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Anyone seen any 12 inch skeletons? I could only find 6 inch and smaller ones.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Anyone seen any 12 inch skeletons? I could only find 6 inch and smaller ones.

The eternal quest for a 12" boner...

12"? No, the best most people collect are the figuarts 6".
One guess for who's my favorite GG character.
Definitely my most expensive purchase. Got it as a present to myself for Christmas. Her legs are so weirdly shaped though, couldn't tell from the angle in the pic or too busy thinking about buying it to care.
Her legs don't even follow the shape they would take if they were being drawn in a comic or manga.

toyfair 2018 is going on now.

So far from toyfair I'm liking the mohawk Storm. I'm also liking the new true scan tech legends is using for their new figures. They scan the actor's face and print the toy head from that.

The hot toy black panther has some kind of glow effect. This is the one for the new movie and wont be out for at least a year. I was sad I didn't see any hot toys for the warrior women. If I'm not mistaken there are zero black hot toys women.

Video shows how to make a Shuri from Black Panther doll.

I thought it turned out pretty good.

A bunch of play arts action figures are on sell on The Square Enix store Link

Figures normally selling for $150 are going for $37. Most seem to be sold out but there are still a few still up for sell.

Oh some are as low as $20.

Ah dang, sale over.
I immediately put myself on the wait list, although the store page says pre-order?
Whatevs, it says $90 now. I would pay more.

I thought it was originally $70.

Be careful square enix figures are nice looking but have a reputation for being very brittle.

Shuri is being released as a hot toy. Would like to have one of the warrior women instead but this is a start. Hmmm might be the only black hot toy female figure to come out.

If only I had a bunch of spare money hanging around, I'd absolutely get Shuri.

Changes out the hands was scary. I need a hair dryer. Had Harley in a box for about a year. Decided to break her out. Need a better spot for her though.


Man I have to do some dusting also. There is desert on baby pinhead.