be called with, since its End time ), of the brand, but I could be wrong.

We are actually getting MORE Warhammer than ever these days. Besides Morheim (Please for the love of god, check it out), we are getting Eternal Crusade, Total Warhammer, a capital ship game whose name I forget, and a few others over the next few years - so you'll be in good company for the foreseeable future

Hah, okay so what it sounds like is that while GW is reworking the tabletop games (the Specialty Games were for sure discontinued last year), video game publishers are snagging up the licenses. Now I understand--I've been out of the loop a little bit on the video game side of Games Workshop.

I think it was back in July or August they released the new table top rules that coincided with this 'new' universe.

I wonder if someone at GW decided to reboot so they could make the fantasy figs easy conversions for 40k? The signatines and khorne warriors look like they would fit right in with spacemarines and world eaters.

Actually maybe they are going back to the two settings being connected? Sigmar is one of the lost primarchs or the emperor manifested in the warp? The whole thing just seems odd to me.

I will admit when I 1st saw the sigmarines/storm host thingies that I totally pictured them with bolters and backpacks. Kind of like those angelic looking blood angels.

Sucks they changes the names for all the races though. aelves, orrucks, ect.

Struggling with this game a bit though it is fun. The maps are LARGE!
Haven't finished the first mission yet though I have leveled once. I think I like the bright wizard the best so far.
Bummed that everyone else's ranged attacks take ammo. Though playing ranged was supposed to be an option?

Ammo isn't unlimited (unless you're making a stand near an unlimited ammo crate). It forces you to bust out the ranged stuff when things really start going south. If you use up all your ammo and then a Rat Ogre or other special shows up, you're potentially screwed.

fangblackbone wrote:

Bummed that everyone else's ranged attacks take ammo. Though playing ranged was supposed to be an option?

It is for Kerillian, as she carries a lot more ammo (60-something as I recall). Chests and drop locations sometimes spawn one-person ammo pouches in addition to the chests, so if your team is friendly they'll let Kerillian get those first and she can play almost entirely ranged. Saltzpyre and Bardin are in the middle - they have effective ranged weapons, but not enough ammo to rely on them entirely, and some of their choices are too slow to be used as a primary weapon. Kruber's weapons are all too slow, I think.

I have a blue shotgun on Bardin that's good up to medium range and has the double ammo perk (four shots) and the fast reload perk. I'd rely on that entirely if I could get enough ammo ... which of course is why they limit it.