Crowfall - Throne War MMO Catch All

Ah vague packages, what the heck am I buying exactly; alpha 2, closed beta 1, 2, 3 ? currently pre-alpha 5?

Alpha has been expanded... currently Alpha 5, but as far as who has access the last test included Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups

alright I'm in on a Patron Starter Pack, a bit hesitant to do much until the final wipe has occurred but might as well start exploring and learning about to make it easier later.

eta: hmm, is bloodline race changeable? yup! not seeing where those initial rocks to kill your vessel and start over were., found it, just took a bit to understand the map and such

I believe that Bloodline passives are based on your race choice.

ranalin wrote:

jamesGoblin is this you liking this?


Haha yes, I was summoned by some GWJ's email-notification about something I don't even remember now - after couple years of absence.
So I checked Crowfall, Camelot Unchained and R.I.P. Shroud of the Avatar threads (the last one obviously just for funsies).

The development of this game is still going and the final milestone is expected to launch February 2020.

It includes:
- the Dregs (GvG campaign)
- the Frostweaver
- caravans
- mounts
- refineries
- ability to create, move and destroy buildings
- remaining disciplines
- etc.

Just got my closed beta invite. Any GWJ activity in this game?

I'm an early adopter. Still debating on jumping in or not.