You Need A Budget Catch-all

I'm about 2 weeks overdue on my plans^^

I'm looking to grow my net worth a significant'll be through a combination of direct savings (pension contributions, IRA, 529s for kiddos, HSA, etc), and paying down debts (student loans, car, mortgage, etc). I doubt I'll get much help from the stock market this year, but I've got monthly targets and I am going to do quarterly check-ins to keep me on track.

My goals for this year are to keep saving at the same rate (about 13% for retirement), don't take on any new debt, and luckily I am on track for some bonuses that would be about 45% of my salary so I'm hoping to take that and use it as a down payment for a house. Or pay off our 6.5% interest student loans, just depends on when we think we'll be ready to buy.