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NSMike wrote:

There are a couple ways. For one, you can turn off search in the address bar entirely, and add the "Search" box back to keep an easy search solution without browsing to an engine.

Generally, though, if you add a .com or whatever to wherever you're going, it should function as an address bar and not a search. If you just type text without making it a domain, it should treat it as a search. If you're typing .com on where you're trying to go and it still acts as a search, that's weird.

A commonly forgotten shortcut is that if you type something into the address bar and do CTRL+Enter, it will add .com and go there.

That still means I have to type out the entire address. Right now I can type "g" and Firefox will autocomplete "amerswithjobs.com" but if I wanna check on WoW news and start typing "mmo-champion.com" it gives me search terms until I either type in the whole thing or go click on the URL farther down the list.

Changing the settings you linked helps. Thank you. It doesn't actually fix the inconsistent behavior, but it does mean that when Firefox doesn't auto-complete the URL in the bar I can get there with a single press of the down arrow instead of having to skip past a variable number of search suggestions.

Quintin_Stone wrote:
CaptainCrowbar wrote:

Yeah, I know about those options for individual videos or channels. I was hoping there was some kind of global "don't recommend anything I've already seen" setting so my recommendations page won't be half full of stuff I've already watched.

I know exactly how you feel. Half of Youtube recommendations are videos I've already watched.


My theory is that they tweaked the algorithm to show less controversial videos, combined with savvy users who mark tons of videos “not interested “ so they think that showing a video you watched already will pad out the recommendations somehow.

I recall a podcast host who said he blocks every ad on Twitter, and now only sees hilariously bad advertisements for hyper-local businesses for markets he doesn’t even live in.

Robear wrote:

BEP, I had a Federal customer who used Monday and was happy with it. I have not had occasion to, not my role.

Appreciate the info.


Anyone else getting SPAM replies to their comments on youtube channels?
I'll comment on something and get a reply from
[email protected]
"congratulations you are among our shortlisted winners claim your PC"

Do I just report them or don't these streamers block bots?
It was just one channel at first but now it has migrated to more youtube channels.

I ran a malware scan and nothing popped up...

i think this is why so many people disable comments on their videos. spammers will constantly look for the easiest way for them to get seen. whether that's by replying or by being first.

It's a problem on Youtube. Report them it helps. LTT has talked about the problem several times on the Wan show and Youtube has yet to fix the issue. But they have recently decided to try and fix the issue.

Anyone know why a laptop would think it's charging at full speed despite not? You can see the charge rate and time remaining don't align. It should be charging at the charge rate though, so trying to deduce what the problem is. Original power brick eventually stopped charging at all, and replacing the power brick seemed to work for awhile but now it's trickle charging again.


How old is the battery?

I'd say it's likely 5-6 years old. It's an Alienware M11x r3, so about 11 years old, but I replaced the original at some point. I can try swapping back in the battery I bought last year, if I can find it I'd swapped it out because it was having the same problem with the original brick. Dell obviously isn't making these anymore and I suspect the 3rd party quality is not great.

That is definitely old ;P

It is less likely but at that age, it might be neither a problem with the battery nor the charger. It may be something wrong with the circuitry between the battery and the charger.

I take it the charger has a specific connector to the laptop such that it cannot be used to charge another device? (to troubleshoot the charger)

If you cannot replace the laptop at this point, you might want to try charging with an external power brick.
Although I now realize that you may not have USB ports with power on a laptop that old. What about a dock?

Alienware is still active as a subsidiary of Dell and pulls in over $3B a year. They have not changed their manufacturing process or sourcing to my knowledge. They were not subsumed into the Dell manufacturing system.

Robear wrote:

Alienware is still active as a subsidiary of Dell and pulls in over $3B a year. They have not changed their manufacturing process or sourcing to my knowledge. They were not subsumed into the Dell manufacturing system.

oh I just meant Dell/Alienware is not making batteries for the m11X anymore.

The power connector is bog standard Dell though, so I think any 90+ watt brick would work.

Lol missed that. Sorry.

Ok swapped back in the battery I got last year and it charges properly. Fingers crossed it's just a battery thing.

I recall someone asking about a scanner a few months back. I've been using Stack, a google product, for sometime now and like it. I mainly use it to scan in instructions manuals for stuff that doesn't offer them online. It is free so is safe to try.