Marvel Media (Spoiler Thread)

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Finally braced Wakanda Forever's 2:45 runtime, and it was...ok. It was 45 minutes too long, or 45 minutes too short. Still, Coogler's a good director and can generally keep me engaged with a scene even when his movie is sprawling into a mess.

(Except when Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in one. I like her, but her energy did not gel with this movie.)

It also keeps up the Black Panther tradition of naff cgi finales - wow some of that final battle rough.

Just got back from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Non-spoiler review:

This is as good as Black Panther. The storytelling is amazing, the fight scenes are great, and it opens up a whole lot of possibilities for the MCU in the future.

Shuri and Queen Romanda dealing with the death of T’Challa really drive the entire movie, and they do an amazing job at it. They both deal with it their own way, and they bring the audience with them.

They did stay true to Namor (from what I recall of the comics) not a hero, not a villain, but whatever is best for his people. It will be interesting to see where that angle goes from here.

I did like the return of the one ancestor, and thought that part was really well done.

Oh, and the mid-credits scene? Jaw dropping.

Why didn't y'all tell me about X-Men 97?!

Just saw it on a list of upcoming Marvel projects and supposed to be out this fall. Most original cast returning, plus Jennifer Hale.

Rewatched the whole thing in 2021 on D+ and still love it.