WoW BHA Raids: Week of 11/30 - 12/6

Update: A few folks have managed to get in through the servers, but both the login and world servers are extremely unstable at 30 minutes out. Looks like a go at Highmaul is off the table tonight. Good luck Thursday, everybody.

Raid Requirements -
Please install the Deadly Boss Mods addon.
Please install Mumble. You *have* to be in voice chat to raid. You don't have to have a mic, or speak, if you're not comfortable. But you need to be able to hear the raid leader's instructions.
Please try to arrive prior to 7pm server. The goal is to pull the first trash pack as close to 7pm as possible.

Fate-Twister Seress should be in the game on Tuesday. You're going to want to go obtain your Seals of Tempered Fate before we start raiding.

Winterbourne linked to several good guides for the first few boss fights:
- Kargath Bladefist
- The Butcher
- Brackenspore
- Tectus

Fatboss has put up some 'boss preview' videos that show the fights in-world. They haven't put up official guides yet (that will come next week, I assume), but they're great ways to see what we'll be getting into.

The first few bosses are particularly worth checking out:
- Kargath Bloodfist
- The Butcher
- Tectus

This week's Raids -

Thursday, the 4th of December, at 7 server time:
(5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET)

Tank1 - Miltank
Tank2 - Drunk

Heal1 - Healbot
Heal2 - Fenrigaar
Heal3 - Keladry
Heal4 - Selika

mDPS or rDPS - Ely

mDPS - Shanker
mDPS - Winterbourne
mDPS - Trashi
mDPS - Corvex
mDPS - Golightly
mDPS - Serj

rDPS - Diogenes
rDPS - Beurley
rDPS - Youko
rDPS - Pencilshow

?mDPS - Jorrn

It sounds like there's a lot of interest in a third raid night with some folks acting as a core group. I'm into this myself, but I want to start with the above so that we can get our feet under us.

Tuesday night we'll spend a few minutes at the end of the evening chatting about what people put in the thread vs. what their overall goals are.

Thanks everybody!

Protection Paladin (Tank)
Tuesday - Friday: 6pm-Late
Saturday - Sunday: Whenever

I'm also going to be leveling the Shaman, who can provide Healz.

Protection Paladin/Retribution Paladin (Tank or DPS)
Tues-Thurs: 6 PM - Late (Though next semester Tues/Thurs are off limits.)
Sat: Whenever

Will also be leveling a druid for DPS/Heal

Frost DK (DPS)
Monday - Thursday: 6pm - Midnight
Friday: 6pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday: Noon - Midnight

I have raided as healer and tank, but at this point it would be way out of my comfort zone.

Ret Paladin (DPS/whatever)
Mon-Wed, Fri: 8PM - Late
Sat: 2PM - 9PM
Sun: 2PM - Late

I've raided as tank and healer before and I'm more than willing to tackle those again, but I'd need practice to relearn how to do it competently.

Note: I'm not in-guild, but feel free to friend me up (sirjoekcb#1140) if you need someone to run stuff with.

Weekdays 7pm-10pm
Weekends flexible (if i'm in town)

Side Note: T17 2 piece bonus is awesome
Item - Druid T17 Restoration 2P Bonus - Nature's Swiftness now works on the next 3 spell casts.

There's a lot of good set stuff this time around. I'm wondering who Reap paid off to get this one in:

Item - Rogue T17 Combat 2P Bonus - Increases the chance for Revealing Strike to generate an extra Combo Point by 20%.
Item - Rogue T17 Combat 4P Bonus - Your finishing moves have a 20% chance to generate 5 combo points and cause your next Eviscerate to consume no Energy.
Michael Zenke wrote:

There's a lot of good set stuff this time around. I'm wondering who Reap paid off to get this one in:

Item - Rogue T17 Combat 2P Bonus - Increases the chance for Revealing Strike to generate an extra Combo Point by 20%.
Item - Rogue T17 Combat 4P Bonus - Your finishing moves have a 20% chance to generate 5 combo points and cause your next Eviscerate to consume no Energy.

I wouldn't even know what to do with that 4pc. Like all I would do is just pretty much spam Evis during AR / deep insight. Anyhoooooo....

Shanker - a bad rogue.
Prefer no more than two nights a week.

Destro Warlock
Sunday - Thursday, 9pm-Late (Server)

Basically, I can pop in to flesh out flex groups if people drop off early, or if there's enough interest I could look into starting a late night group. I can't commit to anything before 10PM EST/9PM Server.

Guardian/Feral/Balance Druid (just let me know what you need me as)

Monday - Friday 6pm - midnight
Saturday - whenever
Sunday - noon - midnight

Also have a warrior that can provide melee dps.

Paladin - prefer ret, but I'm learning holy

I'm potentially available any day; the earlier, the better.

However, I don't have as much control over my work schedule as I'd like. (I end up working some nights and weekends, sometimes without much notice; such are the pitfalls of the 24/7 news cycle and an understaffed newsroom.)

TL,DR: I'm a scrub who can take up space in LFR or Flex when I can make it, but don't count on me being the 10th person to fill out a 10-toon team.

Yewclaw - Balance Druid
Any evening except Thursday, 6pm-late
No more than two days a week.

Assassination Rogue
Wednesday: 7:00-10:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: Whenever

Could switch to elemental shaman if they get better and we need ranged

Frost/Blood DK (DPS/Tank)
Tuesday & Thursday: 7pm-Late
Saturday - Sunday: Whenever

Have raided as tank quite a bit but it's been since Cat so I'd be more useful as a DPS till I get my tank legs back.

Holy Paladin


M-Th: 5pm server - 9pm server
F: 5:30 server - Late. Yay Fridays.

Saturday: Whatevs.
Sunday: 5pm Server - 9pm Server

Diogenes - Magelet
Yagrum - Ret pally (could learn tanking, but have never done so, so you'd be taking your life in your hands)

Have a host of other characters that are in various states of leveling up, depending on the need.

See Keladry's post for availability and such.

Beurley - Warlock

Would like to raid as a healer, but haven't sorted out which one I'm going to level. Leaning toward shaman or monk. Molly?

Availability before 8 server is pretty tough on weekdays. May be able to do some nights, but it would just depend on what gets off the ground. More favorable for Wed, Thurs being earlier.

Fyi, they scale to 30, not 25.

Destruction Warlock
Sun - Thurs: 8 pm - 12 pm server - the later the better
Weekends - More open?

I've played WoW off and on for 10 years, and I've never been in a regular raid group. Family, work, and being on the West Coast are all significant restraints. I'm not sure I could be a regular member, but being a flex DPS sounds like a good possibility.

I really enjoyed LFR raiding in Pandaria. It was the first time that raiding was manageable for my time constraints. Raiding with GWJ sounds great, so I'm looking toward to seeing what you all decide.

Moar work? ...alright, seriously:

Holy/Shadow (Heal/DPS)
Tuesday-Saturday: 1pm-9pm
Sunday: 5am-1pm / 5pm-9pm
Monday: 5am-9pm

Also leveling a Shaman for alternate healing/DPS capability and class token balancing.


Hunter (MM and BM)
Can do pretty much any weeknight (only exception will be if a work thing pops up, will let you know in advance) from 6 p.m. server-10 p.m.(maybe a tad later if needed)
Also, weekends are good pretty much any time (unless RL pops up).

I will also have a WW/MW(ish) monk, and perhaps a holy priest or lock as well. If you let me know what you need I can have it ready.

Race: Dwarf
warrior : primary protection spec (tank) current ilevel 330
availability: 3-4pm until 10-11PM (EST) Monday - Saturday

Cant understand xD

Unholy DK
Available: 7 CST - ? Tue-Fri

Selika / Spacegoat shaman
Enhance melee dps (i623) / Resto (i621)

I have no life, so, whenever.


Destruction Warlock (DPS)
Monday - Friday: 6pm-Late
Saturday - Sunday: all the times

Added all of the late additions, and Youko, who has lost her login.

A few people have asked, so: I'll definitely be in for Thursdays. Just not this week, I've got a thing.

Tiffin - Prot/Ret Paladin currently i631


Tuesday all day

Sadly working on Thursday

Saturday all day

Started as a Shaman Healer in MC/BWL/AQ. I have Tanked (Pally) and Healed (Priest) every raid from Karazhan to Naxx 2.0 at which point I took a break. I have done the occasional raid here and there since. Being from Australia kind of throws my schedule. 7pm your time is Noonish my time...

Through 12/6 I am on vacation

If this is more forward looking I am generally available weeknights after 7 central

Either my Hunter Garrwox or my Shaman Garrnox (rDPS for either, though I am an amazing bad healer with the shaman if needed).

Garrcia: Keep your eyes here. We'd love to have you on future runs.

Added Golightly to the roster and moved Selika to the healing crew. We're pushing 20 people!