Crowfall - Throne War MMO Catch All

Ah vague packages, what the heck am I buying exactly; alpha 2, closed beta 1, 2, 3 ? currently pre-alpha 5?

Alpha has been expanded... currently Alpha 5, but as far as who has access the last test included Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups

alright I'm in on a Patron Starter Pack, a bit hesitant to do much until the final wipe has occurred but might as well start exploring and learning about to make it easier later.

eta: hmm, is bloodline race changeable? yup! not seeing where those initial rocks to kill your vessel and start over were., found it, just took a bit to understand the map and such

I believe that Bloodline passives are based on your race choice.

ranalin wrote:

jamesGoblin is this you liking this?


Haha yes, I was summoned by some GWJ's email-notification about something I don't even remember now - after couple years of absence.
So I checked Crowfall, Camelot Unchained and R.I.P. Shroud of the Avatar threads (the last one obviously just for funsies).

The development of this game is still going and the final milestone is expected to launch February 2020.

It includes:
- the Dregs (GvG campaign)
- the Frostweaver
- caravans
- mounts
- refineries
- ability to create, move and destroy buildings
- remaining disciplines
- etc.

Just got my closed beta invite. Any GWJ activity in this game?

I'm an early adopter. Still debating on jumping in or not.

Arise thread. So just got an invite to the closed beta for this. Started playing. It looks like it still has a long way to go. It has a lot of the fundamentals. Combat, crafting, PvP, bases. But all of it is is pretty bare bones. I like the idea its going for. Almost makes me think of planetside.

That said i think its at least another 2-4 years away from being done. There just not enough content. Balance and design needs a lot of work. Enemy types are pretty few. Lots of basic UI and inventory tweaks then need to be done. Besides the tutorial no quests at all. Overall I'd say this is still an alpha game not a beta. Still has potential though.

This is being launched this year according to them. I'm also not a fan of them adding a BR mode. It undermines what they initially were going for and will pull players away from the main mode.

I don't think it is too out of whack with what their plans are for the realms. You had different tiers that were, realm v realm, factional, and free for all. Battle Royale seems like a good testbed for FFA.

If anything, all those modes will split the population already or waste dev resources by creating a mode that only a tiny minority wants to play or is abandoned after a few weeks.

ranalin wrote:

This is being launched this year according to them. I'm also not a fan of them adding a BR mode. It undermines what they initially were going for and will pull players away from the main mode.

That just seems plain unrealistic for me. I could see one year and then early access not a release. Except that sort of are already doing that. They have a pretty solid base and really just need polish and content. But they need a lot of it. Especially for a MMO. Like I watched that video from the 2018 post. It's not a huge difference to what's there now.

While adding BR? Little late for that trend and pretty sure there's already MMO style versions of that which are probable way better. The PVP realm vs realm stuff seems way more interesting.

Anyone going to jump on today? I have a new baby but I'm hoping to get some character creation in.

I'm starting on US East 3

I backed but don't think I got a code? What is the process again?

I thought the game was/is free to play?
Is this a backer launch? The website doesn't seem to indicate as such...

edit: I guess its b2p with no subscription. Will it be worth $39.99 or no? Decisions, decisions

I bought it but while the game client was updating I started playing the new WoW patch so who knows when I’ll get around to this.

Unless you're interested in PvP this will probably be a pass.

Even for those that just want to be crafters you can only get the high end materials out in the pvp zones.

karmajay wrote:

I backed but don't think I got a code? What is the process again?

I got multiple emails, but also you can just goto their site and log in. On your account page there's a download client option

With them kicking off the Dregs already (guild v guild) for the high end rewards people are jumping in.

The guild i joined is called Maelstrom of Battle (MoB) if anyone is interested in digging in. They're a middling sized guild but not a streamer guild which i wanted to make sure to not be a part of.

We're fighting in the US West Dregs.

I am not a huge fan of pvp but this looked like they solved a lot of the issues plaguing Warhammer Online's higher ranked PVP and scenarios. And I loved me some lower tiered PVP and scenarios in Warhammer Online.

So I may bite. I really like the idea of the ratman gunslinger class

Art is nice and the classes look varied and fun but I think I'm gonna pass even though I backed (you know years and years ago). I just don't think I want to spend the time keeping up with people for PvP plus Sa of Thieces really soured me on the whole PvPvE thing.

This is a video from one of our allied guilds, but the first half of it is the first defense of our fortress against the #1 guild on the server.

I spent a fair chunk of the weekend playing and while I’m still muddling through the training wheels part of the game I’m not blown away. The combat is pretty loose and floaty for a PvP game and the worlds just seem too small. It’s been years since I’ve PvP’d in Elder Scrolls Online but so far this is just making me want to go assault a keep in that.

After having BDO being my primary MMO for a few years now everything feels loose and floaty.

I guess “floaty” isn’t really the best descriptor, the combat just feels… insubstantial. I’m playing a Confessor and it’s hard to tell if my attacks are even hitting half the time.
I played some more tonight so obviously it’s not a dealbreaker yet. I’m going to push through until I at least get into the main “game” part of it.

So the dregs cycles through the seasons like the regular world just on a quicker schedule.

You get conquest points and divine favor points. We didn't know where we stood for divine because it didn't show till we rolled over to the new season

We came in first and our allies tied with the same points!