This Old #%&@*$ House

LeapingGnome wrote:
Stele wrote:

I've seen the maps we got when we bought our house, and I'm pretty sure that our existing driveway is a little over the line on our neighbor's side. But the owner doesn't even live there. It was her childhood home left to her by parents, and she just rents it out. The renters are an awesome older couple.

So far so good and been here almost 5 years.

If they let your driveway be installed there and it has been there for years, you can make an adverse possession case that it is your property now and probably be ok.

Same with you Lester - if that guy was maintaining and use that part of land as his yard for years, he probably could have fought you on it. I am glad it worked out ok and he was a nice neighbor.

So just to pass on some that I have learned. The neighborhood I live in is under Torrens law and that means you can't even do adverse possession. The city has everything divided up and you can't just stake it and wait like you can in other cities or in rural areas. Property is an odd beast. I've learned more than I ever wanted to so far.

Yeah most states' possession laws are generally similar but like with anything property-related it definitely varies by locality.

I really want to recommend this guy's whole youtube channel.

He is really good at breaking down his work and also showing how to safely do a lot of DIY work or using bladed power tools. Just one of his many great videos below.