WoW BHA WoD Raid Thread

This was very clear and concise. Embedded as I missed the links that were posted earlier.

So are you guys running late enough and/or having folks leave enough that you could use a pair of 9:00 logger-inners? We just can't play that early, especially during the week.

Here's a POV video showcasing the Oregorger strat we tried last night. It's from the perspective of range and really helps show the pool paths in phase 1 and the run paths in phase 2. You may want to mute it.

Logs for this evening (2/10/2015):

Warcraft logs as well:

Edit: there's some really interesting features on that Warcraft Logs site like showing a replay of the whole fight. It crashed my browser but it's really cool to see the positioning of all the fights.

kilanash wrote:

Logs for this evening (2/10/2015):

I think it's pretty clear on the data that we have the mechanics down, but our DPS and HPS are not good enough which is largely a factor of gear. Even our top DPSers are below the 50% mark for all normal raids. This score is likely inflated because of high-end guilds running normal in the first week, but still shows we're a bit behind.

From Sel's stats and the rest of Mister Robot, it says the "recommended raid ilevel" for N Gruul is 655, but for H Kargath it's only 641. We were running around 652.

Other Heroic Highmaul "recommended" boss levels: Butcher through Ogrons are all 648 or 649, then Ko'ragh at 652 and Imperator at 657. On the other side, everything in Normal Foundry except Gruul is at least 658.

Our mileage may vary, naturally. Like the Pirate Code, they're more of guidelines, really. But it does seem to indicate that Highmaul Heroic is at least comparable to or easier than the early stages of Foundry Normal - and drops gear five levels higher - and being able to get through most of H-HM might be a good benchmark for when to start beating our heads against N-BF again and having more success.

Sorry, I can't do Tuesday nights for a few months (until July).