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Yeah I could have bought six or seven hot toy figures for the same price as one doll

Sailor Pluto
Not going to lie, I really like Sailor Moon. I decided to only get one though. If was a tough choice between Pluto, Tuxedo Mask, and Uranus.

Trying to get this at a good price was a pain. I over paid for it but I really like the figure. Note the stand she is using is stage act 5 stand that I really like.

Jack o lantern
I had no idea who this guy was. I just got him because he looked cool. He goes well with Ghost Rider. My god I need to dust my desk. My girl on the left is covered in dust that I couldn't see until I took this picture. I broke out the flashlight and it isn't pretty. Going to put this thing in order.

For new stuff I'm considering Spider Gwen, Venom, and Spider B*%*#.

You can always wait for Black Series on Amazon I think it is back to retail when I looked the other day hehe

Rey Exclusive
I believe you can only get this at Big Bad Toy Store. I'm going to buy either this one or the desert outfit one.

Smart Doll Harmony Unboxing video. Now you can all see how ugly I am and what type of dumb dumb would spend crazy money on a doll.

Well lets be honest. My man boobs are pretty sexy. I might keep them.

So far on the youtubes for SDCC I have seen Kamala Khan Ms Marvel, new he man figures, new high quality alien tank, and some cool figures based off of netflix marvel shows.

Oh wait I also liked the Superman the animated series figures.

Hot Toys suicide squad were cool but I wouldn't buy one without seeing the movie first.

I didn't know about the Black Series 6-inchers until Force Awakens came out. It's, uh... becoming sort of a problem.

Slumberland wrote:

I didn't know about the Black Series 6-inchers until Force Awakens came out. It's, uh... becoming sort of a problem.

Definitely don't look at the Star Wars SHFiguarts stuff. They are much better figures.

Those are amazing but really, really easy to ignore thanks to the price tag.

I was looking for demon head when I seen this and had to have it.


Some of the Monster High stuff is very interesting. My kids were pestering me for something the other day, and I was only half listening, until I had this thrust in front of me.


Introducing Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling Head...

You decide how you want to "anti-style" her, then walk around with the disembodied head in the display unit. Suitably gruesome

Went into Hastings today. It's going out of business and everything is currently 50% or more off everything.

Got this for about $13:


I'm pretty impressed with the posing and details. I may have liked a more classic looking Harley better but the selection is limited and this one has roller skates.

I know she looks like that in one of billion harley comics they are putting out.

Getting that Roller Derby Harley Quinn for cheap led me to watching Youtube action figure reviews and tracking down a few figures over the last few weeks...

Batman animated series version
Looks cool, has trouble standing up in any action pose, but does come with a stand if needed.

Harley Quinn DC Icons
Amazing figure. Very pose-able and pretty easy to get to balance. Maybe the best Harley figure out there? Easily the best in the classic suit from what I've seen.

Mad Love - Joker and Harley.
Comes with no accessories but Harley is cool representation from a great episode of the animated series. Set also came with the Mad Love and Other Stories Trade Paperback.

Julie Newmar as Catwoman.
I've had this figure for a while actually but figured since I'm posting, and hadn't shared this one before, I may as well include it.

I've got one other figure I'm excited about coming my way soon, and hopefully that's it for a while. My pocketbook needs a rest.

And the one other figure arrived today. Opened it up and it's great. It wasn't cheap, but the more I looked at figure reviews the more I knew I wanted this awesome Harley figure.


It's the Bandai "Injustice: Gods Among Us" Harley Quinn. Very detailed. Very pose-able and very customize-able. It's got nine hands total. One hand (pictured) can hold a thin Joker card in it. A pair for the mallet, a pair for a pair of guns (not pictured), a pair of fist and a pair of just open hands. The ponytails are pose-able: buns on a swivel, tails on a ball joint. There are also two other faces you can swap out to change her expression. And it's pretty much the same scale as all the other Batman figs I have (except the roller derby Harley which towers over them all) so it displays nicely with what I have.

I just got it out of the box, posed it and took a pic and I'm completely amazed at it and I haven't tried out the faces or guns, etc. yet. If anyone's interested I can post the different faces and the other accessories.

I like that Harley but didn't pick it up because I never seen that version of her before. I haven't played Injustice.

I really like that Injustice Harley...

Injustice Joker is pretty awesome looking too.


Agreed. That Joker looks pretty bad ass. Might go on a future wish list for me.

I've been having fun with Harley in the meantime. Almost any pose I try looks great. And while I think I like the big grin she starts with best, the other two faces look great as well.

Here she is with her "angry" face. Also you can see the knives down her left leg that weren't visible in the pic above.

Here's her "serious" face holding both guns.

And one last pic- just for kicks....
Looks like a low blow, even for Harley Quinn.
And yes she's balanced on only one foot there. Took a little doing, but once I found equilibrium she was fairly stable like that.

Picked up Iron Fist and Venom this weekend, thanks to someone in another thread mentioning that they were discontinuing the line. I was able to snag them for under $4 a piece at Toys R Us!

They had other selections, but the one I HAD to have was Iron Fist, since he's been my favorite for a very long time.

Posting my new guys with a few friends:


Edit to add my own pic.

Anyone looking for Star Wars Black figures might want to check QFC. They had a few discounted toys left over from xmas. The black series figures were $3.

Toyfair is going on now. A bunch of people should be doing youtube videos for the next couple of days.

Nothing has caught my eye yet.

Justice League Batmobile. I'll probably get this when it comes out.

Probably will get pushed back since I think the movie got pushed back.

Anyone have problems with packaging going yellow? Just going through my boxed figures and one of them the packaging has gone completely yellow. This is in a airtight box kept mostly in the dark. The funny thing is none of the other plastic packaging has gone yellow.

Sinon was reissued so you should be able to buy it at release cost if you haven't already.

Anyway is anyone picking up any wonder woman toys? I was thinking about getting the hot toys BvS version but I don't like the look. The WW movie version is in her training outfit which I didn't like at first but it is growing on me. Also the WW movie version looks perfect. That version doesn't come out until next year.

I've actually been getting rid of most of my figures and maquettes in favor of more replica stuff.

Who or what's Sinon?

A character from sword art online.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

A character from sword art online.

*smacks forehead* As soon as I looked at the question when the page loaded just now, I guessed that.

Been watching youtube videos on SDCC 2017. Looking forward to Wonder Woman hot toys based on the movie and Agent of Shield Ghost Rider which I like more than than the current comic Ghost Rider.

All toys bought in the last 3 months. I'm not sure I will open the Kratos or Pinhead. Wolverine and Vampire I just got today and will open those up.