WoW BHA Raid: 11/25/14 - 10th Anniversary Molten Core Run

Today (Friday the 21st) Blizz dropped the big 10th Anniversary celebration pack. Aside from our delightful Corgis, this means that we can now run the classic World of Warcraft raid Molten Core at level 100! The raid is LFR only, 40 people strong.

Tuesday, November 25th, we're going to organize a Guild group to take a crack at the thing. Because it's LFR, at 40 people, we don't need to do signups. If you have *any* interest in running this thing, all you need to do is show up meeting the requirements on Tuesday and you're in.

Tuesday, November 25th @ 7pm Server Time
(5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET)

Raid Requirements:
Your character must be level 100.
Your character must have at least iLevel 615.
So that you can communicate with your guild, please install Mumble before joining us on Tuesday. You don't have to talk in Mumble if you're not comfortable with that, but it really helps for everyone to be able to hear instructions. Thank you!

If you need help getting geared up this weekend, I and a couple other people are planning to be on. I'm going to try tanking (hoo boy), so I'll be looking for victims to inflict that on. It's also well within the realm of possibility to hit 615 without stepping foot into a dungeon.

Any questions, just PM me here or in-game.

See you on Tuesday!


WoWHead's Guide to the Anniversary Event

WowHead's Guide to Gearing up For Molten Core (lvl 100)

Icy Veins' Class Guides - Find your spec and look for the 'Gearing Up' section. It's like a shopping list for early expansion ilevel boosts.

Sounds fun!

I won't be able to make it on Tuesday but I'll be tankin dungeons to gear up this weekend (sitting at ilvl610 on my DK now).

Hit me up if you want to run (character name same as forum name).

Agh, probably don't have time to get to 615 before then. Thanks for putting this together though!

Thanks to DecimalPoint, I now have 615 on my DK, so I'll be there.

I transferred off of Blackhand at the start of Mists, but I'd be down if cross-server shenanigans are cool. (sirjoekcb#1140)

sirjoe: I'll connect with you tonight. Happy to have you along.

"You just votekicked our tank"

Good raid, well run once the "I don't have to listen and don't know how to tank" tank got kicked. Thanks for the mount, and damn, but that place was too familiar...

That was great! Thanks for the fun everybody!

Well done folks, thanks all!

As a side note, I won't ever be doing that place again sober.

Wait, You guys were sober? caCAW