Blizzard's Overwatch Catch-All

Loved shutting down McCree as support and still surviving the Dragon

As I was playing today, I was reminiscing about random historic things from Overwatch.

The one that immediately came to mind for me was when the Brig Kill Participation calculation was messed up and she got credit for any time she threw an armour pack on anyone in the entire match. The end results was Kill Participation levels of 95% and above routinely.

So what are the first 5 "random thing that used to be in Overwatch" moments that come to your mind?

Reaper Soul Orbs

Torb Armor Packs

Upgrading Torb turrets and level 3 molten core turret with rockets

Sym's weird 'E' ability where she gave people shields

That time after the first Mercy rez changes where you could revive someone, use your ult, revive someone again, then be off cool down at the end of your ult to get in a 3rd revive.

That time when the game first came out and not every hero had some sort of stun/knockback ability, and you could play the game without getting juggled all over the place

Stacking Torb armor pack with Sym shield gen so you could have four 300-health Tracer tanks running around.


Sym is so much more fun and useful after her re-work.

That said, I do wish there was a way to play old versions of characters in custom games.

Remember when Blizzard had "Offense" and "Defense" categories to try to disguise the fact that they loaded the game with twice as many DPS characters as any other class?

Junks grenades used to hurt him.

Wall riding used to be waaaaaaay harder.

Pharah used to have to spend half her time on the ground because she couldn't fly all the time. IMO the best change in the entire game was when they reworked this to the current form.

You could hook someone from around 2 corners with hog. Plus you had to stand still to huff your stuff.

Mcree stuck out like a sore thumb and couldn't move when he used his ult. Then, his shots would go out gradually and miss targets that were available when he hit the button. Good thing they changed that... (Oh wait...)

Edit: I'm really not salty about this like some people were, but there were times I understood the rage.

I get killed by enough McCree ults that I feel it is ok as-is. The recent buff was good enough to make it viable, I think.

When you could look at a anyone's player profile to get a feel for what they play to select heroes that compliment them and you would not see a dark screen with private on it.

staygold wrote:

So what are the first 5 "random thing that used to be in Overwatch" moments that come to your mind?

Although i never played the beta, i saw videos of a time where Bastion had a small 800 HP Reinhardt style shield protecting him


A friend of mine has been working at Akshon esports for a while now they've been putting out some pretty awesome OW content. I particularly liked the last video breaking down the match where a bunch of gravs were eaten. Akshon's videos always feel polished and not overly complicated which i like.

They also put together a lot of great educational videos about different aspects of OW gameplay.

It's funny since my friend is not a big OW fan and doesn't really play the game, but it's his job to fly out to all of the big OW events and cover them.

Had a heck of a night on Rein, Friday. Three PotGs out of 5 or 6 games. That is 3 more than most weeks. On top of it, there was a quad kill and a sextuple. Healers were pretty darn great.

Nice Stuff BH!

Couple of vids from past week. Nothing Serious.

And Stay trying to do I Don't what and paying for it with his life.

Cleaning out the various clips I've saved...

One of our recent rolls

Staygold shows us the proper use of a tire

I do a poor imitation

No one backs Junkrat into a corner!

I love it when this happens

It took me a bit to figure out why I was in the air


the sleep on the phara was dope, nice!