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Dammit Gwenpool behave .


Hmm, normally I like the bishoujo figures Kotobukiya put out, but this one...


Meh, the guns look bad and the hair looks cheap, love the Deadpool mini plushie though would like that.

I hate nearly all Kotobukiya statues. In fact this is the only one I kind of like. Mostly I just don't care for the pretty girl look of the series and I get the pretty girl look is the point. I think in this case they accidentally captured a look that looks like one of the comic versions. The toy deadpool is probably the best thing about it though.



Interesting that is metal & plastic, would give it a nice feel in the hand.

Interesting tour of model maker TAMIYA in Japan....

Though its more about toy cars I loved that look round the showroom archive at the start.


Been wanting this guy for awhile. Still need to find a spot for him. The biggest problem I have with it is that waist joint is loose. In the picture he is only upright because his hand is on his leg otherwise he would be bent over staring at the ground.

Very nice, if I had that I'd put him up high, say on a wardrobe looking down at you.

Hmm, not sure I like this one....

Batman Ninja DX Sengoku Edition

I kind of dig it. Better than the normal version at least.

Is he really called that? Cause that ain't no ninja. That's a samurai.

Does he have a beard or is that a weird ruff?

It is a ruff that I have seen worn before in samurai shows.

On a different note phicen or tbleague are doing 1/12 scale versions of their stuff. The normally do hot toy like 1/6 scale stuff. Looks like they are using the same metal frames covered in that soft flesh they use for the big figures.

The first one is of the Queen of the Vampires priced at $79 coming in at 6 inches.

Ahh, now that's a better looking Batman statue…



Hmm, you know this latest look is just a bit to polished/organic looking for my liking...

DIECAST "Avengers/End Game" 1/6 Scale Figure Iron Man Mark. 85


But as usual the facial detail level is astounding...


Not a Pokémon fan as such, but this collections kinda cute...

G.E.M.EX Series Pokémon Eevee Friends



Muhousha Wolverine


Given this grand new Dark Age of Social Puritanism probably best not to post a pic of this one...

Action Figure Arkhalla Queen of Vampires :

What I find interesting is that the figures have a steel skeleton encased in latex, very high techie-techie, haven't seen that before.

That's very interesting, Jeem. Pretty wild stuff. And the price isn't that bad, to be honest. I would have figured it would be massively more expensive.

Oh, Jeem, here's a cheaper one of that figure if you're going to get it!

That is the TBLeauge figure I was talking about a few weeks ago. The figure was originally 12 inches and now it is the first of their line to be made smaller in the 6 inch size. Their big figures have the same metal skeleton covered in the soft body.

Amazon Japan came through again. Now the wait for Ciri begins.


Woo! Nice.

New One Piece figures are AMAZING! This Zoro is out of this world:



A farming figure.....that's a new one by me....

Minori with Honda Tiller F90


Dynamic...but expensive.

ARTFX J Devil May Cry 5


Bit much...

Shadow of the Colossus is getting a high-quality statue of Valus, the first Colossus, by Prime 1 Studio.

It towers at 46.8cm with parts that light up with LED lights and extra fine detail by the makers, all for a whopping $829.00.

Ok yes the movie was a bit meh, but this figure is nice...

Movie Masterpiece "Hellboy (2019)


Good addon's as well :

Hmm, it look a little to much like something from the Spawn comics to me.

sofbinal Soft Vinyl Venom


There is a $800 Snake Mountain being sold.
By the power of grey skull, nope

: I that is a little crazy, surely hunting down an original makes more sense both aesthetically and financially...…

Boom, job done.

Anyway, something a bit different again with this historical Japanese figurine...

(sorry no pics, photobuckets crashed again)