Anxiety -- How do you deal?

That’s nice, Eleima.

It reminds me of the music I’m always evangelizing. I’m positive I’ve even done so in this thread, but here goes again.

Moby of all people produced an album of ambient music to help people meditate, cope with panic attacks, etc. It’s to my mind one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard and a gift to those of us with anxiety.

I’ve listened to various tracks from it as I fell asleep almost every night since my mom passed away 2+ years ago.

Eleima wrote:

I use the Apple Watch with a sleep tracking app that wakes me to the song of the “Vigil” track from Mass Effect.
The app is called pillow and it’s super easy to set up. It’ll wake you by a certain time and if it detects you’re in a lighter sleep pattern a little before that, it’ll wake you then. I do recommend it, it’s been a game changer, even though I still don’t like getting up before 7am.

I use a phone app called 'Sleep Cycle' that does the same thing- you set a time, and it will wake you up to 30m (adjustable) before that. It also tracks your sleep times & other data you put into it manually- I use it to log how I sleep if I've worked out or had a migraine, or if it's particularly noisy/hot/cold at night. I love it because I almost never find myself being jerked awake by the alarm- that messes me up for an hour or more.

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Had a rough night last night and couldn't fall asleep. Put on weighted blanket and then slept really well. Glad I got one!

Awesome. Sleeping every night under a weighted blanket right now. I’m much more stable and I think it’s part of the reason why.

We bought in to the Hush Iced weighted blanket kickstarter. I'm super excited but now just have to wait till it ships! Glad to hear people find weighted blankets to be a real benefit!

Funny you should mention this, so did we! My wife deals with anxiety. I bought her a weighted blanket for Christmas and she loves it. The issue is that it's starting to get warm out and she's sweating by using the blanket. I happened to have the Hush kickstarter up on the screen when she walked by. She said "You need to back that!" so I did. I know they say weighted blankets are for one person and that if you want 2 people to use one you should buy a blanket for each, but we are going to try the king sized for both of us and see how it goes.

My issue isn't just being jarred awake (though that's one of the issues with a regular alarm clock) but also that it's pitch black outside on the mornings that I actually need an alarm clock so I end up going right back to sleep again and then am jarred awake again by the snooze. My natural wake-up time seems to be around 7:30am but there are a couple days a week where I need to be up around 5am.

Pray for me or send thoughts, etc. On a series of flights to chaperone my dad down to a family funeral. First big test since my last terrible breakthrough anxiety.

Hang in there! You can do it!

bekkilyn wrote:

Does anyone use one of those natural sunlight/sunrise alarm clock thingees with different colors and natural bird sounds and whatnot? I am considering one because they seem so much less jarring than the regular alarm clocks, make it so you don't have to try to wake up in the dark, and so may contribute to less anxiety right off the bat in the morning, but I'm wondering if they really work and if you don't just get so used to them that you sleep right through the light and the nature sounds anyway?

DW has one and I have found it helpful. In my experience, I still have needed to go to bed early BUT I am also waking up more "naturally" and am not 100% reliant on an alarm clock.

DW, not so much. She does sleep with ear plugs and face mask, so I wouldn't blame the clock.