The Flash - TV show (No Spoilers Beyond What's Aired

You can't keep a turtle in a tiny fish bowl.

What's smarter than phasing the train?

Phasing the debris!

But I guess that wouldn't have taken Barry out of the fight.

Yeah the first season of Legends I was just watching because I was watching the other shows and keeping an eye out for crossovers. This season has been much better so far.

I still have all of this week to watch since I was out of town a few days.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

What's smarter than phasing the train?

Phasing the debris!

But I guess that wouldn't have taken Barry out of the fight.

Pretty bland, forgettable episode, just one more "evil metahuman of the week". Great acting by Joe, though.

Arrow has so far been maybe my favorite this season; they're mixing the darkness from the first seasons in just enough to keep it interesting, and this is the first time since season two the flashbacks have been vaguely interesting.

Legends has had the best line maybe of the entire Arrowverse; "Hitler ruins everything!"

Gaald wrote:

And last but not least I love, LOVE! This version of Harrison Wells. He is hilarious, and upbeat. It's like he is what keeps the original feel of the show alive, and it spreads to the rest of the cast. Which is funny in and of itself, because the other version of that character was the doom and gloom part of the show when it first started.

My wife and I are the opposite. We were just talking about how we hope they go a more interesting direction next year with Harrison. I just can't get into him being so frequently incompetent (museum, etc), when before he was such a schemer with plans going on all the time.

Love the actor, but don't like what the character is right now.

Last night's musical crossover was the purest form of delight and awesomeness possibly ever put on TV and Flash and Supergirl singing about being "Super-Friends" was the best thing ever.

I guess I just don't do the musical episodes. They always seem to pop up in genre shows when they're starting to try to find ideas for new story lines. "Oh yeah, we've had a few seasons now, it's time for the musical episode!"

Malcolm Merlin seemed to have the best voice that required the least amount of processing work in the dub. I guess that makes sense, as John Barrowman's got a background actually doing musicals.


It wasn't that much of a musical, really: only a couple of the songs were plot-relevant, the rest were a stretch. Though I guess Singing in the Rain is a fair comparison.

Jesse L. Martin was one of the original actors in Rent, Melissa Benoist was on Glee, and Victor Garber has a ridiculous number of Broadway credits, so I'm not surprised by their singing. Grant Gustin's last song was...a bit lacking, which is a bit surprising since he was also on Glee.

Tom Cavanagh has Broadway experience, but he didn't get to sing.

"Super-Friends" was fun, though.

The guy who plays Winn on Supergirl was just great. I actually thought Melissa Benoist was just kind of OK on "Moon River". Can hit the notes, sure, but didn't feel overly emotional or anything.

Jesse Martin and Victor Garber singing together was pretty phenomenal. To be fair, I'm just a sucker for any time they get Supergirl and Flash together; it seems to help remind the writers of The Flash that it's supposed to be a goofy show where a guy who runs fast punches telepathic gorillas and they stop being so focused on Barry Allen being gloomy about the endless series of stupid things he does.

Jeremy Jordan (Winn) was nominated for a Tony for playing the lead in Newsies. I think he sounded the best out of all of them.

I mentioned this in the general TV show thread. One of the things I wish they had done was sing "live" on camera. Obviously that is way harder to do because of the time constraints in filming a TV show, but I think the songs would have come off much better that way.

I still loved the episode. In fact I am going to rewatch all the musical numbers again right now.

The songs didn't hit me like other musical episodes in genre shows, but they were enjoyable enough. Just not like the Buffy episode where I actually buy the soundtrack and listen to them elsewhere. Also I'm a bit partial to the Music Meister episode in Batman Brave and the Bold.

I will say the best part of the episode for me was Martian Manhunter, Vibe and Kid Flash going after MM. Everyone's reactions to J'onn was pretty great too.

Well great. The station that normally carries The Flash and Arrow has decided to switch it out on us and now we're a bunch of episodes behind because our PVR couldn't record it

You can watch the last 5 episodes on the CW website. I don't have cable and have been watching exclusively there. Episodes get posted (usually) the day after they air.

Oliver and Anatoly at odds? I hate it when mom and dad fight!

Edit: Not a DC show, but Kane and Indra at odds the same night!? I really hate it when mom and dad fight!

The first of the Elseworld episodes was amazing.