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HDCP only authenticates when the content is protected; that is, non-encrypted content will not activate HDCP. So if HDCP is the problem, the symptom would be that HDCP protected content would not play. The OS, on the other hand, would work fine because it does not trigger the HDCP authentication process. See page 5 here.

Intel appoints Pat Gelsinger as new CEO.

Intel today has released a press statement saying that current CEO Bob Swan [...] is to step down in his role, and be succeeded by Pat Gelsinger. Gelsinger, a veteran of the industry, has spent over 40 years at companies such as VMWare, EMC, and spent 30 years previously at Intel, reaching the potisition of Chief Technology Officer. In that role he drove creation of standards such as USB, Wi-Fi, he was the architect of the 80486, and played key roles in 14 generations of Intel Core and Xeon processors. As CEO of VMWare since 2012, Pat has overseen a tripling of annualized revenue to make VMWare a recognized global leader in global infrastructure and cyber security.

The missing piece of the puzzle has been having an engineer at the top of Intel's food chain, particularly one well versed in Intel's product portfolio, and for those that wanted this to happen, it appears to be so, from February 15th.

I've seen it mentioned several times here that Intel was run by the sales and marketeers, and not by engineers. So seems like a step in the right direction. I know that VMware, a vendor I follow closely for a living, seemed to take the right strategic decisions over its history at least.

I would not bet against Gelsinger. I will note that the companies he's been associated with have had... aggressive... sales approaches.

Someone over at Ars noted that he was in charge of both NetBurst (the failure that let the Athlon 64 do so well), and Larabee, their first failed GPU.

Chip companies take years to really respond to management changes, because fabs are really, really slow to build and very slow to tune. One fab CEO said that committing to building a new one was, for him, betting the company each time, but he wouldn't know for four or five years whether or not he'd just killed the whole outfit.

Swan wasn't in charge long enough to fix anything, he's a sacrificial goat. The mistakes we know about were by his predecessor, Krzanich, an engineer. Gelsinger is not going to be a panacea; there's a lot wrong with Intel, all through its structure. And we don't really know if what Swan has been doing has helped things. They're a famously insular company, and not very much leaks out.

In 2025 to 2026, we'll know if Gelsinger was a good decision or not. For several more years, it's all Krzanich and Swan.

edit: added a missing "enough". Oops.

My guess is that his effects will be related more to how he handles the engineer v sales culture, and whether he decides to change the overall approach to design (which, yes, would have an effect years down the line, but we should be able to see it coming). If he decides that the tick-tock approach is no longer viable, or that they should emphasize one type over another, that could really affect things, and perhaps even before the products arrive.

Intel engineering seems to me, from the outside, a classic "don't touch that! You don't know what it's connected to!" situation.

They are working on both Big/Little designs and chiplet based designs so at least they are evolving some. Of course other companies are already shipping Big/Little designs (Apple's M1 for instance) and chiplet based designs so they do have a lot of catching up to do.

FYI, The issue with my TV was completely rectified by using DVI to connect my monitor. Must be a weird thing with my video card not happy about HDMI and Displayport being used at the same time, either through hardware defect or just a strange limitation that nobody online has complained about, unless it's my TV not liking the arrangement. Hopefully once I upgrade to a 3070 (who knows when) this'll no longer be an issue.

Keep in mind that it could be an issue with the tv's handling of DisplayPort as well... But congrats for fixing it!

(BTW... Rectified a signal problem? Niiiiice one....)