All you need to know about modern Republican economics, in two graphs

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You also had Clinton deregulating the banks in the 90's that gave rise to a lot of the sketchy financial products which led to huge returns for a lot of investors. That combined with the economic boom had the wealthy increasing their gains by a large amount.

And also wealth consolidation in the form of mergers.

It seems unlikely that that would have much of an effect on personal wealth distributions, just corporate wealth distributions. Typically a merger doesn't end with one CEO destitute and the other CEO with twice the money, it ends with the higher ups in either company getting money.

If wealthy CEOs getting more money from corporate mergers isn't a form of wealth consolidation, I guess I don't know what is.

And often times jobs are cut after mergers, so yeah, personal wealth distributions do get affected.

Malor, arguing that fiat currencies are not time-fused nuclear bombs is not the same as being in total, unquestioning support of the current financial system. I've posted in favor of Elizabeth Warren's reform platform, of much more severe regulatory regimes than she's able to propose, and many other progressive positions on the economy. We *disagree* on some parts of how the economy should work, but that doesn't mean I go around without questioning the system we've got. Nor does it warrant personal judgements, large or small.