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Actually, looking at the conclusions, they note that they can't really support any of the hypotheses I listed and more data is need to explain the differential. They also note that men are more likely to die in car crashes...

So this is being brought up purely for ideological reasons by the media.

The ideology being "get money by getting clicks".

I think we should do our own study and for every time we see someone doing something crazy in traffic (changing 5 lanes at once etc. ) without previously knowing the gender ( to avoid bias) we keep a tally of how many times it was a woman vs. man. Assuming (of course) we find out the gender after their crazy stunt.

This of course will never happen and will cause many goodjers to be called sexist.

You'd need an agreed-upon list of crazy maneuvers, because I guarantee you that is extremely subjective.

I wonder what percentage of driving done by men is long-haul highway driving (trucks & buses) that's statistically safer than short-distance urban and suburban driving. The most recent stat I have is that 5.8% of truck drivers are women.

Wait, MTV actually produced something funny?

BadKen wrote:

Wait, MTV actually produced something funny?

The State was 20 years ago...

Not sure if there is a generic LGBT thread on P&C but since this is a video thought it might work here. Certainly thought provoking, really not sure where I stand on this one. Will have to digest.

I suppose you could make the same argument for the T.

Hell, most of my gay friends in Austin will tell you that even just the "gay community" is really a "white male homosexual" community and everyone else gets to participate on that group's whim.

That was a great piece. A lot of numbers were surprising for me. Specifically that the bi community out numbers the gay and lesbian communities combined. He makes some good points.

The problem I have with it, although he makes lots of good points, is where are we meant to go? It has only been in the last year I have discovered a bi only space and itself only started 18 months ago. The only option, other than just chilling with the straights and getting on with it, is to go to LGbt bars and societies.
This guy had a similar point, just a tad more light hearted - where are all the bi clubs? or at least nights?

I think we would need more information to know if trying to join the QUILTBAG community with poor expectations does indeed result in more harm than joining no community, or being in a separate community. If so then it would indeed follow that they should pull out.

More ideally though I think the QUILTBAG community really needs to work on these issues. Perhaps the heteronormative binary assumptions are just woven too deeply in broader culture for bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, etc to find acceptance from any outside of their own groups but one would hope that those who themselves do not meet the prescribed norms could find space.

As a shorter term fix expectation management may be the solution, dreary as the realistic expectations might be in the current landscape.

To steal from a phrase used often in sports "It's the hope that kills you", which is basically what this arguement is. You're given hope and it is taken away from you by the very people you were expecting to get it from. Speaking from personal experience, that is worse than just getting on with it in the straight world.

It's worth noting that bi erasure is a thing—a very common thing. And it's not just straight people or bigoted people who get stuck on the idea that bisexual people are somehow "trying to have it both ways" or must sleep around all the time, or are really just gay but haven't committed yet, or are really straight if they'd just realize it. Bi people are often treated as if they were gay or as if they were straight based on who they're currently in a relationship with. As if their commitment to relationships is less trustworthy because they might suddenly become attracted to someone of a different gender, or realize that they're actually straight or gay after all (because, after all, bi people don't exist).

In fact, there've been studies that show that bisexual people are less healthy on average than either straight people or gay people. (That's relevant because these sorts of numbers typically indicate that the people with worse health are under greater stresses than those with better health.)

So yeah... it's honestly really important to recognize that yes, there are people who are neither straight nor gay, and yes, they can be in relationships with people of all genders, and that means that they belong in queer social spaces because they might meet gay or bi partners there, and they belong in them because they need the same support that other queer people need.

Ejecting bi people from queer spaces is in fact the last thing we need to do—because queer spaces are actually often really sh*tty for bi people and we should be working to unsh*tify thing.

So grr.

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Martyrs Without a Cause

Jayhawker wrote:

My assumption is that the more time one spends driving, the better they are at reading situations and avoiding crashes. While women drive less overall, that is also less time honing skills.

Yes, but, and it's a big BUT, your risk of getting in a crash is a per-hour-driven risk. The more hours you spend driving, the more opportunities you have for having an accident.

Honestly, I find it numerically suspect that your assertion carries higher probabilistic weight than mine, although there's probably a "sweet spot" of hours driven where your assertion does outweigh mine, and that sweet spot is likely very low mileage.

Don't let Donald Trump fool you: rightwing populism is the new normal

That line about how everything is "for us"...

I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere in P&C, but this is one of the best op-eds I've seen explaining Trump's popularity and putting it in a global context. Well worth the few mintues it takes to watch.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the comments on The Guardian's page hosting this video are interesting and insightful, while the YouTube comments are a complete sh*t show.

Egads, the dreaded same-page repost. Well, I did suspect it had been posted in P&C already. So I'm not completely senile. Right?

St. Louis made Full Frontal tonight!

nothing like a good conspiracy...

wait, was that a joke?

I... wow. Just wow.

D'Souza is not even worth considering.