Chicago Events Catch-All - Current Event: IGWJD, Oct 19

Wooo! Oct 19th is a busy day at barcades and breweries to get a reservation for, apparently, but we finally found a table space!

Who: You and anyone you'd like to bring.
What: Chicago International GWJ Day
When: Sat, Oct 19th from 12p-4p
Where: Pilot Project Brewing (2140 N Milwaukee Ave)
Why: Because Stan likes you

Things To Know:

  • Reservation: There's a large table at the back of the space next to the bar, just in front of the glass looking into the brewing area. We have that from 12-4. Someone else has the table at 4 so we need to make sure we're clear of it before then. However, there are lots of tables, including some long high tops that should be good for games. We can move to those after 4 and even overflow to there before then.
  • Food & Drink: Here's the menu. The food stays the same mostly. The beer is constantly changing since the space is meant for guest brewers to rotate in & out quickly, experimenting with new beers.
  • What To Bring: Board games & Switches.
  • Who To Bring: You! Your friends! Send them this link so they know what's going on.
  • Transit: It's on Milwaukee so the 56 bus will take you almost directly to its door. It's between the California and Western blue line stops. The former being closer. There's also a Divvy station nearby. And you'll be in prime scooter territory if that's your thing.
  • Parking: Milwaukee is meter parking. Around the corner on Francis, just before the L is free parking (rarely available). Beyond that is permit but I have permits for that if you need one.

Thanks for setting that up McChuck! I will be there for sure; sadly Bel has too much going on. I will bring our Switch; multiplayer games we currently have are:

  • Mariokart 8
  • Overcooked
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

(Afraid I'm not much competition at Smash.)

In the board game department we have a wider selection. Some games I enjoy which support up to six (or more) players:

Some of those are better with lower player counts and I would say some probably don't have universal appeal, but I'd happily teach and play any of those. I wouldn't bring Cosmic Encounter without hearing interest from 4-6 people, for example; same possibly for Smallworld (heavy box!). The others are small enough that I could bring them easily.

Here's what I can bring (or run around the corner to retrieve): McChuck's Boardgames

But since it's October, I'm leaning toward these:

  • Dead Of Winter
  • Camp Grizzly
  • Mountains Of Madness
  • Terror Below
  • Mysterium
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2000)

I've played Camp Grizzly and highly recommend it! Buffy though. What a great list!

Awww, I'm gonna miss Camp Grizzly. You can borrow my Betrayal at House on the Hill if you want.

Hmm, those all sound great! Maybe I'll just bring Tsuro (my all time favorite filler game) and we can keep it spooky! (Switch too, of course.)

Oh, right! Forgot to post Switch MP games:

  • Mario Kart 8
  • Smash
  • Mario Party
  • Death Squared
  • Tetris 99 (this updated to allow offline multiplayer, right?)

Too bad Luigi's Mansion 3 doesn't come out until the 31st. I'm curious how good the up-to-8-player experience is going to be.

McChuck wrote:
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2000)

Oh wow, that takes me back. I recall it being very hard for the good guys to win, but it's fun to see all the crazy stuff that happens along the way. "Buffy's a vampire now, but Willow cast the soul spell on her so this is fine." I'd play it just for the nostalgia.

I think the only spooky-themed game I have is Dead of Winter, which you mentioned (and which is great).

McChuck wrote:
  • Tetris 99 (this updated to allow offline multiplayer, right?)

I think the local multiplayer is with the DLC only.

Nice seeing folks!

Yeah, that was really fun! Great day playing games, having drinks, and chatting with y'all!

It was great to meet the local GWJer community for the first time. Now I'm off to spread the gospel of Heave Ho.

Excellent fun! Glad everyone could make it, and that Pilot Project worked out so well.

Damn, I completely forgot to ask about this until now. If there is more plans for the future let me know