WoW BHA Raids: Week of 1/18/15 - 1/24/15

Next raid is Thursday the 22nd at 7pm server. Study up on the last two baddies!

Cyrana - rDPS Tues and Thurs (and most other weekdays). On weekends only Sunday night.

Hozen - monk heals and mDPS - Tues/Thurs/Saturday

Remember that most range DPS have interrupts too! The more people interrupting the better.

Preach on, brother.

And yes, Carg whenever, as usual.

Shanker - mDPS ; Zyphos - tank

Any night. Prefer no more than two nights but could do a third with significant advance notice.

School starts this week so my availability will be spotty until June. I have my LGSW exam, my oral defense, and my professional portfolio (basically a thesis defense / professional identity presentation with pictures) all in May. Which is just super.

Keladry, I heal stuff.

Bad news folks. I have a little girl's birthday to attend on Tuesday night and will not be available for raid. I am available all other weeknights, but this weekend is booked for me. With the kids, we tend to fill weekends up a week or two in advance (since we only get the kids on weekends).


Friday nights or Saturdays

Trashi - mDPS Thursday after 7 server.

Elgard - I heal stuff too.

Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-10 eastern.

Little to no weekend availability (family and such)

Yagrum/Diogenes, available pretty much when Keladry said.

Sure, I can attend. Heals or bad dps, your pick.

Dapencilshow-Warlock planning to heal with lock candy

Tuesday and thursday this week i have a meeting at 6:30 server but i should be able to get on
to help with the later bosses.

Good for all other times if the want/need arises.

Also wanted to know if any of the more active bunch want to try our hand at heroic on a 3rd day.
If we dont have a full group we could pug for the rest. Just a thought.

Miriy Monk

Tues and maybe Thursday.

I can make it for Tuesday and probably Thursday this week.

Serj ret pally.

Platipus - Hunter
Edric - Warrior

Tuesday & Thursday 7-11

Mon - thur 7-10

Weekday schedule is very routine because of the whole work thing.

If you schedule a Saturday raid and I'm not doing anything, I'll pop in but I likely won't know untl the time comes.

Tues Thurs as heals or hunter dps

I've installed a mod that takes screenshots like an obsessive tourist. If anyone else is interested, the addon is called Multishot.

It still needs some tweaking, but I got a couple of cool pics tonight.

Prep, pre-raid:


Ending Bladefist:


Against the Butcher:


Run, Raid, Run:




Pretty cool. How many glamor shots of tectus's butt are filling up your hard drive?

Also, for those like me that didn't notice until now, the OP has been updated with the informational study guides in video form of our next targets.

Was our issue on that Ko'ragh fight not enough magic damage or was it just mechanics? I don't know the fight well enough to know the timers, but the longer his shield is on the more autoattack damage he does and the fewer soakers we get to handle all the balls.

Also I found it handy to use a defensive cooldown for the fire debuff since that seems to be a major damage portion of the fight and it seems to be used pretty infrequently (every 90 seconds or so). As a WW monk I use Touch of Karma which negates 6 of the 10 seconds of the debuff. I assume other classes/specs have similar cooldowns.

We discussed the fight a bit afterwards and it appeared to be positioning and needing to nail mechanics.

We're going to try changing his position next week. That will bring new challenges but hopefully negate the big issues we were seeing (tanks having nowhere to run, raid members getting trapped by geography, and add control) from his position.

Additionally, we will be looking at other ways to overcome big raid damage times (frost orb, healing debuff, fire debuff) such as having individuals pop raid CD's (smoke bomb, rallying cry, zen meditation) and using tonics / lock cookies to overcome the healing debuff.

Again, thanks to everybody for showing up and working. Biggest thing we can't lose sight of is that we got him to 30% on our first night really learning the fight.

I hope to see us clear Highmaul before Foundry drops but if not, oh well.

Once Foundry opens, we'll have a bigger discussion about how we want our raid schedule to look like.

The new raid thread is open and thanks for everybody showing up and contributing!