Splatoon 1 & 2

Twitch GWJ has a Nintendo room that has been working great

I use Discord. Didn't really know you could voice chat on the iPhone Twitch app.

I’ve used twitch, prefer Discord. But twitch seems to be the most used.

Why must you guys confuse it.

Also I'll be on the desktop app either way... but not tonight! I gotta meet up with my sister tonight after hitting the gym. So Splatoon Mondays starting next week?

Currently unable to use the Twitch mobile app (required for chat at the TV for me) because they have yet to resolve my account issue which I previously got 'fixed'. Discord is awesome.

Snapper Canal stage and Bamboozler 14K weapon added this weekend.

Also, Splatfest next weekend: Vampires vs. Werewolves. Not totally sure which I'm picking, thanks Twilight!

I am a vampire

For Halloween I guess. Cool.

We should all maybe play some this week.

Zoso1701 wrote:

I am a vampire

Woo! Team Edward all the way, baby!

I went for the werewolf!

Patch 1.4.0 drops tomorrow. Here's the unofficial translation of the Japanese patch notes (as NoA hasn't translated them yet).

Are people going to be playing tonight? I'll be available around 8pm or so.

I'm gonna plan on playing tonight. Still not too keen on Twitch for chat but I'll give it a try.

I'll log in (maybe a little later as I'm on the West coast).

Is the GWJ Twitch "Nintendo Catch-All" channel a good way to coordinate? Or do I need to figure out how the Twitch "friends" functionality works or something? I don't get this app at all so far.

I think the majority of us prefer Discord so I'll be using that.

Yeah Nintendo Catch All is where we usually go for this or Mario Kart

I've been meaning to get back to this game after finishing Zelda. I'll try to join in tonight.

I’ll be attempting to see ya there then!

Edit: never mind. I'm on Discord now.

Am I in the wrong Discord? No one else is in the Nintendo channel.

EDIT: Okay, warriorpoet are now in doing Salmon Run. Room password is 0451.

Nevermind the weapons are awful so we're just doing random play. Feel free to join!

Anectdotally, Werewolves are getting creamed so far. Anyone on team werewolf who hasn't played yet--we need your power.


Blackbelly Skatepark stage returns this weekend. Just in case anyone gets tired of Super Mario Odyssey

Alright nerds, it's a Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy double feature Splatfest next weekend!


shoptroll wrote:

Alright nerds, it's a Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy double feature Splatfest next weekend!


Oh man. This will be a tough choice. And finally something might make me take Mario Odyssey out of my Switch.

Woah, huge updates:


- Can change gear between matches
- 4 new maps
- 1 new Salmon Run map
- New game mode
- 140 pieces of new gear
- New haristyles
- lvl cap raised to 99
- New weapons
- New music

That's huge.

Hairstyles look fun.

And coming this week apparently.

Part of it hits on the 23rd and the new stages will roll out over the coming weeks. New competitive mode is in December.

This is on par with the big update Splat 1 got near the end of its first year. Probably bigger in fact.

Wow. Super excited.


Can we skip Off the Hook yet?

Warriorpoet897 wrote:

Can we skip Off the Hook yet?

You have no soul.

EDIT: Here's a sampler of the new music from one of the new "bands"

(h/t NintendoEverything)