City-building Game Catch All

Ah, from the folks who did Planetbase, which is a game I haven't spent any time with but had my eye on. Seems to be in the Banished lineage of sim.

I had fun with Planetbase so I picked this up. Not sure when I'll get to it...

Yeah, people seem to compare it to Banished.
I am quite interested. But probably going to wait a while. Let them patch it etc. (no idea if its needed, but not like I lack other stuff to play)

I cannot recommend Dawn of Man at this stage. I love games like this and put a couple hundred hours into Banished, Anno 1404 and the like. But Dawn of Man has two issues that led me to return the game after two hours:

(1) I came across a bug where my villagers were walking across the entire map to pick up sticks. There were two gathering/work areas they would walk through just to go clear across the map for a bundle. This effectively ruins the game because nothing gets done as everyone is walking all over the map. There are not even enough villagers left at the site to hunt which means unless I control everyone manually everyone would starve to death. Now I could and would wait for a response to the bug submission but there is no easy way to submit one without registering on some other site, giving them your email with no privacy statement, trying to figure out yet another opaque CAPTCHA, etc. I will not jump through hoops to submit a show-stopping bug.

(2) I get that sinking feeling that this may be like Planetbase and may not have the legs for long-term play. PB is one of those games where the first hour is fun and then the whole game loses its charm because of the sameness of the structures and the moronic AI. I think Dawn of Man has a better chance of keeping my interest so I am not certain of this point. It may be that waiting for a half-hour for villagers to collect sticks taints my view. This is certainly more charming than Planetbase but I do not rightfully know if it could hold my long-term attention like the great games in this genre do.

This is one that I will let marinate a bit longer and see what comes to pass. I give it odds-on that I will end up picking it up later but for right now I do not want another brain-dead, buggy builder like Planetbase was.

I've probably sunk eight or so hours into Dawn of Man at this point and I have enjoyed my time and do anticipate playing more. Having said that, on the opening scenario there is little challenge and no real urgency to anything so at this point I can only recommend the game as a casual city builder.

There are what appear to be more difficult scenarios you can unlock so it is very possible that the challenge may pick up the more you invest into the game. I have not experienced any bugs to date and find the UI, animations, graphics and sound to all be very good if not a bid bland and repetitive. The tech tree is lackluster at best and results in very limited upgrade paths. There is a simple tutorial which does a very adequate job of explaining the basics. There is not a lot of complexity to the gameplay so it definitely leans more casual.

Bottom line, I am having fun and it has been enjoyable managing a prehistoric village and watching it slowly grow. For the most part the game does not get in your way and does what it sets out to do very well. My primary concern is that the game won't have any legs and will get repetitive and boring after one play-through.

Thanks for the reviews. I'm tempted by the prospect of a new Banished-like, but Steam reviews indicate it has the same weird camera controls that always irritated me in Planetbase. The devs seem insistent on using FPS controls in their strategy games.

Might just go play some Banished or LIF: Forest Village instead.

I've only played about an hour, but it's been fun and challenging for me so far. I haven't run into the bug Granath described. I've been using zones for pretty much everything. Almost didn't make it through the first winter because I was short on dried meat. A rampaging bear came through my camp in the second year, and my dogs did nothing!

I'm not a fan of the keyboard map controls either, but I've got a lot of mouse buttons so I'm using them. Sure would be nice to have a "grab the map and move it" button though. The zoom seems pretty restrictive too.

Pretty good for $22, I must say! And not Early Access!

D-Man777 wrote:

Might just go play some Banished or LIF: Forest Village instead.

This has been reviewed pretty badly on Steam. Does it take a lot of work to love, or has it been review bombed or have poor reviews left over from earlier versions?

Yonder wrote:
D-Man777 wrote:

Might just go play some Banished or LIF: Forest Village instead.

This has been reviewed pretty badly on Steam. Does it take a lot of work to love, or has it been review bombed or have poor reviews left over from earlier versions?

I found it pretty fun. It got a lot of hate early on, primarily (IMO) because it could rightly be considered a Banished knock off. This is both good and bad.

The mechanics are pretty similar, but there are few things I appreciated. There's the ability to possess the villagers and hunt FPS-style. The graphics are markedly improved over Banished's dated imagery.

On the cheap, I think it's worth a romp.

I've just wrapped up the first campaign of Dawn of Man and I enjoyed it. I'd say it took about 8 hours of play time, but some of that (especially near the end) is just kind of watching your little people exist.

The game has a very slow and relaxed pace overall. I'm looking forward to digging into the harder scenarios to see if there's a deeper challenge here.

Is it a builder, or an RTS?

Dawn of Man is a builder in the vein of The Settlers. Collect stuff, build stuff, tech up, collect new stuff, build new stuff, kill hostile things.

Cool, thanks. Some of the Steam comments made it seem more like an RTS.

Speaking of Settlers, my hype increased when watching the new trailer. Will they really manage to go back to the early Settlers roots* after all these years. If nothing else, they seem to know what to focus on in a trailer - not that it necessarily says much about the final product.

*And yeah, I'm talking about transportation congestion!

Oh, Dawn of Man just got an RPS Bestest Best award! Nice.

Robear wrote:

Oh, Dawn of Man just got an RPS Bestest Best award! Nice.

I haven't played the game, but based on the few hours of gameplay I watched on Twitch yesterday while I worked, I don't agree. On the technical side, there are definitely some UI/UX issues (unclear notifications, lack of proper zoom levels, etc.), and on the gameplay side, things just play very slowly. This comment at RPS basically sums up what I saw as the Twitch streamer played the game. Not a bad game by any means, but not necessarily a very good one, either.

Yonder wrote:

Has anyone been following or tried Dawn of Man? It was just released on Steam yesterday.

I'm picking it up in the next couple of weeks. Just kind of swamped with work. The reviews are pretty much aligned on the fact that it's somewhat of a slow burn and not too challenging. More of an "early man civilization" simulator than a "survive or die" situation like Frostpunk.

I think Dawn of Man definitely earns that "not bad, but not great". I've really enjoyed it as a relatively chill and simple wind-down game to play in the evenings. It's possible that things get more complex, but after 8 hours I've tried literally every tech path. I'm hoping the scenarios inject some added depth.

TLDR: DoM won't be GOTY, but I'm still happy with the purchase.

Yeah, Dawn of Man has definitely earned a slot in my playlist as my current chill out game. Not too challenging, not too complex, looks nice, sounds great. I just wish I could play it with a controller!

That new Settlers looks pretty nice. I love the idea of a minimalist Settlers. Unless some ugliness is revealed close to release (I mean, they *did* do a web-based Settlers with microtransactions - ugh), that's a definite buy for me. I think I have every Settlers game since 2.

Were any of the Settlers games worth playing after 3? I played 1 and 2 as a little tyke, 3 online and got soundly trounced by European players.

I ditched the series after 2. I played a bit of 3 at a friends and it had lost it's charm. the games since then just looked like disasters.

I'm very interested in Foundation, however, as a Settlers-a-like. Still in Early Access, though.

3 is okay but just a worse Settlers 2. Tried one of the new ones, but it certainly didn’t have much to do with Settlers anymore.
To me the one thing that sets the game apart from many other production chain games is the transportation of goods. Which is nearly more important than the actual production in the game.
Also hoping the combat is simple. It should pretty much just be the last step of the production chain, and not some separate aspect of the game imo. One problem in the newer games I think was focusing more and more on combat.

I'm the wrong person to answer that question because I love all the Settlers games, even 7. In fact this looks pretty cool to me:

All seven Settlers games "modernized for modern PCs" for $40

I love the first and second Settlers, I really enjoyed my to through the story missions of Settlers 7. It's a very slight game bit very comfortable.

Mmm, yeah, loved one so much I got 2, then 3 turned me off with the whole emphasis on the military. How was a young kid supposed to know archer spamming > all! I just liked the first two games with the whole supply chain of making gold and watching the carriers take the money to a fort and upgrading the troops from little nobodies to gold plated centurions.

The traffic thing looks like it could add an extra layer of strategy, Cities: Skylines style. At least more complex than Anno style supply chain/transport planning.

Anyone hear anything about Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic?

Seems to have come out of nowhere but reviews seem pretty glowing so far. Very tempted to pull the trigger.

Well if I get it I'm definitely shelling out for the soundtrack. That first video had me nodding my head and tapping my foot the whole time.

Sim USSR... crazy!


I almost quit this game in frustration after 10 hrs. Then I realised that is just what the capitalist pig dogs wanted. After 20 hrs I saw this is no "fun toy", this is a simulation of a soviet state. You expect that to be easy? To make sense? To have a tutorial? Decadent luxuries! True Soviet planner toils for hours building a steel mill and feeder system only to realise his access is on the wrong side for rail. Then he spends the rest of the game making do with trucks because it is too expensive to fix.

This is indeed the game no one asked for but everyone needs.

Wow, that is something. I'll see how it comes along, but it looks like fun. Maybe when it gets a tutorial I'll give it a shot.